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14924 No. 14924 [Edit]
I think my biggest mistake wasn't picking up a profitable skill or trade when I could live with my family.

I have no employment and no income. It's hard to get hired if you have no experience and even then I would be working long hours for a low standard of living. College is a distant dream at this point. How am I supposed to find employment or a way to make money? I can't get on SSI to sustain my hikikomori ways.

Am I supposed to curl up and die? Is this the fate of those who fall between the cracks of our 'great' society?
>> No. 14925 [Edit]
>Am I supposed to curl up and die?
It's probably not as late as you think it is. I'm not sure how old you are but you probably still have most of those doors open for you right now, although somewhat late when compared to other people. You should simply attempt to persue what you think you should do.
>> No. 14926 [Edit]
Just go talk to an adviser community college if that's what you want. It's pretty much their job to dig you into debt. You can then transfer to a degree in whatever you like. Unless you're older than fifty or there around, and I doubt you are.

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