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File 137990686224.png - (0.99MB , 768x576 , 1378515653785.png )
13429 No. 13429 [Edit]
Do you guys ever doubt ?
Do you doubt that you're living the right way ?
Rei has changed me, she's improved my life, but I cant help but think that she's just a fantasy to escape from the real world. Any of you feel like that ?
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>> No. 13437 [Edit]
File 137992317480.jpg - (517.94KB , 487x1338 , some baudrillard.jpg )
>Do you doubt that you're living the right way ?
Yes, every single day. But time waits for no one and all I can do is keep working and reworking on it, giving my best shots and taking my chances.

>I cant help but think that she's just a fantasy to escape from the real world. Any of you feel like that?
Actually, yeah. Though not in the sense of a delusion but, rather, as the end of it. Having a waifu, for me at least, the way I have it, it's the only possible salvage of honesty: to embrace a fiction as such, as the only way to escape indeed from the prison of liar signs that constitutes anything we have at hand, included the alleged reality.
>> No. 13450 [Edit]
I don't doubt that I love her
But I have doubts that loving her is the right thing to do.
She has improved my life, and she has given me strength, but it feels like I can barely draw anymore motivation from her. I question how healthy my love is mentally. Have I expanded more, or started hiding deeper into a shell? Have I began to appreciate life more, or become more resentful.
How would I feel, had we never met? What would my life be like? I cannot tell, but there is a possibility that I would be better off than how I live now, and a possibility I could be worse, and I simply have no clue.
What is right?
>> No. 13512 [Edit]
Sometimes I can't help but think "What am I doing? I'm in love with this girl that isn't even here, but why?" and I feel depressed before she reminds me of the reasons I stated why I was fine with it before.
>> No. 13513 [Edit]
>the reasons
such as?
>> No. 13515 [Edit]
Oh, sorry. I thought about typing them out earlier before, but I felt too tired so I didn't do it.
One large reason is the reminder that my relationship with her isn't the same as a regular relationship between two people, and there isn't anything wrong with that. It's a bit of a silly thought, but it always cheers me up.
Another is that she is here in a way since she exists within myself, and she exists as a thought within my mind. Also, because she exists within myself and I do converse with her I know she loves me back, so that helps too.
>> No. 13932 [Edit]
Bumping this thread because I feel that way a lot.

A lot of people I know with waifus are miserable, depressed, and suicidal at worst, and unhappy with their lives at best. Then I know people who have moved on from their waifus and consider themselves to be much happier off for it, and it hurts more and more each day for me to know this, like moving on is something we're "supposed to do". It all feels empty inside, that I'm not living the right way. That I'm constantly suffering, miserable, and depressed. The longer this goes on the less happy I am with myself and the less things I actually want to do. It's suffering. But I love her. I don't know what to do. I'm stuck depressed and in love, and I don't know what to do. I want to die.
>> No. 13934 [Edit]
File 138773031170.jpg - (82.50KB , 430x607 , c9e0492b6f7c152cad980f5749390012630370ea.jpg )
People like to escape from reality all the time. The important thing is to know where the line is, and to not cross it.

That was something I worried about initially, that "the line" so to speak was having a waifu. But then I figured that, if I were to have her as an inspiration, it would do me more benefit than harm.

I've since been jogging 2 or 3 times a week and eating a little healthier. I'm also planning on joining a gym next month and hopefully start swimming on a regular basis. If having a waifu is a "side effect" to that, then I say it's not all bad.

Post edited on 22nd Dec 2013, 9:51am
>> No. 13935 [Edit]
File 138774129711.jpg - (78.87KB , 600x446 , 475227.jpg )
Ahh for almost a good two years waifuism was mostly that pain of not having her, the pain of not being good enough, the pain of growing up but I guess gradually I actually worked up motivation to enjoy my life more and put more effort into things.

I wouldn't consider myself an unhappy or happy person at the moment though, just generally antisocial and unmotivated when it comes to normal things. I can find lots of amusement on weird things on the internet and stupid games and my tendency to philosophize and overthink (along with literature I've read) allows me to expand upon my love for my waifu... I still need to wait for Rebellion's BD and watch it 4 more times after all.

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