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File 132589679547.jpg - (14.51KB , 200x288 , bath.jpg )
8009 No. 8009 [Edit]
The entirety of 2011 noitaminA was very disappointing, I dropped every single show they aired. I had been thinking about making a noitaminA - is it over? thread, but then i just saw that Thermae Roma starts soon, so I don't really know what to post in this respect anymore…
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>> No. 8010 [Edit]
File 132589820186.jpg - (98.71KB , 1280x720 , fractale_04_16-01.jpg )

I loved Usagi drop, ano hana and fractale.
Nº6 and C were below average, but not bad enough to make me drop them.

I never thought of NoitaminA as a sure quality segment, so I don't really get why you'd be disappointed by 2011 shows.
>> No. 8011 [Edit]
I quite liked Hourou Musuko, Usagi Drop and Ano Hana. The rest were all pretty bad. noitanimA is usually quite hit and miss for me, I don't think it's about quality at all. Regular shows are always my favorites of the year.

Also, isn't Thermae Romae going to be animated in Flash?
>> No. 8014 [Edit]
Why're you using a programming block as a potential indicator of quality? Don't these channels make contracts with the anime studios long before the first episode is even made? If so, you can't really blame them for shows that fail to live to their potential or turn out bad. A much better potential indicator of quality would be talented anime production staff members, whether it be the director, animation director, or screenplay writer.

Also, I thought Thermae Roma was only getting a live action. This is the first I'm hearing of an anime adaptation. Probably another show most people are going to like except me, I fear.

Post edited on 6th Jan 2012, 8:25pm
>> No. 8064 [Edit]
Ano Hana had such a cheesy ending.

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