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File 140598056034.jpg - (210.88KB , 700x1020 , 1379642157899.jpg )
20136 No. 20136 [Edit]
Does your list of top anime in quality and enjoyment differ or overlap? For example, I recognize that anime such as Gankutsuou is of high quality, but I still can't help but enjoy generic escapism-friendly harem anime better. What is your top five anime in terms of quality? And enjoyment? Do you see any overlaps?
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>> No. 20140 [Edit]
Let's see...
1. Welcome to the NHK
2. From the New World
3. Saikano
4. Haibane Renmei
5. GITS 2nd gig

1. To Love-Ru (all seasons)
2. Slayers (seasons 1-3)
3. TWGOK (all seasons)
5. SZS (all seasons)

I enjoy quality shows, but in an appreciative sense for the intricate plots and well thought out and rounded characters. Enjoyment shows I like for the humor, fanservice, character archetypes, ridiculousness etc, but not necessarily for the plot (although TWGOK has one of my favorite plots, and should overlap both categories).
>> No. 20142 [Edit]
File 140599341922.jpg - (83.11KB , 1280x720 , [CureCom] Fresh Pretty Cure! - 41 [HD][F0E8B4C1]_m.jpg )

In terms of Visual Quality, nothing beats the movies and OVAs.
Garden of feet (and other miyazaki movies), ufotable's KnK movies, and all the GiTS are beautiful spectacles for the eyes.

In terms of a great story, it generally takes a lot more than what japan's finest can offer to take a very well written story, and then adapt it from its base medium to anime to be a new and unique product that caters to more than just the people who read the manga/book and then want to watch it read to them and voiced by actors line for line.
In that sense of Quality work, I find Gintama, the meta-tier 4koma/LN adaptations (GJ-bu, ichiban seitokai, etc.), and then a very, very select few gems of anime original works (milky holmes S1, Lain, FMP:Fu) that fall into that category.

in terms of enjoyment, nothing beats the fantasy hot blooded wish fullment shows, notably Ichiban Daimaou, chrome shelled regios, legend of the lengary heroes, and sengoku basara.
Just turn off your brain, smile because you know what's being subtly parodied and referenced, and enjoy the escapism at its finest.
>> No. 20151 [Edit]
>Does your list of top anime in quality and enjoyment differ or overlap?

It completely overlaps because there's no such thing as objectivity in media. There isn't anything wrong with liking shows other people don't like.

My list of favorites shifts around a bit depending on mood, generally this though.

1. LoGH
2. Eva
3. Genshiken
4. Nichijou
5. Welcome to the NHK
>> No. 20153 [Edit]
Is No Game No Life really on that list?
>> No. 20154 [Edit]
Yes. Under enjoyment. It was really stupid but I enjoyed it far more than I thought I would.
>> No. 20155 [Edit]
No Game No Life was extremely enjoyable for me as well.
>> No. 20171 [Edit]
I never really thought about them separately but I'll give it a shot.

2. Kaiji
3. Fate/zero
4. Steins;Gate
5. just about any miyazaki movie

1. trigun
2. mao-chan
3. Girls und Panzer
4. No game no life
5. Strike Witches

I found 'quality' was a lot easier since their isn't much out there I've seen that I can objectively say is of good all around well made quality. In contrast the stuff I found enjoyable is plentifully but much of it was admittedly trash.
>> No. 20262 [Edit]
File 140670751298.jpg - (264.13KB , 1075x1075 , yKRAK.jpg )
By quality, do you mean the technical prowess of the anime ever if you didn't enjoy it?
>> No. 20263 [Edit]
I would think that part of it.

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