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No. 11242 [Edit]
  ad for the new kyoto animation show which starts in a few weeks. its pretty much guaranteed that this one will suck as much as the rest of the boring crap that they've put out over the past few years, which is the only thing they've put out over the past few years and when you think about, pretty much ever.
>> No. 11248 [Edit]
I wish they'd get over the k-on look already.
everything they did before 2009 looked so damn nice.
>> No. 11251 [Edit]
MC looks exactly like the MC from hyouka. KyoAni in charge of original character designs.
>> No. 11252 [Edit]
to be fair, male characters tend to run together in anime. there's just not as much room for diversity and creativity in male character designs compared to women.

Post edited on 12th Sep 2012, 7:42pm
>> No. 11253 [Edit]
To be fair, I prefer the "K-on" look, even though the original K-on art,as much as most of the original manga arts, does not look like the anime adaption of it. It's more of a signature KyoAni style. Besides, OP's opinion of something "sucking" is completely subjective. If you think about it as a product, it'll probably not suck at all since Kyoto Animation will probably sell it like hot cakes. It looks bland and generic, but I guess I'll watch it since it looks simple and relaxing.
>> No. 11254 [Edit]

I sort of agree. Nearly everything from KyoAni looks the same now.
>> No. 11261 [Edit]
preferring the "K-on" look is also completely subjective.
How well an item sells does not reflect it's quality at all. for example, the transformers movies do very well but are by every definition shit. most consumer goods these days are manufactured to brake down after a set period of time, but that has little effect on sales. Planned obsolescence is common place among cars, and has not effected the demand for them. the original iphones were buggy pieces of shit that shut down randomly and broke easily, but that didn't stop people from fighting for the chance to throw away $500 on it. sometimes consumers are just retards, see call of duty and madden videogames. unless you're just some sort of mindless sheep, you shouldn't just go along with whatever is popular and consider it 'good' just becuase it's popular. that's what makes people Ford Drivers. Ford Drivers mindlessly do whatever society and the media tells them to without ever thinking for themselves. and that my friend, sucks.

Post edited on 13th Sep 2012, 2:02pm
>> No. 11294 [Edit]
Wonderful, that CM didn't tell me anything about it.
It sounds stupid enough from the title. I wish KyoAni would try a little harder. It doesn't have to be 100/10 ground-breaking masterpiece, but it'd be nice if they experimented a little.

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