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File 132925754965.jpg - (83.12KB , 1024x768 , warhammer_40000_fire_warrior_2_orig.jpg )
6095 No. 6095 [Edit]
I'll start with Fire Warrior. Yeah, that old 40K fps that no one likes. Playing the first levels, I thought it was a boring game, but later on I changed my mind. This game fucked with my very soul, especially when the Chaos Marines showed up.

Those Chaos Raptors, I can still hear their mindless screams as they charge at me trying to claw my face open.
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>> No. 6097 [Edit]
Metal Fatigue. The gameplay was pretty crappy, but it had so many awesome ideas. Multi-layered RTS maps, Robot construction, Stealing tech from other players, etc.

Also damn the intro movie was cool.
>> No. 6100 [Edit]
File 132928021312.jpg - (30.16KB , 379x318 , url.jpg )
Arx Fatalis. Pretty much Ultima Underworld spruced up with an interesting story, setting, characters and a good sense of humor. Also, the spell system is amazing.

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