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File 135027550959.jpg - (452.25KB , 1170x1328 , 1293291591976.jpg )
12202 No. 12202 [Edit]
This is a thought that crosses my mind very often, for years now even. I wanted to know what you guys would answer since I've thought of every situation thoroughly.

A fairy/genie/magical being appears to you in a dream one night. It tells you that you and everyone else on the planet are being granted one 'power' of your choosing. It can be anything. The power becomes stronger the more you use it and the more passion and love you put into learning it. Kind of like a shonen, but less cheesy. If it is not an ability that can be learned and made stronger, you simply have to pay a price for it. What would you think and what would you pick?

I've always thought some people would take it as a joke and ruin their only chance, while others would dream of something cruel and use it to bully others or cause pain. After a lot of thought I decided I would like to understand (read/write/speak) every language. in return for instantly knowing all that I would give up my senses of touch/taste. If it wasn't enough I would throw out my legs.
>> No. 12204 [Edit]
The ability to turn me and everything I'm wearing, holding, or have on me invisible and silent. I would have so much fun with that along with my life becoming much easier since I can do whatever I want.
>> No. 12205 [Edit]
I'm assuming that to make the game remotely sensible, everyone's powers will be granted at the exact same moment after everyone's had sufficient time to decide.

With six billion superpowered individuals flying around, you're guaranteed to have a lot of people throwing nukes, tsunamis, making heavenly objects collide, and other fun things. So your first priority when wishing is to stay alive for longer than five minutes rather than to fulfill your lifelong dream.

By your description, any power that could allow you to survive such as immortality, regenerative powers, time manipulation or transcendence would require using the tradeoff system. Are there any restrictions on the tradeoff being on scale? Paying for transcendence with the loss of your physical body doesn't seem like a tradeoff at all, or paying for regenerative powers with the loss of your sense of pain.

Anyway, transcendence of some kind with obscure mechanics sounds like a good move, assuming wide counter-wishes can't erase the power altogether.

Post edited on 14th Oct 2012, 11:46pm
>> No. 12207 [Edit]
I've constantly had thoughts like this. But instead of getting a power, it was just everyone being granted a wish, and if your wish would make it impossible for someone else to get theirs (for example, if you wish for everyone to die), then you get transported to an alternate reality where it comes true. My own wish was just to go back to my childhood years with my current skills, wisdom, and personality, so I could try to live a happier youth.

Back on topic, I'd probably want the ability to see into the future, becoming aware of all possible outcomes depending on how I act. So if I had to make an important decision, I could use my power to see the outcomes of each choice. I'd start off being able to see maybe a couple seconds in (which would still have some use), and as I use it more, that time slowly grows to minutes, hours, days, and maybe even years.

If I have to pay a price, I guess I could just benefit far less from my foresight when I use it for large gains, such as winning the lottery (so if winning would get me a million bucks, then using my power to win would just net me a hundred or two).

By the way, you sure this doesn't belong on /ot/? Not trying to sound rude or anything, I just get the feeling it's better off there...
>> No. 12209 [Edit]
The shield thing Homura had in Madoka.
I'd use it to stop time and commit terrorist acts while leaving behind a bunch of nonsense Illuminati symbols and similar garbage. There aren't enough conspiracy theories out there today, the reptilians from orion, 9/11, chemtrails....
Its all old, people need something new to be entertained with.
>> No. 12215 [Edit]
Ever since I had seen Gon's ability in HxH, I had thought that it was pretty cool how he was able to use his nen to form his weapon or shoot it out as a projectile. Even though that is close to what I've been imagining, the ability I've been imagining is a little different as it is far more versatile.

I would use it for my own gain. I wouldn't do anything "bad" or "good", but I'd like to just do whatever I want without needing to do anything that I don't want to do.
>> No. 12222 [Edit]
the power to erase my entire existence from the universe
>> No. 12223 [Edit]
You have it. You just don't dare using it.
>> No. 12225 [Edit]
I'm not sure how many powers I'm interested in learning. A few of my "favorites:"

- The ability to freeze time and enter people's minds, maybe being able to alter memories/perceptions/etc
- The power to have anyone believe anything I say
- The skill to cleanse sins from one's soul
- Being able to see into the past or future
- Being able to stop time and interact with matter
- The technique to "shift" between great distances of time or space
>> No. 12229 [Edit]
OP here. I see what you're saying, and in my thoughts I never really veer towards the "everyone throws nukes and meteors at each other" stuff to be honest.

As for tradeoffs, they would have to be equal yeah. However regenerative powers in exchange for no pain isn't exactly a tradeoff as much as a bonus. If you gained endless regenerative powers your tradeoff might be you feel constant pain, or the regernation is extremely slow, or the regernation gives you the same pain you felt as you were injured as it reverses itself. or maybe you lose your penis (truly a horrid tradeoff for the chronic masturbator).

As a general rule of thumb i see 2 ways for tradeoffs to work. 1) You must think "how can this power be a disadvantage?" and then amplify that, or 2) you simply sacrifice other parts of a good life in exchange. My personal tradeoff works kind of like this. I cook for myself and love tasting new foods, so losing my sense of taste is something would take away the joy of cooking and eating for me. Losing your sense of touch... well just look at the rare few in the real world who have this problem. They often die before age 20 due to the inability to feel fatal wounds or internal problems that can lead to death. it would change my life to have that power, for good and bad. That's the idea of a tradeoff, a meaningful loss and a meaningful gain.

Transcendence is a tricky one (and not just because transcendence has a few meanings), but I think perhaps if you've transcended you may have trouble communicating with anyone in a non-transcended world. It would make one lonely enough to go insane perhaps, or kill themself.

Tradeoffs could be avoided by the transcended person or the regenerative person though if they chose to learn their power over time rather than instantly gain it in exchange for a tradeoff. Sure it is less time to use the power, as well as more pain put into learning it, but an instantly-powerful ability has an instantly-powerful weakness. Time vs effort is how you should weigh your decision for gaining your ability. Lazy people wishing for instantaneous immortality may regret their wish when they suddenly get trapped under an earthquake and feel the pain of being crushed for days on end, assuming someone even finds and saves them to begin with. A man who spent 50 years putting himself through pains to gain his painless immortality though, he won't feel those days-long crushing pains. He put in thousands of hours of minor and major efforts as his tradeoff. Sure he is old, but his patience and resolve have earned him a greater prize than the instant person who has never ending suffering for their young, never ending life.

Would you work your entire life for it or choose the instant way of erasure? Your tradeoff could be something like having to watch your family and friends living as if you never existed until you reach the age you would have died at if you kept living. A choice like this where more thinking comes into play I think.

Post edited on 17th Oct 2012, 9:48pm
>> No. 12231 [Edit]
Time control.
Once I master my ability, I will create a paradise of eternal stillness.
>> No. 12238 [Edit]
Can I at least be in a cool pose with my ability thingy when you do that? If not then I'll, like, beat you up and make you my maid!
>> No. 12245 [Edit]
Crocodile's suna-suna no mi.
The trade off would be, I die the day I become 30, I'm 21.

9 years of traveling around the world kicking asses. Sounds good enough for me.
>> No. 12256 [Edit]
I would choose to be turned into a sexy girl. My punishment for it would be that I would have to experience periods and have to sit down to go to the toilet. Which when you think about it, is what happens to real girls. So maybe they really are being punished for having had their wish granted true? Maybe all real girls are actually boys who wanted to be a girl and have their wish granted true on the condition that they have to have periods and sit down to go to the toilet.

To make it even better, I would choose to have the ability to change between a boy or a girl depending on my mood. eg, when it comes to toilet time, I would change to a boy so I don't have to sit down. When it comes to sex time, I would change to a girl so I could experience sex as a girl.

What punishment for this ability? Hmm, maybe that I would eventually grow old and die? Oh wait, that happens in real life too!

Or if that's not a good enough punishment, my punishment would be that I would have to live as a Ford Driver.
>> No. 12312 [Edit]
If I had to choose something generic, I'd choose super strength/invulnerability. I like the idea of being a superhero and getting to beat up evil people. If I had to choose something more creative, I'd choose the ability to create delicious food from thin air, a sort of Unlimited Food Works. I'd be able to feed myself for free, and I'd open up a small cafe and make large profits from not having to pay for food or cooks.
>> No. 12320 [Edit]
OK, after giving it some more thought, I'll go transcendence at the cost of loss of personhood and sentience.

Learning the power doesn't seem feasible when you could die to nukes without having full power right away. It only takes one madman among billions of people to destroy the planet.

Powers that allow survival could include interplanetary travel and immortality, among others. Escaping to the vastness of space seems nice, but it still leaves you vulnerable to powers that govern man and flesh. Abandoning humanity altogether seems like the optimal course of action for the purpose of survival.
>> No. 12321 [Edit]
for being such a suicidal group, we sure like to be invincible
>> No. 12322 [Edit]
It actually makes sense if you think about it.
>> No. 12323 [Edit]
Good thing a lot of us depressed and suicidals don't. This world would become a mess as we go on a psychotic power trip for the rest of our lives, well that is the one's that don't really give a shit about anything and are just depressed because of how powerless they are. Anything we don't like we can either kill or destroy without worry as we also get to do almost anything we want. Nothing is more dangerous than the truly free and careless becoming Haruhis.
>> No. 12327 [Edit]
Things would be fun though.
>> No. 12387 [Edit]
The ability to steal other people's powers.
A world filled with super powered people will need someone who can defend others from people with deadly powers or from people who use their powers for evil.

I'd become a hero of justice and rider kick bad guys in the face all day long and as a bonus I'd become stronger with every villain I defeat.
>> No. 12390 [Edit]
I'll take you on, Enrico Pucci! Me and my time maid (>>12231) will kick your ass!
>> No. 12553 [Edit]
The ability to negate anything that anyone does.

I think that's a safe bet at being the strongest power.
>> No. 12561 [Edit]
The power to instantly and permanently negate every single other person's granted ability.

I would wager that even in a group as small as 100 randomly selected people, someone would use their power to destroy the world. When ~7,000,000 people are getting their choice of powers, it gets out of hand in a hurry. Stopping their power is essentially the only way to prevent the inevitable and quick destruction of Earth (and maybe the universe).
>> No. 12565 [Edit]

You're missing some zeroes there.
>> No. 12567 [Edit]
what if more than one person picks that ability, your negation would be negated
>> No. 12569 [Edit]
I would guess that their abilities would probably cancel each other out and they'd have to kill each other in hand to hand combat.

I think that they could probably still be killed through indirect damage or maybe some method, unless they plan on being like Deadpool/Wolverine.

You may be able to negate abilities, but you'd still be weak to everyday things and could probably die from a single bullet. You'd probably be better off on asking for Haruhily luck or something.
>> No. 12579 [Edit]
I just want the power of being an omnipotent Haruhi. I don't really know how to explain it, but it's like I want to be in a sandbox type world where I create and control everything. Oh the fun I can have with that. I guess the price I'd have to pay is my sanity or something. I'd probably create a perfect world only to get bored with it, have people kill eachother, have them resolve that issue, and then place the survivors into a scenario where they will die in a gruesome way or something. I guess I'd be Ludo-Rathowm or something similar.

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