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File 142102494585.jpg - (67.17KB , 309x450 , 69051l.jpg )
21741 No. 21741 [Edit]
They see me rollin...
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>> No. 21742 [Edit]
File 142102536613.jpg - (119.99KB , 1280x720 , [Commie] The Rolling Girls - 01 [06C3FDCD]_mkv_sna.jpg )
This was... something. Definitely not what I was expecting. Not that that it's bad or anything. just wasn't expecting Kill la Kill meets flcl with hints of some possible Kino No Tabi.
>> No. 21751 [Edit]
>Kill la Kill meets flcl with hints of some possible Kino No Tabi.
I think I'll give this a watch.
>> No. 21753 [Edit]
>I think I'll give this a watch.
I think I'll watch this thread to see what he thinks after watching it before deciding to watch it myself.
>> No. 21756 [Edit]
Actually, me too. Hope it delivers.
>> No. 21760 [Edit]
If you expect kill la kill and/or flcl you are gonna get disappointed. Influence =/= likeness.

Kill la Kill had tension in plot and meaning. The abstract and minimal world made the symbolism even more obvious. Just like in Evangelion the world was given an overall feeling and then left mostly unexplained. Not saying it was as good, but the ideas were the same.

In Flcl the world is sub/urban everywhere hell where heroes have left to soil themselves in the u.s. and not much anything has a sensible explanation. It exists and you have to sit and watch it in apathy. On the bright side the basic human urges give this one kid the ground to stand and walk with his own feet.

Rolling Girls' world is nothing out of the ordinary. If the brown-haired girl didn't join the local whatever-squad, her life would be that of an ordinary high school student bar the possible super-battle that could wreck some buildings somewhere. This goes for every baseball manga/anime protagonist, too. They need to join their clubs to live a seishun. No paranoia, no having your feelings eaten by an urban hellhole, no fascist student council government. I agree it looks funny and is probably inspired by some other funny-looking animes out there.

The only 'tension' I could gather from the first episode is that this young woman with big boobs is attracted to this other young woman who wears a scarf and so is the brown-haired girl. It was hinted that they might have some reasons to, too.

Definitely looks good and the girls are incredibly pretty. I hope there will be some plot to tie the scenes together in the future.
>> No. 21761 [Edit]
>Kill la Kill had tension in plot and meaning.
lol no it didn't. You can't have tension with a over powered invincible main character in a ridiculous cartoony setting like that. Tension implies there are risks and the possibility of failure. At least here where we have no idea whats going on during that initial fight, that green hero could have easily died or lost or have their identity revealed, who knows? we just got introduced to them and have no reason to think it's not possible, they're not even in the promo art. There's -far- more tension in that fight because you simply don't know whats going to happen. Sure it would be more intense if we knew these characters a bit more and knew what they were capable of, but not knowing anything just means the outcome is unpredictable. For all you know they could have murdered each other and moved on to the next characters. The green hero's character design wasn't very unique so I wouldn't have put it past them.

>Rolling Girls' world is nothing out of the ordinary.
ordinary? the higher class disappears, the country gets divided up and essentially falls into a state of civil war, and that's ordinary?
>> No. 21764 [Edit]
It's probably more ordinary than you'd think.
>> No. 21768 [Edit]

>Rolling Girls' world is nothing out of the ordinary

>> No. 21769 [Edit]

If some no-name dies it's not much of a happening. I had no reason to like or hate either one.

Compare to klk's beginning; one girl on a quest to find out who she and her father were, and another one ruling a fascist school-city through which the questing girl has to fight through to find her answers. They clash and it's a one-sided loss. Loser finds her father's testament in the form on fighting power and the episode ends.

Here we have:
hierarchy vs lone wolf
elite vs outsider
fascism vs individualism
order vs ego
and whatever other well-established pairs (or equivalent wordings) you can pull out of a story like that.

The school as a caricature puts the human nature of being a hedonist ass against 'strict order for great achievements'. Someone also dies because of it.

But that's only (roughly, I don't claim this is comprehensive) how the setting and 1st ep happenings work "by themselves". How klk is is against Kantian moral views (since no-one has any universal morals) and sitting around peacefully (since human comfort gets denied on many levels). This creates a tension between the series and the surrounding world.

Even the ridiculous cartoony setting has meaning. It isn't coincidence that klk goes for a 70's nekketsu man-anime backgrounds. It's seinen ideals against status quo. It isn't coincidence that it resembles Tom & Jerry at times. It's animation against everyday boredom.

Of course, there were some episodes of meaningless happenings and the direction wasn't always the best or even good, but I don't think klk lacks tensions. Also, Ryuko won and lost battles. She even lost her way at times. How's that invincible?

Don't hate for writing about unrelated anime.
>> No. 21770 [Edit]
>Don't hate for writing about unrelated anime.
Why not? It's derailing.
>> No. 21783 [Edit]
hahaha i remember when that was a meme on 4chan like 5 years ago
>> No. 21823 [Edit]
File 142164932818.jpg - (66.16KB , 1280x720 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
I wonder if this means we can finally get past the Kill la kill stuff already?
>> No. 21824 [Edit]
File 142164973096.jpg - (54.86KB , 1280x720 , [Commie] The Rolling Girls - 02 [B3D474B2]_mkv_sna.jpg )
I can't put my finder on it but the main character looks incredibly familiar. Like I've seen someone who looks exactly like her before but I just can't think of who it is...
>> No. 21997 [Edit]
Sora Naegino from Kaleido Star?
>> No. 22004 [Edit]
That might be it.
>> No. 22018 [Edit]
File 142277947477.jpg - (145.11KB , 1280x720 , [Commie] The Rolling Girls - 03 [6B817BDC]_mkv_sna.jpg )
The art in this show sometimes is really something else.
Too bad the characters don't match for shit.
>> No. 22162 [Edit]
File 142407788885.jpg - (89.21KB , 1280x720 , [Commie] The Rolling Girls - 02 [B3D474B2]_mkv_sna.jpg )
I wanna buy the tall slutty dumb one a shirt. Might make her a bit more bearable.
>> No. 22227 [Edit]
File 142468182997.jpg - (111.23KB , 1280x720 , [Commie] The Rolling Girls - 06 [61155F8C]_mkv_sna.jpg )
I know this show is really over the top silly and not meant to be taken too seriously or anything... but I really wish they wouldn't treat logic like a back ally hooker and rape the shit out of it over and over. I mean if nothing else respect the the rules of the world you yourself put in place.
I'm willing to over look a lot of dumb as hell things in this show, but common. This guy has some super power that lets him go super fast and stuff right? so why is it when he's on a motorcycle he's neck and neck with a normal racer? Then for some reason busts his tire under the weight (while the other guy is fine) and manages to catch back up with a random bicycle?
And shooting those ornaments into place at the end... wtf?

This is truly one of those "what the fuck am I watching?" type of shows...
>> No. 22271 [Edit]
File 142527718165.jpg - (116.97KB , 1280x720 , [Commie] The Rolling Girls - 07 [DD5B1340]_mkv_sna.jpg )
I'm getting to that point where I really don't care about anything going on in this show. I might end up dropping it...
>> No. 22296 [Edit]
I was at that point from episode 1. Unlimited free time and all that.
>> No. 22298 [Edit]
This seems like the type of show that might sound good on paper, but kinda fails in practice in my opinion. A trio of cute girls(and a dumb annoying slut) travel across a world with vastly unique cultures filed with magical stones that grant people superpowers.
Problem is in the end everything is so weird and convoluted that it's hard to keep up with what's going on half the time. Damn near everything doesn't make any sense and inconsistencies are everywhere.
>> No. 22299 [Edit]
Really? I don't think it's confusing, or if it is I have no problems following it. I do think it would be better if it was longer though, 13 episodes is short for this sort of anime.
>> No. 22300 [Edit]
Maybe I'm just not paying enough attention then.
I'm just unsure as to why they're actually traveling around to these areas in marchergreen's place as an ambassador anyway, I think I missed that bit. Also not sure who these people are in the teapot buying up all these rocks, or why they're doing so if apparently the rocks just fall out of the sky randomly anyway, or if they can easily be farmed by playing rock music? why do most of those rocks fall out of the sky in the shape of hearts but the one in that racing town had to be carved into that shape? Who thought it would be a good idea to turn public roads into raceways anyway?
>> No. 22301 [Edit]
you're asking too many questions. Its just another forgettable 12 episode piece of shit no one will remember a season from now.
>> No. 22318 [Edit]
There's tons of other questions I could have asked too. Just saying, a lot of stuff in this show is weird and doesn't make sense. It's like the people who worked on this anime were drunk or something and you're right, it probably will soon be forgotten.
>> No. 22320 [Edit]
There is a difference between "not explaining" and "it doesn't make sense".
>> No. 22325 [Edit]
Well then there's a -lot- of stuff they aren't explaining in this anime and somehow I doubt by the end of this show they're gonna explain how all those kids survived falling off that roller coaster or being blasted hundreds of meters into the sky among other things.
>> No. 22461 [Edit]
File 14264810309.jpg - (838.58KB , 1280x1440 , [Commie] The Rolling Girls - 08 [E08F94AC]_mkv_sna.jpg )
What the fuck is the deal with the inconsistent background art?
With that cosplay town ( >>22018 ) I thought the watercolor style was something they used to illustrate the vibe you're supposed to get from the place with it being more colorful carefree and silly or something along those lines. Then with this traditional Japanese/punk rock town it keeps flipping back and forth with neither style really matching the area themes or even the tone of the scenes.

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