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23122 No. 23122 [Edit]
The MBTA recently has been doing some modernising, from replacing the Orange line trains (It's in dire need of being updated) to extending the green line.

Already the changes have been evident. They have new double-decker commuter rail cars at peak commute hours and new locomotives like the one in the pic (she's adorable).
>> No. 23125 [Edit]
I live in Sydney and hold a sort of detached interest in the trains we have here. Here its run by a semi private company called Cityrail. Service is pretty bad. It runs at a loss of 80%. Delays common. Rides very expensive in comparison to densely populated cities.

There are several models of trains I'm familiar with.

The oldest is the 'Comeng' aka tin can. Its been running since the 1970s and is still in common use, although in recent years its been phased out slowly. Older models have windows but no air conditioning. Sometimes when it brakes hard or the hydraulic powered doors open/close it emits an awful rubbery stench. All of them have the problem of the speakers being too loud.

The next is the Tangara which I think has been around since 2000. Much more modern than the Comeng, has air conditioning, but the chairs cannot be swung to face forwards or back. It has automatic doors which allow you to move from carriage to carriage without going outside the actual train. It also has speakers which you can talk to the train guard in an emergency, although the effectiveness of this I'm not optimistic about. As far as I know the interiors of all the Tangara trains are being remoddeled to resemble those of the most modern ones.

Then there is the Millenium model. These introduce upholstery seats which can also be swung to face either direction, fluro yellow coloured poles to hold onto and quieter motors. The newer Waratah model is similar, although the main differences I can notice are powerful air conditioning, patterned glass and blue dildo-like things which hang from the ceiling for people to hang on to.

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