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File 132867747412.jpg - (47.20KB , 453x411 , 1328593660978.jpg )
13066 No. 13066 [Edit]
I'm getting fatter /ot/.
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>> No. 13067 [Edit]
>> No. 13068 [Edit]
File 132867966114.png - (697.77KB , 1000x1000 , c3f0bf7ff7cd0a636c3bed34188f9a23.png )
I, too, am gaining more weight than necessary.
>> No. 13069 [Edit]
I don't gain any weight because I just don't eat.
>> No. 13075 [Edit]
take two long walks a week,maybe 6-10km for a start?
>> No. 13079 [Edit]
Skip meals by sleeping daytime/more (that's what I do).
Of course, I'm not advising you into getting healthier, just thin.
>> No. 13080 [Edit]
more likely than not that won't work for most people,
sure you are eating less, but your metabloism is also slowed down.
>> No. 13081 [Edit]

This. I never eat breakfast anymore because I wake up too late. When I'm hungry I don't eat either beause I'd have to get up and go to look what's in the fridge and that's too much of a hassle.
>> No. 13086 [Edit]
Don't skip breakfast.
>> No. 13090 [Edit]
My lifestyle and habits dictate that I don't gain much weight.

I'm scared of becoming like, obese, though. My aunt and uncle are uber-fat (think those two fat twins on the motorbikes, pretty much), and from what I saw, I think I'd rather die than be that way.

Anyway, it's just a matter of not overeating and having a productive diet. Exercise helps as well, but it has to be in combination with a healthy diet, otherwise you're not going to get anywhere.
>> No. 13103 [Edit]
I wish I was getting fatter. If I was getting fatter that would imply I'm eating a surplus of food, which would therefore allow me to exercise. But I'm not. Instead I'm eating less food than I should and I'm as thin as a stick. Therefore every time I exercise, every single muscle in my body rips and takes a week to heal.
>> No. 13123 [Edit]
I'm fat

not obese

but I can't motivate myself into losing weight
>> No. 13137 [Edit]
Your metabolism slows down as you age(>25), which means you will become fatter just by eating the same amount of food over time. And that weight becomes harder and harder to lose if you neglect yourself by eating the wrong foods and not exercising enough.
>> No. 13148 [Edit]
Watch those calories, chubbykins~
>> No. 13152 [Edit]
Try protein shakes or bars, they taste just like plastic.
>> No. 13168 [Edit]
I often ponder the fortune of cold-blooded creatures.
>> No. 13919 [Edit]
I'm not, even if I eat a lot.
>> No. 13946 [Edit]
I have a powercage in my basement with freeweights for pretty much everything, so I've started strength training a few months ago. I've started to eat almost three times as much to meet 500 calorie surplus over what I should have been eating in the first place. I'm going to explode after I eat it feels like.
>> No. 22807 [Edit]
Guide on how to lose weight.

Three meals a day only and not less ,routines are a must.

A dose karaya gum (optional; fills stomach do not overdose)

Breakfast: Oatporridge with milk and applesauce,cinnamon (learn how to shit properly)

Lunch: No pasta/bread/candy/sweets/soft drinks

Dinner: No pasta/bread/candy/sweets/soft drinks

Drink Water.

Stroll for a short or longer walk in your neighbourhood for daily excersize

cook your potatoes and rice avoid fried "american way" stuff move towards less red meat and to the direction of fish and chicken.

Homecooking is the word with much vegetables on the side.


>> No. 22808 [Edit]
loosing against hunger? take a teaspoon of (natural) peanutbutter with raisins to ease
>> No. 22902 [Edit]
This is solid advice.
And as far as exercise goes, just walking regularly is your best bet.
Pick out a nice route in your neighborhood and walk it every other day or so. If you're worried about running into people go early enough in the morning that people aren't usually out. I go on walks around 6 AM and it's nice.
>> No. 22903 [Edit]
This. I sometimes go out in the woods right before the sun rises and put on some ambient music, it's so nice.

Post edited on 13th Sep 2013, 10:21am
>> No. 22911 [Edit]
>This is solid advice.
I'd have to disagree there. Any weight lost through crash dieting very rarely stays off, and it introduces a host of other problems (such as some people satiating themselves with extra portions of unhealthy food after forcing themselves to stomach food they hate). I'll agree that making a habit of keeping your metabolism up with routine meals is a good idea, though.

Regardless, I'd argue that exercise is notably more important for anyone seriously trying to lose weight. Walking does work well, as does some cardio home exercise equipment. A stationary exercise bike, for example, can be particularly effective for hikikomoris- it can be simply be parked in front of your computer monitor and used regularly as you watch anime.

Post edited on 14th Sep 2013, 12:59am

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