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File 132371576416.jpg - (44.87KB , 720x536 , 484459d3-d81e-11df-8228-a8bfc396a36f.jpg )
7512 No. 7512 [Edit]
Lets just suppose for a moment that the great possible thing ever happened and you were actually going to get to marry your waifu, would you be willing to get a job to help support her?
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>> No. 7513 [Edit]
I'm really tired of these 'would you do X for her' threads. She is my one true love. I'd do anything for her, and that easily includes working. In fact, I'd probably ditch my entire lifestyle of my own.
Yes, I hate people, and I'd rather not have anything to do with them, but my love for her is 1000 times stronger than my dislike for them. So please stop making those threads. They're almost insulting.
>> No. 7514 [Edit]
File 132371960574.jpg - (36.58KB , 720x482 , u jelly?.jpg )
my waifu is rich, so i wouldn't have to get a job
>> No. 7515 [Edit]
Yes of course. Pretty much what >>7513 said.
I'd give up all otaku-related hobbies for her, if she wanted, but I can't imagine her wanting that for any reason. If she were to marry me I might have to give up ero things though, she's a bit jealous. That would be difficult but I would do it as well.
>> No. 7516 [Edit]
I'd probably work with her, we may even start our own business!
>> No. 7517 [Edit]
I could see myself being Miku's agent, following her around as she tours the world and making sure she's comfortable when she comes home from a concert.
>> No. 7518 [Edit]
Of course I would.
In such a scenario, I'd actually have something worth living for, and would have more then enough motivation to keep up a job no matter how much I might hate it.
>> No. 7519 [Edit]
Of course.

This should go without saying.
>> No. 7522 [Edit]
Of fucking course.
In fact, my dream is to work with her.
>> No. 7523 [Edit]
Assuming this is the future, I would already have a job/ would be looking for one, marrying during uni is just stupid when it comes to finances and everything else and it provides a stable environment for the relationship this especially matters with such an unstable waifu as mine, but that's just me
>> No. 7524 [Edit]
Oh, what sort of business?

I already work and support myself, but I'd have no problem working extra hours or getting a better job for her. I can't imagine her needing my support, though, unless maybe she wanted to pursue a career with her art.
>> No. 7552 [Edit]
File 132385041545.jpg - (271.53KB , 828x1224 , GC09-169.jpg )
I wish I could work where she works now, I'm in a very related line of work and I do some of what she does on my own time. So I guess it's already happening, apart from the not really being able to marry my true waifu.
>> No. 7555 [Edit]
Considering I'm trying to get a new job to support myself now...
>> No. 7602 [Edit]
I'd do everything for her. A job? That's nothing. Whatever she wants, I'd do it.
>> No. 7603 [Edit]
You know, I've wanted to do the same thing for Miku.
>> No. 7616 [Edit]
We'd become fugitives and live a romantic life of crime.
>> No. 7627 [Edit]
I already have a job.

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