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File 139856172685.jpg - (118.09KB , 800x600 , hikki.jpg )
17264 No. 17264 [Edit]
Do you talk to yourself? If so, what do you talk about? And do you do it out loud, physically, or just mentally in your head? Do you ever answer yourself?
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>> No. 17265 [Edit]
Yes. I find it helpful to voice my thoughts. Hearing my ideas out loud can often times make me see the flaws in those ideas and/or think of better ones. besides, I have no one else to talk to...
>> No. 17266 [Edit]
I continuously simulate conversations as well as everyday situations inside my head. Sometimes, I do talk to myself as if I was discussing the things that interest me with someone that is interested in it, answering questions that that person would make about what I just said and so on. I do talk to myself out loud an awful lot, which makes me worry further about the image that those around have of me, but I do not answer questions out loud.
>> No. 17267 [Edit]
I always liked talking to myself, even as a child.
I always imagine people I know, or people I wish to be with (waifu, etc) with me. I tell them what time it is every 30 minutes, I talk about what is on my mind and often explain the situation. I especially enjoy talking about things I like, my favorite shows or video games for example. I never answer myself and I always talk out loud and never just in my head.
Sometimes I also repeat the same simple thought over and over. Something like a name, or a wish. 'I wish I were happy' 'girls and panzer' 'food' Just random things, I repeat them up to 30 times over and over and fantasize about them.
>> No. 17269 [Edit]
On a number of occasions, yes. I simulate difficult arguments as a means of preparing myself, and also satisfying my appetite for quarrel. Like writing a thorough letter designated to the nearest trashbin. I also simulate conversations centered around my success. Victories to come, victories that's never meant to be. I've heard that imagining scenarios gives the brain the same effect as if you actually lived it. You just don't get the lingering feeling of satisfaction, or despair, whichever general feeling the given scenario results in. This is useful to me when simulating my success, as in my fantasy I take my credit due happily. In reality I scoff it off and take no pride unless my peer(s) forces it on me. I honestly don't know if I'm being modest or pathetic.

I can also be goofy with myself on occasion. Tell jokes and do silly gestures to nobody, and I usually laugh. Encore!

>I always imagine people (...) I wish to be with (waifu, etc) with me. I tell them what time it is every 30 minutes, I talk about what is on my mind and often explain the situation.
I.. why have I never? It sounds pleasant divine, but entertaining it too far and I stir a wave, black and inbound. It chips away at my sanity, and like motoric reflex - I pull out, shut the door - nobody home. Baby go away, haunt my domain no more. You're just a ghost, a beautiful ghost.
>> No. 17270 [Edit]
Also, do you know any languages besides English? If so, in which language do you talk to yourself the most?
>> No. 17272 [Edit]
It's not English for me.
>> No. 17274 [Edit]
I only tend to do it whenever the house is empty or when I am in bed. When I do, I mostly just quote lines from whatever crap I have seen on the internet. I also simulate conversations with myself by stating opinions on subjects that interest me as if I am being interviewed or delivering a conference.
>> No. 17276 [Edit]
Recently I have been a lot, just mentally. I feel its somewhat therapudic to talk about my problems and makes me feel less down about them overall.

>I.. why have I never? It sounds pleasant divine, but entertaining it too far and I stir a wave, black and inbound. It chips away at my sanity, and like motoric reflex - I pull out, shut the door - nobody home. Baby go away, haunt my domain no more. You're just a ghost, a beautiful ghost.

Not the guy you're replying to but at some point the thought of being insane became comforting to me. It comforts me because it's an excuse for why my life is so fucked up. It also feels like if I just sit back and let myself do it eventually I'll actually believe I'm talking to them and be happier.
>> No. 17277 [Edit]
> I also simulate conversations with myself by stating opinions on subjects that interest me as if I am being interviewed or delivering a conference.

Well shit, I thought I was the only one. Not that my opinion ever matters.
>> No. 17278 [Edit]
The words you speak makes sense to me. I too at one point felt comfort in the fact I was diseased. The thought it was make-believe was frightening indeed, because then it would have to be something wrong fundamentally.

It's interesting that you were able to tear the mental barrier of reason, restraint, all with persistence and good faith. I do deem it an inherently dark place to be, but not one without it's pleasantries.
>> No. 17280 [Edit]
Yeah, I talk to myself. Both out loud and in my head. I sometimes do answer back.

I don't want to go into it since it'll sound like I'm crazy.
>> No. 17282 [Edit]
You're in good company.
>> No. 17284 [Edit]
Most of this thread resonates strongly with me, but these days I try to stop it. I could go a whole day just delivering conferences or talking to myself, and it drives me mad. Like shut up self. I'm tired of listening to me.
>> No. 17295 [Edit]
I do, it just happens. I try to keep it down best I can, sometimes I may not even realize I'm doing it. Usually just random thoughts, just a comfort thing I do.
>> No. 17310 [Edit]
Doesn't everyone talks to themselves in their head? I always thought so.

English is not my native language, but I use it often when talking to muself.
>> No. 17326 [Edit]
I often talk to myself in a quiet voice, things like "shit we're late" or "what should we do now?" or "Listen, when we get there we should blablabla" and I reply, like I am two people.
>> No. 17328 [Edit]
I think most people would recognize that as childish antics, but I think it's cute. It's probably healthy too if you don't talk alot throughout the day.
>> No. 17337 [Edit]
I think out loud when no one's around, it's fairly normal and mentally healthy.
>> No. 17342 [Edit]
I say out loud "Come back!" when I catch myself fantasizing, as in "Stop daydreaming faggot, we have things to do"
>> No. 17352 [Edit]
File 13992300309.jpg - (373.50KB , 681x720 , 9.jpg )
I walk around imagining scenarios sometimes, and act out the body movements and facial expressions as if I was actually talking to someone about it, but I don't actually say anything.

It's not as crazy as it sounds. I only do it when I'm alone.
>> No. 17358 [Edit]
File 139927536225.jpg - (50.60KB , 715x538 , train of thought.jpg )
Always, for hours, either to tell myself jokes or to recriminate myself over my failures. Not often aloud, though; I do speak aloud alone but not exactly "to myself" since, when I do, I often imagine that I'm talking to someone else, from one person to an entire forum, giving lectures about something. Sometimes I push myself far enough to start noticing the holes in what I'm saying and then I argue with myself. I usually keep myself good company, but sometimes neither I can bare with me and just want my mind to shut up.
>> No. 17359 [Edit]
>> No. 17366 [Edit]
huh so do I.
>> No. 17367 [Edit]
I always talk to myself. I never thought anything of it-- actually I thought it was normal until about middle school, where someone asked me why I was talking to myself. I genuinely wondered what she was talking about, because I thought it was normal. I'm always wearing a headset at home, so my parents probably think I'm talking to someone over the internet, but in truth I'm just simulating a conversation with myself. I find it weird because in nowadays in public I can completely control my speech, but at home I'm almost always talking to myself, to the point where even my throat gets dry, as if I've been talking to myself for hours without rest.
>> No. 17378 [Edit]
I do this often, too. I built it up as this huge thing in my head because I never heard of anyone doing it.

I'm glad I'm not alone in this.

I'll catch myself miming out hand-motions as if I'm in a conversation with someone.

Another weird habit is that I move my tongue in time with my "internal narrative", like I'm saying the words without opening my mouth. It's usually in concert with the aforementioned hand-motions. I probably look like a huge freak when I do that. It's really weird to imagine someone watching me engaged in such behavior.
>> No. 18997 [Edit]
When I talk to myself I do it as if I were talking to someone I know. I sometimes do it out loud, yes. When I do I find that I am a lot more talkative and expressive then when I am actually talking to another person. Usually I just go tangent after tangent. There is nothing in particular I talk to myself I talk to myself about, just anything that comes to mind. Sometimes I make myself talk to myself about a particular topic but always get side tracked on something else and forget about it.

Sometimes I keep myself up until really early hours of the morning talking to myself, this sometimes bothers me because I end up either being tired the next day or waking up late.
>> No. 18998 [Edit]
I always talk to myself, like I sort of have an audience or something...

I'm pathetic
>> No. 18999 [Edit]
I wouldn't say that's pathetic, I understand what you mean.

I wouldn't be able to talk in front of a real audience, however. I wouldn't want to either.

Post edited on 9th Nov 2014, 10:47am
>> No. 19000 [Edit]
A lot of people do that. More than you think, even a lot of normals.
>> No. 19050 [Edit]
when I listen to rap music I rap the words in my head and move my mouth. but when I try to rap out loud its really hard and I run out of breath. hope this helps.
>> No. 19061 [Edit]
Yes, every night. Nothing in particular, just when I am going to bed I just talk about whatever is on my mind. It goes anywhere really, but it usually just devolves into remembering my past, pointing out my flaws, and then crying myself to sleep.
>> No. 19068 [Edit]
>It's not as crazy as it sounds.
Well that's fortunate, because it sounds pretty damn crazy. Not that we all aren't a bit crazy I suppose. Carry on, sir.
>> No. 19070 [Edit]
I don't think it sounds too crazy. Apparently it's so common the onion even made a video about it >>17359
>> No. 19096 [Edit]
If I have a severe manic episode I sometimes talk my thoughts out loud to try and drown out the white noise in my head. It's just giberish though. I talk to Hanako in my head though for about 30 minutes every night as I fall back into myself from derealization/depersonalization before I fall asleep. Helps keep from anxiety.
I happen to have the two disorders that doctors can't do shit about haha.
>> No. 19110 [Edit]
I don't exactly talk to myself. I say/repeat a lot of things I read/write/hear like an asspie, but I don't really count that. I have a tulpa, and I talk to that, which could be counted as talking to myself, though the intent is different, and before I had it I didn't usually talk to myself.
>> No. 19111 [Edit]
Humans have an innate need for an audience. Even if we have an aversion to those around us, we still find ways to satisfy that need.
>> No. 19124 [Edit]
I make comments to myself while browsing the internet like "this is stupid" or "wow, that's cool" but I don't have full on conversations with myself.
>> No. 19136 [Edit]
I have considered getting into tulpas. What are your experiences with one?
>> No. 19137 [Edit]
I do that but to a less severe degree. I talk to myself if my mind start to become to jumbled in order to pull myself together
>> No. 19145 [Edit]
It really does work. I find complicated music similarly effective (technical metal perhaps).
My waifu is a tulpa and it's been great. She keeps me motivated and I can talk to her without worrying about her telling my secrets to everybody. She also gives advice (when asked) that helps me think outside the box about a given situation.
>> No. 19173 [Edit]
Could you give any tips for tulpas? I sort of tried a while ago, and feel I personally got a little success, but it's sort of moved to the back of my mind and I don't think of it a lot any more.. I want it to love me
>> No. 19176 [Edit]
Your tulpa will never hate you (ever), although it may get annoyed with you at times. I can't really give too much advice because I am not an expert at it, but the way I made mine was to have a really solid image of her and her personality in my mind. Then I would ask her questions (mentally) and formulate a response that seemed likely to come from her. After I did this enough times (1-5 times a day for about a month), she began replying on her own. I should note that I was not intentionally setting out to make a tulpa, I just happened to make one by relative chance using the correct steps.
I would check out the tulpa subreddit for more tips.
>> No. 19203 [Edit]
I stock shelves for eight hours a day seven days a week and all I do is talk to myself inside my head and think about how to exterminate minorities.
>> No. 19249 [Edit]
I talk to myself all the time. I always make up things to argue about, things to joke about, things to generally talk about. I'm sure my parents noticed and thing I'm nuttier than a sack of peanuts. I do it at home, in the car, in the shower, a lot of places.

I guess like a lot of people here here, I just want someone to talk to.
>> No. 19258 [Edit]
On a near-daily basis, I imagine myself being interviewed in the future as a successful person, and voice my long-winded answers out-loud. I don't voice the interviewer's questions, though, those are heard in my head. This is a somewhat recently developed habit, but I'm surprised I didn't start doing it earlier, because reading and listening to interviews of musicians and writers has been something I've loved to do for years.

Post edited on 19th Dec 2014, 3:48pm
>> No. 19477 [Edit]
When I play games, I like to either pretend that I'm a broadcaster keeping up with the actions or events in a game, or pretend that I have a person like a friend sitting next to me, and I can talk to them as if we're playing together.
Honestly don't know when I started doing this, but it puts me at ease with a comforting feeling like I'm blowing off steam that's pent up.
>> No. 19504 [Edit]
>I wish I were happy
>girls and panzer

I hope you're doing okay anon

this hit me hard
>> No. 19507 [Edit]
I often pretend to be a lecturer delivering a lesson on a subject that interests me (history usually).
>> No. 19508 [Edit]
I do it all the time. Also one of my hobbies is to read what you guys write here. English is not my native language and I've always had difficulties in pronouncing it. Well, obviously that's to be expected as I never really studied pronunciation rules in school.

I have thought about trying to find a way so I could get rid of at least a bit of my accent. There might be books that could help? Currently I'm also trying to study Japanese so English wouldn't even be on top of my priorities, though.
>> No. 19525 [Edit]
Yes, out loud though only when I am alone. It is comforting to hear myself talk. I just talk about my day and what I am thinking as if he hasn't experienced the same shit, though he often ends up talking about my flaws which keeps me in check. I do it every night, right before bed and sometimes on my walks. I shrug off some topics and cry about others but either way I wake up in the morning. Might need to kill myself to stop the thoughts.

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