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File 132253260543.jpg - (884.82KB , 800x1200 , 21809259.jpg )
5477 No. 5477 [Edit]
Well, I finally broke down and bought a PS3. I'm curious what TCers like best about theirs, and what favorite games they have on the system. I already have a list of games I'd like to play, but if there's anything I've missed some opinions would be lovely. /thinly veiled recommendation thread

So far I have Hyperdimension Neptunia, Brutal Legend, and LittleBigPlanet 2. I plan on getting rid of Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One because it looks like a bad Dreamworks movie...
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>> No. 5478 [Edit]
Do you mean PS3 exclusive games, or console games in general? Because Red Dead Redemption isn't PS3 exclusive but I definitely recommend it
>> No. 5479 [Edit]
>I plan on getting rid of Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One because it looks like a bad Dreamworks movie...
Don't it sucks.
You'd be better off getting tools of destruction, which was a pretty good game.
or better yet, the first Ratchet & Clank game which was on ps2 and going from there if you like it.
>> No. 5480 [Edit]
File 132253397295.jpg - (395.59KB , 450x624 , edb24b4b5cc4c02322a06a51697af4d9.jpg )
Get Demon's Souls
You won't regret it.
>> No. 5481 [Edit]
I'd recommend valkyria chronicles and possibly uncharted.
>> No. 5482 [Edit]
if you did not play them before,

Ico and Shadow of the Colossus.

Get that pack. They are truly great games.

I hear a Silent Hill 2,3 HD update will be coming out soon too. Strange that they are re-dubbing them, but if you haven't played any of these games back on the ps2 I should smack you. Classics man.

As far as exclusives? There aren't too many, as the 360 has most of the same games. The whole my system is better than yours thing is stupid.
>> No. 5483 [Edit]
>As far as exclusives? There aren't too many, as the 360 has most of the same games. The whole my system is better than yours thing is stupid.
You sort of have that backwards.
>> No. 5484 [Edit]
I own a few PS3 games, but no PS3. One of the games I have that I think stands out is Endless Nocturne. It looks pretty, and sounds neat, ofcourse I haven't played it though...

Also I've always wanted to play FFXIII: Versus. I remember talking about how awesome that game would be when I was in HighSchool 4/5 years ago, has it even been released yet? It's funny that I used to consider myself a "hardcore gamer," now I am practically oblivious and don't give a fuck. But anyways that game had an amazing trailer.

kakusu because I dunno what I am talking about
>> No. 5493 [Edit]
Versus is going to be the only Final Fantasy game I buy this decade, and this is coming from someone who grew up with Final Fantasy games. It's gonna be great. Can't go wrong with Shakespearean/pre-PS FF influences. But that's next year, not this year. They only just geared it up to normal development (i.e. putting something that can be seen as at least half-effort towards it) in September, after 5 god damn years. Ridiculous. That Type-0 for the PSP is coming out, then Versus probably summer of next year. I think I'm only this excited because I promised myself this is going to be the last Final Fantasy I play, no matter my reaction. Convinced myself that after XIII, Squeenix doesn't deserve any more of my money. But after a 5-year wait, I simply have to get this last game.

Other than that, PS3 games. Wow. I haven't even played more than 4 games for the PS3. I just use it to play my PS games because I lost the memory card...

Wait for the Silent Hill pack to come out, that's rather exciting for me - SH2 is probably my favorite survival horror game of all time, hands down. And Heather's bitter cynicism is so cute. So that's a win-win.

Isn't Disgaea 3 a PS3 exclusive? I loved the first two - They definitely made those games with NEETs/folks who have no life in mind, I think.

Metal Gear Solid 4 is really damn fun. I've only just reached the 3rd act, so I can't really judge it until I've beaten it, but my initial response is: "Fuck yeah, MGS", like it was with the others.
>> No. 5498 [Edit]

>Isn't Disgaea 3 a PS3 exclusive?

I think it's coming out for vita too.
>> No. 5499 [Edit]

The thing is I hate the whole systems wars debate. Countless threads about people who bought such and such system are fags or whatnot. It turned me from a rabid gamer to someone that doesn't care much anymore. I buy most games years after release now. Skyrim and Skyward Sword were a big exception for me, and the only new games I bought new this year.

You didn't go wrong OP. Most big name games are cross platform which was the point I was tying to make but didn't do so well.
>> No. 5500 [Edit]
btw theres a Disgaea 4 now

that and MGS4 are the games I would recommend.
>> No. 5502 [Edit]

>pre-PS FF influences

Really? It seems to be about as far from the pre-PS games as it gets.

Post edited on 30th Nov 2011, 9:19am
>> No. 5507 [Edit]
File 132274293168.jpg - (129.65KB , 570x320 , yak3.jpg )
The Yakuza series is a must. That is if you enjoy beat 'em up games and gangster drama, with a bit of silly every now and then. Both 3&4 got synopsis of the two first games, so you won't miss out on too much if you didn't play those.

Also, there's even an Edo period and zombie spin off, featuring the characters from the main series.
>> No. 5508 [Edit]
File 132275058122.jpg - (354.03KB , 1280x1024 , ◔ヮ◔1.jpg )
Get Nier.

You will love me.
>> No. 5509 [Edit]
File 132275074159.jpg - (150.77KB , 427x427 , 1321033059855.jpg )
Demons or Dark souls?

I'm about to get one for the xbox, not sure if should try the first just because or the second just because graphics
>> No. 5511 [Edit]
File 132275195934.jpg - (100.08KB , 577x939 , 539a18c4c625eb3a2adfdc3b424c16044294a7c1.jpg )

I haven't tried Dark Souls yet, so I'm not sure what stuff is changed and what isn't.
If you can only get one, I'd go for Dark Souls, since I heard it's just an improved version of Demon's.
>> No. 5512 [Edit]
File 132275227211.jpg - (6.59KB , 184x184 , sunbros.jpg )
If possible both. Otherwise Dark Souls. It's much more enjoyable overall.
>> No. 5517 [Edit]

oh wait, for the xbox? Demon's is a PS3 exclusive, but Dark is on 360.
>> No. 5518 [Edit]
Didn't knew that.
But who cares, I'm getting Dark anyway.
>> No. 5630 [Edit]
File 132410621122.jpg - (84.70KB , 284x387 , z237191-kojima_pro_logo.jpg )
My friend bought a PS3 mainly for MGS4

>> No. 5658 [Edit]
File 132441804075.jpg - (78.98KB , 425x500 , p15pplt7r9lqd10ld6hki8ad2b1.jpg )
Anyone here know if you can set the language of the European version of Valkyria Chronicles to Japanese? Because that would save me 20 bucks or so on import costs...

Aside from Valkyria, I consider getting Trusty Bell and MGS4 in the near future.

Games I can definitely recommend (not sure which are PS3 exclusives):
Wipeout HD
Gran Turismo 5
Fallout 3
Heavy Rain (you can just rent it and play through it in one weekend)

Games I regret buying:
Devil May Cry 4
Dragon Age
Oblivion (maybe it's just because I had an overdose of Morrowind)
>> No. 5659 [Edit]
For what it's worth, the us version of Valkyria lets you set the game to jp audio with eng subs.
I imagine the Euro version would also, but that's just a guess.
>> No. 5660 [Edit]
Thanks. Is it also possible to get JP subs?
>> No. 5661 [Edit]
>Games I regret buying:
>Devil May Cry 4

I just got it. Is it really that bad, anon?
>> No. 5662 [Edit]
Hope you like board games and repeating levels.
>> No. 5670 [Edit]
File 132451677155.jpg - (298.85KB , 724x1050 , 1254488669813.jpg )
Like some others said, Demon's Souls and Dark Souls are worth getting if you have a PS3.

I'm trying to remember what games I had... Hm. Dead Space 1 and 2, Resident Evil 5 had a good addon, the one in the mansion. It was the closest to being an actual resident evil game that we've had in years, up until the end, at least. Shame it was so short.

Well, I can't remember much else, but I wish you luck.
>> No. 5791 [Edit]
Anyone played this? Looks entertaining.
>> No. 5824 [Edit]

Level design is not important in the DMC series.

It's not Zelda.
>> No. 5855 [Edit]
File 132636894414.jpg - (39.13KB , 470x310 , hori-real-arcade-pro-3.jpg )

the PS3 version of KOFXIII will NOT recognise arcade sticks without the home buttons...

Sucks! =(
>> No. 6689 [Edit]
uncharted 2 has now free dlc till 26 juni if anyone wants to pick up.
add me on psn: Lanz8o
>> No. 6843 [Edit]
File 13399143412.jpg - (112.73KB , 640x749 , 604158_198082_front.jpg )
Tales of Graces f is pretty fun. One of the best battle systems in the series.
>> No. 6846 [Edit]
Get Dragon's Dogma (my favorite game this gen, even over Demon's Souls which was my favorite). Also, check out Anarchy Reigns if you like beat em ups with somewhat in depth combat.
>> No. 6848 [Edit]
File 134021320812.jpg - (557.71KB , 900x800 , e6a9aab4c067a5c01fa1d1e529f0bc24.jpg )
I'm about 6 hours into Graces f right now, and I'm not really enjoying it that much. Asbel reminds me too much of Luke with his whiny voice and everybody elses "You're a useless rich boy, go home" attitude towards him, Richard is screaming yaoi-bait, Cheria is a bitch, Hubert is a bitch, and Sophie is just there for no reason. Pascal and Malik are the only characters I don't hate yet. As for the battle system, it just doesn't feel right to me. I honestly think it would have been worth my money to have just waited until August when Vesperia PS3's price dropped and re-played that with bonus content instead of this.
>> No. 6849 [Edit]
File 134021542395.jpg - (84.79KB , 1024x576 , gfs_176577_1_1.jpg )

The child arc is terribly boring, and yeah, most of the characters are pretty shitty at the start of the main arc, I hated most of them myself at first, the only ones I really liked were Sophie, Richard, Malik and Pascal. By the end of the game I liked them all. It takes some time, especially for Hubert, but he and Cheria eventually stop being cunts.

Can't say much about the battle system, really since it may just not be your thing. But if you wouldn't mind further discussion, what exactly is wrong with it?

Post edited on 20th Jun 2012, 11:05am
>> No. 6851 [Edit]
The differences between A-Artes and B-Artes weren't clearly explained to me through the game, and the manual didn't help, so I had to resort to the internet to find out the differences. That alone is bad game design.

From there, I don't really like the A-Artes because the left and right arts are usually really good, but I can't change them to forward or back, so when I execute them, I end up sliding into enemies and they end my combo. I've also noticed that A-Artes don't really stun enemies as good as B-Arts, so I'm always getting hit while using them.

I end up using B-Artes more because of this, mostly because drawing Asbel's sword grants him instant Iron Stance and hits every enemy nearby since they love to gang rape the active character, but even then, it's only a few hits until he gets stunned, and you get stunned hard when using B-Artes.

Free-run also seems useless, unlike Abyss' and Vesperia's, since you seem to move slower in Graces when free running, and you only use free run to get away.

The AI controlled party members are also pretty sporadic. When I was using Asbel, Cheria, and Sophie, I was taking the full brunt of every enemy on the screen, while Cheria and Sophie just dicked around far away from everyone, and only occasionally healed me, or attacked the enemy. Changing their battle strategies didn't help this. Then, when I ended up with Asbel, Richard, Pascal, and Sophie, we were a non-stop dunking machine... except for Sophie who still wouldn't really do anything no matter how hard I changed her strategies.

Then, just when you get the hang of it, the game starts throwing titles at you. It's nice at first when you have one title you're working on, and maybe two in the back log, but I just got Pascal in my party, and I'm about to leave the ruins, and Asbel alone has like, 20+ titles that I haven't even touched yet, and he just keeps getting more and more.

I dunno if this is just me nitpicking, or if I just really liked Vesperia too much, but Graces isn't for me. I've realized this.
>> No. 6855 [Edit]
File 13402224216.jpg - (136.70KB , 450x632 , 1332543135057.jpg )

>From there, I don't really like the A-Artes because the left and right arts are usually really good, but I can't change them to forward or back, so when I execute them, I end up sliding into enemies and they end my combo.

Yeah, I tend to stick to certain A artes myself, though I don't think I've ever had the sliding into enemies problem. As for stunning, are you paying attention to enemy weaknesses? The B-Artes that you use probably just hit their weaknesses more often.

>and you get stunned hard when using B-Artes.

Yeah, this is a problem I have with the game, it is so damn easy for enemies to stun you. If I add up all the times I've been stunned...I don't even want to think about how much game time that equals up to. I think it's the evasion stat that affects how easy you are to stun.. Don't quote me on that though.

Yeah, free run is useless, just dodge, it's all you'll ever need.

The A.I. is something I've come to think varies wildly for reasons unknown. I know that a lot of people hate Estelle because she never healed them, yet she took good care of me. Cheria and Sophie tend to do what they should for me as well but I can't really say anything about this because it just seems to differ from person to person. However, I have found that setting a person to B-Artes only will make them more likely to use healing artes (especially if you turn other artes off).

Don't worry about titles too much, I tried to maintain some form of control over them but in the end I just let them go. Also, I do hope you realize that titles tend to do things like provide stat boosts and such beyond the ones you can learn permanently. For example, Asbel's Handsom Paragon grants him increased defense while he wears it. I think this is stated in-game somewhere but a lot of people I know have missed it so I thought I'd mention it.

It's a shame you don't like Graces, I really like the battle system, I was happy to see CC was back. But it isn't for everyone, hopefully you'll be able to pick up the PS3 version of Vesperia in the future. I'm trying to decide if I want to or not. I played the game a few times when I jailbroke my PS3 but it's back on official firmware now. I already have the 360 version so I'm not sure... Though I do really like Patty and some of the other new stuff in the game.

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