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No. 11859 [Edit]
  This doesn't work for me but has anyone attempted and tested this on themselves or others? Any issues may apply.

Time range: 30 seconds (said by video) up to 30 minutes (written in the text link)

Things to watch out for:
(not official, just things I've found out for myself)

*Timing the experiment closest to a stress-high situation (i.e. peak of mental fear counts)

*Not being relaxed when doing the experiment.

*Having something in your mind other than the urge when doing the experiment.

Text from Google search: http://www.mindfulness.org.au/URGE%20SURFING.htm
>> No. 12028 [Edit]
This sort of reminds me of the sedona method.

Sometimes if i get an urge to read a certain website, i tell myself i can give into that urge, but do it tomorrow. That means i get to satisfy the urge, delay it and also make a plan ad follow a plan.
>> No. 12055 [Edit]
Valueless cunt selling self-improvement crap for average stupid people who will die average and stupid.
>> No. 12056 [Edit]
>> No. 12318 [Edit]
I've spent so long living as "way below average" that acheiving average would be tantamount to winning the lottery.

My chances of achieving average are probbaly zero. I've been a hiki far too long to ever be average now. I suppose you always want what you can't have and averageness is something I will never get to experience.
>> No. 12319 [Edit]
Mediocrity don't have to do with how much money or goods you have. It's a state of mind.
>> No. 12546 [Edit]
Not the guy you quoted but for me, I have managed to etch closer to average recently and I am actually much more happier and confident in myself now that I can almost say that I am 'average'. Time will tell if I get dissatisfied and become depressed again but I really hope not.

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