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No. 16601 [Edit]
Can you blame your roneriness on anyone else? Do you think you could've grown up happier given better conditions that you might've deserved? In my case I had pretty normal childhood conditions and I think no matter what I would've strayed from the crowd -- I don't think it would be correct for me to demand society spend much effort on a crazy fuck like me. What about you?

>>16603 better?

Post edited on 19th Jan 2014, 11:35am
>> No. 16602 [Edit]
>Can you blame your roneriness on anyone else?
Honestly, yes. my family is Islamic but i never really believed in any sort of religion. to prevent myself from being kicked out of the house i did everything i was told, including not date girls. i was asked to prom by 3 girls that i really liked but i couldn't go with any. Not really the best situation for building social skills. now that i can do anything i want, i don't know how to approach girls since I've never had much experience with them.
>> No. 16604 [Edit]
I was raised in a family full of people with Borderline Personality Disorder. Everyone projected their insecurities and such onto me, and I got misdiagnosed as being "autistic" due to that. That provided them unlimited ammunition to bully me and I pretty much became the family gimp. Even though I'm on my own now, I'm somewhat psychologically stunted and I can't connect to anybody because of all of that.
>> No. 16605 [Edit]

I used to, but I realized that only I am in control of my own future actions. I am the one to blame for almost all of my mistakes. In regards to the shitty stuff that happened beyond my control - most of it couldn't have been avoided. I was just unlucky. And my failures from 10 on were all my fault, unequivocally. (Unless you separate the soul from the flesh, in which case it was my flesh's fault, but I don't.)

It's funny because when I realized this, I simultaneously made a plan to end it if it gets too bad and also felt way more in control of my life than ever, despite how uncertain the future is. It also ended my loneliness. I cherish being alone now. To be fair, having pets helps.
>> No. 16727 [Edit]
My parents. They were pretty incompetent at raising children. Especially the horrendously bad food my mother fed me with had a huge negative impact on my life. Being a fatass from an early age made me feel extremely insecure and uneasy, and outright disgusted with myself. It's a big part of the reason I shyed away from most social contact, especially with girls. I tried working out and all that, even signed up at a gym and went there regularly for a while, but I felt like Sisyphus doing that. I shed more than 20kg (45lbs) within the first couple of months after I started buying my own food with my own money, but no amount of healthy food and exercise can reverse the fact that I did not have a normal youth.
>> No. 16806 [Edit]
Not really. Enforcing the rules isn't meta or flaming.
Ranting and whining about irrelevant shit and then spouting "u mad" at anyone who challenges you, is.
You're stubborn, attention-seeking and downright childish. You have no right to call other people "delusional"
Just because no one wants you around in real life or on the internet doesn't mean you can come and take out your frustrations on us.

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