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File 135855657577.png - (516.01KB , 1280x720 , shot0001.png )
13517 No. 13517 [Edit]
Are there any good ones?
I found some stuff off of karagarga that I hadn't seen available anywhere else and it got me wondering if there are better private trackers that I don't know about yet.
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>> No. 13518 [Edit]
File 135856109694.png - (276.29KB , 266x263 , 1351429235603.png )

tfw when never invited to a private tracker of any kind

>> No. 13520 [Edit]
Keep up the good work, mods.

Also, bakabt, OP. Best private tracker for anime around and has open registration.
>> No. 13521 [Edit]
Bakabt is a public tracker. You can register, yes, but everything is also available without registration. Try out the URL of a torrent's page without being logged in or google site:bakabt.me "stuff you're looking for".
>> No. 13522 [Edit]
My mistake. I seemed to recall having to be logged in to download shit in the past, but I'll just take your word for it. There's never been anything I couldn't find with bakabt, TT, and google.
>> No. 13524 [Edit]
Whats wrong with public trackers?
>> No. 13525 [Edit]
high leech ratio
significantly less seedboxes that will cap your max possible download speed.
also lots harder to find older stuff with actual seeds, and requests to reseed the older torrents do jack shit to get them seeded.

On the downside for private trackers, if you don't have a business-tier bandwidth for uploading, you won't be wanted in most cases.

Post edited on 18th Jan 2013, 11:13pm
>> No. 13527 [Edit]
>if you don't have a business-tier bandwidth for uploading, you won't be wanted in most cases.

You could always use a seedbox if you want to boost your ratio.

AB is the only decent anime private tracker I know of (not that you really need it with Nyaa and Bakabat).

It's actually fairly lax compared to most trackers in that they only really care about H&R's, not ratio, so you're fine as long as you seed.

I actually do like AB over Bytes as they don't put restrictions on licensed content, like bakabt does. They also allow different sub group releases of the same show, which is good you're looking for a version Bakabt doesn't have.
>> No. 13536 [Edit]

This is somehow one of the most pathetic posts I've ever read on this website, and that's saying a lot. Congratulations
>> No. 13537 [Edit]
well, you know a lot of us NEETs are drug abusers and as such are subject to mood swings, lapses of judgement, idiocy, etc.
>> No. 13538 [Edit]

Can we not do this, or at least do it differently? This is a leftover from SA that shouldn't have been imported to 4chan in the first place, let alone here.
>> No. 13539 [Edit]
Isn't that the auto ban message? I mean, I know that it's possible to change the ban message, but I think that if the mod had to put something of his own, he'd put something simple instead of all of that.
>> No. 13540 [Edit]
I'd rather the mods not announce bans/warnings at all, but some people were complaining that they weren't being transparent enough. Basically modding this place would be a living hell
>> No. 13541 [Edit]
I don't do drugs, but that describes me.
>> No. 13545 [Edit]
At this point bans for such things are too much, and warnings only warn one person privately, while other possible infractors are unaware of something being discouraged.
>> No. 13546 [Edit]
Public humiliation! Public humiliation!
>> No. 13547 [Edit]
File 135872139918.jpg - (173.23KB , 1000x563 , dmc.jpg )
>> No. 13558 [Edit]
God damn it, quit deleting posts and making me wonder what they said.
>> No. 13561 [Edit]

The manga will never be fully translated.

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