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File 141107270146.jpg - (81.73KB , 720x480 , redgardenrachel1.jpg )
20655 No. 20655 [Edit]
Hey anon, what did you think about Red Garden? Personally, I loved it, it's one of my most favorite anime series ever. The soundtrack is AMAZING, probably the greatest music I've heard from any anime series ever.
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>> No. 20656 [Edit]
I'm planning to watch it soon.
Give me some time.
>> No. 20657 [Edit]
File 141107820440.jpg - (51.26KB , 704x396 , Red Garden 49.jpg )
It shouldn't disappoint you. It's a horror/drama series with much more emphasis on the drama parts. Instead of being full of big scares, it's more about how being pushed into this traumatic scenario effects the lives of these four teenage girls, and how they react differently to it. Most horror genre media is all about the frightening scenes but Red Garden is more about what happens to the characters in between the frightening scenes.

I honestly thought it was very "meh" until about half way through it and then it really started hooking me in and I started loving it. Avoid that OVA though, it sucks.
>> No. 20668 [Edit]
Red Garden ~ GANTZ for girls.
>> No. 20673 [Edit]
File 141117318868.jpg - (66.63KB , 419x600 , Red_Garden_600_1075399.jpg )
So was Kate a lesbian or not? It's still kinda unclear at the end...
>> No. 20674 [Edit]
mmm... not really. GANTZ has alot of gore and sex in it, Red Garden focuses more on the story, and it's a damn good story in my opinion.
>> No. 20681 [Edit]

It had a really nice opening.
>> No. 20686 [Edit]
I agree. Too bad that the ED is shit, the second one is a little better, but still not good.
>> No. 20752 [Edit]
Seriously tho, that OVA sucks like nothing else you've ever seen. watch the dub and be amazed, it was pretty decent. It's one of the few series which gets a pass from me for having a dub over-all better than the sub.
>> No. 20826 [Edit]
For a HQ version of this;
>> No. 20853 [Edit]
>> No. 21544 [Edit]
I'm rewatching Red Garden now, because I want a Christmas-time ritual related to anime somehow, something not Haruhi-related. Red Garden ends on Christmas day, so that seems appropriate.
>> No. 21999 [Edit]
File 142262307698.jpg - (96.91KB , 1280x720 , 21.jpg )
Watched it because this thread, wasn't very impressed but it's not completely shit either. Perhapse the only series which subverts the traditional Gonzo formula of 'great first ep, goes downhill from there' and pulls off the opposite.

I thought Claire was supposed to be a mulatto until like the second last ep when her mother gets a cameo and she's pale as a ghost. Too bad, no delicious brown girl.

Also I really disliked how they tried to turn Herve into a villain at the end, that was stupid.

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