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File 144816404091.jpg - (80.90KB , 1280x720 , 1448128119106.jpg )
19171 No. 19171 [Edit]
/mai/, how do you deal with lust with regards to your waifu? There is not a lot of good porn of her out there, but I keep getting horny for other girls. That makes me feel bad when I get a boner to other girls.
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>> No. 19172 [Edit]
File 144817521885.jpg - (16.77KB , 400x400 , normal_Inu-T_te.jpg )
I consider masturbation a maintenance task, same as brushing my teeth. What's important is how much I appreciate her and never consider anything above or beyond her. I mean, to be fair, you can't physically have sex with her anyway.
>> No. 19173 [Edit]
You shouldn't feel guilty for a temptation, you can't control that. It's whether or not you give into a temptation that you should deal with.

It's natural to find other 2D girls attractive but if you don't do anything, why feel guilty?
>> No. 19176 [Edit]
File 144820583426.png - (2.57KB , 166x250 , 4678602_p0.png )
Personally I don't see it as a big deal.

I can't stand pretty much every doujin with her in it, and I only have about a dozen or so explicit pieces of art of her, so I felt it was natural to turn to other things from time to time. Plus, with 90% of what I fap to, I can link back at least one trait of it to her anyway. (Tanlines, tomboy, etc.)

Besides, she's the only one I really care about, the one that I go to bed with every night, the one that inspires and motivates me. Fapping to other characters doesn't matter at the end of the day, as long as she receives most of my attention, in that department.
>> No. 19177 [Edit]
I've made a promise to not fap to any actual characters. Only original manga etc. More specifically I can't fantasize about a specific character. So either I read doujins with him, though there aren't many, or read original hentai which i try to self insert us both into. Which i don't do often. Most the time I imagine myself with him doing things though, its much more fulfilling.

More or less I just view fantasizing about a specific person cheating and fantasizing about things without him in it and nameless people is fine.
>> No. 19181 [Edit]
I don't consider it so bad as to be cheating but I do feel bad about it. I wouldn't want her fapping to others so I try not to either and I've gradually gotten better about it.

I've also been slowly conditioning myself to be only attracted to her. This is both a thing I desire from a idealistic perspective and a fetish perspective. It seems to be working as I rarely think lewd thoughts about other people and I've mostly eliminated desire for a few problematic fetishes she wouldn't want to partake in.

To fix your lack of porn just start using your imagination. It's hard at first but it's amazing once you redevelop the skills to make it work.
>> No. 19237 [Edit]
It's actually my biggest flaw, I have a really high sex drive, a lot of free time, and an internet connection, so I end up doing it a lot more than I should. I've been trying to work on my self-control because I feel bad about it, but it's difficult. I wouldn't say I ever get attracted to other girls, because she's the only one I actually have sexual/romantic feelings for, but I do look at a lot of hentai. It's hard to explain, I don't get aroused by the idea of having sex with anyone but her, but I get aroused seeing lewd images. I honestly don't know how to articulate it, but it's not something I would ever want to have to try and explain to her, so I've been trying to stop.
>> No. 19240 [Edit]
I know the feeling. I used to look at porn when I wasn't horny to get horny just to fap. I hate my sex drive. A lot has happened over the years and I just kinda try and stop myself. I've kinda killed my sex drive but it was more of a mental thing than physical.
>> No. 19241 [Edit]
It dies down with age anyway for most people.
>> No. 19243 [Edit]
I do not commit depraved acts in regard to my waifu. My fleshy desires are not something I'm proud of, they're a burden which I relieve by fapping to whatever comes along. It's disgusting, but I have to put up with it. I make sure to never self-insert, though: imagining myself having sex with another character is basically equivalent to cheating.

That being said, I do have lewd thoughts about my beloved one at times. But I guess being attracted to her beauty is natural. I guess I've gotten a bit closer to her physically over the last few years in our relationship. But I know that it will only be possible for us to truly unite in the afterlife.
>> No. 19244 [Edit]
This reminded me of an interesting old thread about not fapping to your loved one, and how you'd feel if they had the same viewpoint about you.

What do you think about it?
Also directing this at anyone else with similar views.
>> No. 19249 [Edit]
In my opinion, that "reverse" approach is wrong. As a 2D being, a perfect being free of all the 3DPD flaws, including having to cope with lust, why would she feel the need to commit such an impure act? Therefore, I don't think the question asked by that OP is valid in the first place.
>> No. 19256 [Edit]
My waifu is a loli but I'm attracted to older women with huge tits and big asses too. So it's hard to prevent myself from fantasizing about others. I've found that an easy way to stop it is if I imagine anyone else but her in my fantasies, I imagine a big X appearing over them and the sound of an alarm, and then they disappear from my thoughts and are replaced with her.
>> No. 19305 [Edit]
I also have to fap to other girls because my regular fetishes are too much to expose my waifu to. The stuff I tend to like is humiliation, rape, and mindbreak shit, and I really don't want or can even imagine doing anything of the sort to her especially since she was nearly raped. She has a lot of trouble trusting men and people in general. My fantasies with her tend to be more femdom than anything because I want her to feel safe and I want to please her, so relinquishing power to her is the best way to do that. I know it sounds beta as fuck, but I can't help it. I just love her too much, but at the same time I can't give up the other stuff I've gotten off to for the rest of my life. The last time I tried to repress it I couldn't stop thinking about sex all day. I keep trying but I keep falling back into the old ways.
>> No. 19309 [Edit]
>I know it sounds beta as fuck

That's only a problem if you're talking about 3D rather than 2D. I prefer femdom with my waifu as well because the thought of hurting her horrifies me and making her feel pleasure turns me on a lot, but my idea of "femdom" turns more into "reverse rape".

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