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File 132612183423.gif - (2.61MB , 384x288 , 1326011569335.gif )
8067 No. 8067 [Edit]
I have HNNNNNGGGG'd with every fiber of my being.

This show is called Ashita no Nadja. It is 50 episodes long. It is the story of a little orphan girl who sets out with a performing acrobat troupe in search of her mother across Europe. On her journey, she meets many people and she learns many things both about the world and about herself.

/an/, are there any more shows like this?
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>> No. 8070 [Edit]
Holy shit. I used to watch this when I was a kid, but I never knew what it was called, I thought it was just Nadia but nothing came up when I searched that because the original title is with a j, which isn't how you spell it in my language (I watched the dub). I need to download this now, holy fucking nostalgia.
>> No. 8079 [Edit]
This sounds good, going to watch it. I'm out of things to watch anyway.
>> No. 8080 [Edit]
Uhhh, I don't know, Candy Candy? That's about an orphan girl but it's not fully subbed... There's also 3000 leagues in Search of Mother but that's not quite as cheery as Ashita no Nadja. Well, in any case, you should watch both since they're classics.
>> No. 8083 [Edit]
Great show

Pretty much everything about it was good
>> No. 8087 [Edit]
Nadia, the Secret of Blue Water. It was kind of the prequel to this, but in Africa.

Candy, Candy as well.
>> No. 8090 [Edit]
File 132623182810.png - (15.66KB , 400x400 , nadja31.png )
Ojamajo Doremi aired in the same time-slot just before Nadja (which after Nadja became the Pretty Cure time-slot) and many directors, writers and voice actors stayed. They're of different genres and thus have completely different structure, but have many subtle similarities in their overall feel.

I couldn't find Doremi crossover fanart quickly, so have even more awesome crossover.
>> No. 8123 [Edit]
File 13264492528.jpg - (138.34KB , 600x700 , Ashita no Nadja X max heart.jpg )
There is however a bit of Pretty Cure crossover fan art out there.
>> No. 8167 [Edit]
This was rusting in my backlog for a while. Finally downloaded it and have reached episode 20 over the past few days. Nadja is utterly adorable. I didn't think it would have such strong romance themes, but that's okay. I really like Christian (the one who loves Egypt), but it's pretty much guaranteed that he'll lose in the end at this rate.

I'm loving every minute of it though. Thank you so much for recommending this show.
>> No. 10027 [Edit]
I just finished watching this for the second time, after slowly watching it the past 2 weeks. It's so damn cute, I wish more shows were like this still.
>> No. 10093 [Edit]
Rosemary was such a crazy bitch...

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