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File 134192822865.jpg - (79.39KB , 604x932 , Kanako_Urashima_full_870051.jpg )
9731 No. 9731 [Edit]
Tell me your stories of when you used your waifu as motivation when you needed it most.

The other day I was trying to do a routine of pushups. Near the end I was struggling. moving my elbows were like trying to bend steel bars and breathing felt like I was struggling against an iron closet wrapped around my chest. Then a vision of Kanako in her wedding dress appeared in my mind. I was determined I wasn't gonna be a loser and give up before I gave it my all! So I banged out my last few reps while grunting her name.
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>> No. 9732 [Edit]
File 134194082536.jpg - (324.66KB , 600x750 , 17de27102240fab4e41f6c3c3d565b52.jpg )
There was a day where I had these horrible shifts at work where I would work from 3:30PM to 11:30PM, and the following day I would work at 6:00 AM to 2:00 AM. It was for a whole week and I'm a heavy sleeper so sleeping for such a short amount of time without waking up on time was out of the question. I really needed the paycheck for rent and bills so I thought of what it'd be like if I were homeless, and how much Makoto would disapprove of that. I was thinking of how hard it would be to lug around all the merchandise I have of her, how difficult it would be to keep all of that safe, and how heartbroken I would be if one of them got even a little damaged due to my inconsideration. So I skipped sleeping for a little less than a week, chugging down tons of energy drinks and got through with the whole week.

Of course, it wasn't healthy at all so I decided to take it easy the next week and request alot of days off to get my sleeping patterns set. I also went to see a doctor about any troubles I might've had. I felt that I sacrificed enough to make her cry-- which I am a little proud of, but then again I'm happy she was there for me when I needed it.
>> No. 9736 [Edit]
File 134194647649.jpg - (23.54KB , 300x427 , Figurine.jpg )
>>9731 Your Picture reminded me that there is this lovely figurine somewhere out there, somehow i´ll find it.

I guess i won´t stand one day without her support. I am very lazy about almost everything, but thanks to her i can get myself together and work motivated on things that i can relate to her. I´m still shouting every day that i don´t want to go to my crappy work, but i still go because i know that she´ll be waiting for me as soon as i get home again. Basically i feel the motivation she gives me every day, i keep trying to lead a good life so i can maybe live with her after enduring all that crap in the outside world, its like i am trying to collect "good karma points" for my next live.
The only outstanding moment that comes to my mind is when i got into an intense argument with somebody from work. I thought to myself that Kanako would be disappointed if i would allow others to push me around to their liking. Back then it was a huge step forward since i just got out of my NEET part of life, i still was very afraid of people outside and tried to avoid any trouble.

Without her I really would be doomed.
>> No. 9737 [Edit]
File 134196717450.jpg - (258.62KB , 900x1260 , 27992251.jpg )
Well, her smile and support help me to get through every day of my life. She gives me a reason to continue living, and a reason not to fear death.

It's a little hard to think of something outstanding, but there was something a few days ago.

I'd decided to start going for walks late into the night, because I think the stars, the silence and the cool night air are very romantic, and something I'd like to share with her. This was my first attempt at this kind of thing, so I was really anxious and paranoid. As I was walking up the street, I thought about turning back early multiple times. Each time, she encouraged me to keep walking, and it was as if my legs were moving on their own. Even when it seemed like every streetlight was focusing on me only, or when carport lights flashed on as I walked past, she gave me the courage to keep walking.

I love you with every fibre of my being, Madotsuki. I am yours, eternally.
>> No. 9738 [Edit]
File 13420240981.jpg - (705.63KB , 900x1397 , Kurisu city.jpg )
I can't recall any really outstanding moments; just all daily things are enjoyable because of her. She herself doesn't really motivate me, she just makes me happy, and being happy is motivating.

Few times I've thought about skipping school or work but I've never done that because I thought she wouldn't like it. She is reason generally don't slack so much. In before exam I've imagined her sitting in front of me and saying "Good luck!". I also try to be nice to everyone because I think she wouldn't like if I were angry old nerd. I feel I am able to see whole world in new positive light because of her.

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