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File 13649471324.jpg - (45.58KB , 348x343 , 1362629827907.jpg )
8180 No. 8180 [Edit]
So I bought a game on Steam to give as a gift and then the person I got it for rejected it because he can't run it (incompatible OS).

Anyone want a free game?
>> No. 8181 [Edit]
I thought WINE ran pretty much anything nowadays?
>> No. 8182 [Edit]
What game
>> No. 8183 [Edit]

I was under the impression that pretty much everyone besides me has top class rigs, though I see no use for improving anything past 2002-2003.

Games have become shit and next to none are worth playing.
>> No. 8186 [Edit]
There's always one or two titles that are just completely worth it and make you burn money on an upgrade. Shogun 2 and Warband are both pretty recent and pushes my 2006ish hardware to the max with mediocre performance. Both have sequels in production and I have no hope of running them.
Not to mention emulating console stuff.

What's that got to do with >>8181 anyway?
>> No. 8190 [Edit]

He's running Linux.
>> No. 8191 [Edit]
Should this not have been posted in the steam thread?
>> No. 8192 [Edit]

>There's always one or two titles that are just completely worth it and make you burn money on an upgrade.

This makes me want to cry bloody tears. There are always those 2-3 games that you'd really love to play but there's absolutely no way your PC could handle it and upgrading just because of them feels like such a waste... And if you end up upgrading afterall you'll be in a similar situation in no time. Truly the tragedy of modern video gaming, heh. Back in the day there were enough quality titles to justify the upgrade, now it feels like a lose-lose scenario.
>> No. 8195 [Edit]

we're almost getting to the point where it's justifiable to upgrade from a core 2 duo and a HD 3950 with 2 gigs ram.

Now that the ps4 hardware is announced, we just need to wait for microshit to announce the xbox 720's specs, and then wait for one of them to actually be released. And from there, the wait for newegg to offer a package deal for a factory new mobo + i5/FX and then a HD 5/6XXX card.

Otherwise, once those two are released, you won't have to upgrade again until the ps5 and competitors are released. As this generation of console games shows, PC games are ports of the console, and both MS and Sony are trying to make their consoles work more like desktop computers so it's both easier to make games for their consoles which means the computer ports aren't going to be gta4 levels of terrible-console port.
>> No. 8196 [Edit]
so does anyone want it

>> No. 8197 [Edit]
Yes, my SteamID is in the email field but consider giving it to somebody less fortunate before giving it to me.

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