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File 133501237799.jpg - (25.01KB , 299x311 , 1335010671371.jpg )
9657 No. 9657 [Edit]
How do you cope with going outside, for things like buying food, etc?

Dropping out of high school at 16 and being a shut-in for 3 years really messed me up for these sort of things. I went to the 24 hour store to buy some smokes since my parents are away, I was shaking and shit. The guy noticed it too since he asked me why. Didn't think I'd be as bad as that, I used to laugh at stories like to this.

In a few more days I'm going to get checked out so I can perhaps get my ADD prescription again and I'm afraid I may do the same thing. Maybe I should also get checked for social anxiety.

Still shaking and feel like I'm going to throw up, though that may be because I smoked damn near whole pack on the way back.
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>> No. 9660 [Edit]
I get nervous when buying things at the store too, no matter what it is. It can just be a bag of chips and a drink and I'll usually just be standing there with my head down with my face as red as the sun. I don't mind going out of the house but it's when people notice me I get all shaken up. I wish there was a way I could turn invisible. When I get really nervous I get a sick feeling too and it shows on my whole body. Maybe it just comes from the fact that whenever anyone notices me, it's always negative attention.
>> No. 9662 [Edit]
You're probably shaking because you're on ADD meds (stimulant) and nicotine (stimulant).
>> No. 9663 [Edit]
>How do you cope with going outside, for things like buying food, etc?

I don't
>> No. 9665 [Edit]
File 133504254678.jpg - (92.11KB , 1280x720 , kurumibadass.jpg )
Well, I lived like this for over 2 years, going out almost exclusively for cigarrettes, redbull and snacks...

Strangers passing by and people serving on the convenience store didn't started any conversation; talking was, hence, not really necessary at all (maybe just "good day/thanks" and that was all). So, for me, the main problem was just being seen through; with sunglasses on, it all got way easier... you know: like a kid's "invisibility glasses" (let alone how they help with daylight; going out afterhours it's still out of the question).
>> No. 9666 [Edit]
I pretty much live at the dollar store or stores in gas stations. They have everything I need even with the little money I leech off my parents. No one ever says anything to me either. Unless I somehow get lucky and have about $50 on hand is the only time I ever buy anything else but food or energy drinks. Which is usually spent online at Amazon for a couple cd's I want or whatever.
>> No. 9708 [Edit]
What kind of food do you eat? Try to eat healthy if you can. You'll get sick otherwise.
>> No. 9815 [Edit]
I try to go to convenience stores between 3 and 6 am. I try to go before 5 am since around that time it becomes very busy. Sometimes I can't avoid going to a store and I have to pyche myself up and plan out what I am going to do, what I will say to the cashier and so on so I don't bug out or start stuttering which usually frightens or disgusts people.
>> No. 9883 [Edit]
The grocery store has self-checkout.
I actually prefer going when it's busy, because I can blend in better.

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