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File 132319704935.png - (318.14KB , 1700x3000 , Me and Lizlet.png )
7424 No. 7424 [Edit]
Dunno if this kind of thread existed before but have you ever tried to draw yourself being with your waifu in any situation?

While my drawing skills is not good, I did my best to this though it kinda involves my fetish but it is more like a way to show that I will NOT run away and stay with my waifu till the end.
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>> No. 7429 [Edit]
File 132320796349.png - (111.58KB , 1020x768 , datetoe.png )
Nah, thought about it, but the idea kind of bugs me/creeps me out a little for whatever reason, so I just went with a stand-in/avatar instead.
>> No. 7430 [Edit]
Pretty nice pic.
>> No. 7431 [Edit]
I haven't... Thought, before I had a waifu (as such), I once tried to draw myself with the abstract "lovelies" in my head; didn't turn out very well: my sole dispicable presence ruined the world of beauty I intendended to portray; so I had to shadow and hide myself the most I could, to somehow save the piece...

Tohno's idea could work, but I don't want to imagine myself as feminine anymore. Maybe someday I'll try OP's idea, once again, who knows? but right now, the sole idea (of my own picture poluting my waifu's space) disgusts me.
>> No. 7432 [Edit]
I can barely draw a stickman...
>> No. 7437 [Edit]
Yep. Feels bad.
>> No. 7442 [Edit]

Same here.
>> No. 7443 [Edit]
Yes. I drew her in my room, and hugging her.

I don't do it anymore because it feels ronery as fuck.
>> No. 7444 [Edit]
File 132324032932.gif - (11.59KB , 360x240 , Tenshi video.gif )
It's going to be a while, but I'm actually animating something like that.
>> No. 7447 [Edit]
Should I have any artistic talent, I probably would.
However, I go full retard when drawing people and I wouldn't subject her to such tortures.
>> No. 7448 [Edit]
Same here, lol.
Just not a question of 'artistic talent' I guess, more like practice/dedication and decent motor coordination.
>> No. 7468 [Edit]
I can't even catch a football
all that shit about video games and hand-eye coordination is bullshit
it did cure aids though
>> No. 10579 [Edit]
File K.jpeg - (14.98KB , 1200x897 )
>> No. 10580 [Edit]
>> No. 10581 [Edit]
Before the word waifu existed, people created strange things about their waifu. http://tohno-chan.com/ddl/src/Seras_loev.swf
>> No. 10596 [Edit]
File 134972528895.png - (356.43KB , 514x743 , 2a64jg1.png )
Even though I'm currently improving my drawing skills as hard as I can, I still can't produce even something half-decent. Therefore, I've simply commissioned an artist on DA and I think he did a pretty good job.
>> No. 10597 [Edit]
She looks pretty cute on this pic, not bad.

Anyway, I can only draw stick figures. But I'm looking to learn how to draw properly though, so one day I can make art worthy of her.
>> No. 10598 [Edit]
File 134974529156.png - (34.22KB , 180x175 , 1301444151250.png )
I would never do something like that EVER.
>> No. 10599 [Edit]
I've never really wanted to draw myself with her... Imagination is good enough in that regard. I wish I was good enough at drawing to draw her normally.
>> No. 10819 [Edit]
File 135221827248.png - (341.21KB , 1000x1500 , Kurisu and her handsome husbando.png )
Your post inspired me to get commission too. I don't think result was bad, but not very good either... But this is really only choice because I don't have any artistic skills.
>> No. 10820 [Edit]

Those are nice.. I would like to commission something... Where did you guys ask for them and what was the process like?
>> No. 10822 [Edit]
Just find artist who does anime related artwork and does commissions. I don't know is there any other places to look for than deviantart, yes there are many bad ones too. I found the artist just by googling "anime commission deviantart" and eventually picked first one who had decent artwork, reasonable terms and e-mail address (because I don't have DA account and I didn't want to create one). I e-mailed my request, she accepted it, I paid, later she sent me sketch, I suggested few changes and few days later it was ready.

I hope you understand I don't want to link the artist I found to here. You can start looking from here.
>> No. 10823 [Edit]
hehe, yeah... no thank you.
>> No. 10825 [Edit]
This is starting to become annoying. Yes we know the users there aren't great, stop reminding us.
>> No. 10827 [Edit]

How does payment work -- let's say... for paypal? There are just so many artists and every time I find someone decent.. I'm just like "eeeeehhh..". If only I can pay Nekopuchi to draw us..
>> No. 10828 [Edit]
No it's not the users, I just think almost everything they produce looks... well, not good.
Not 'bad' either, but not good. You really can't expect people born and raised around American culture and thought in American art styles to do very well with eastern art. with few exceptions, you can just tell something was made by an American just by how derpy it looks, for the lack of a better term.
I guess you could say it's like a accent, people who study a language for years and years will still usually have noticeable accents no matter how hard they try to overcome it and replicate the native speech style.

If you like the stuff they make or you can't notice a difference, more power too you bro. I just can't.. as much as I'd love to get some custom artwork done for a daki or poster or whatever, I really rather not go to anyone on deviant art for it, though there might be some artists that have overcome the western influence problem on, and if I found one sure I'd see if I could commission them for something. Even though they'd probably overcharge out the ass for it then upload it publicly to boost their street creed, which is another issue I have but most probably wouldn't mind too much, and which I bet a lot of Japanese artists do as well to be fair.
>> No. 10830 [Edit]
Artist sends you paypal bill. Different artists might have different system, so I can't really specify. Some artist might want whole payment before they even start etc. And I understand you, I wish Huke could draw for me, but one can't have everything he wants.

DA is international community, not American community. Like example Huke has DA account. It is pretty insulting towards some artists that you generalize so much. Yes there are many bad ones, see sturgeon's law.

Also I don't understand what your desire for custom dakimakura has to do with this. Value of this kind of artwork is that one can see himself with his waifu. Quality of artwork isn't priority.

And I am pretty sure most commission artists are fine if you don't want your commission to be uploaded on their gallery.
>> No. 10831 [Edit]
I'm pretty sure I acknowledged that it's not 100% shitty artists. A image for a dakimakura is just one of many examples why one might want to get a custom image of their waifu drawn, I didn't just say dakimakura, I said "a daki or poster or whatever"
and if the quality doesn't matter, why not draw it yourself? wouldn't that be more meaningful and heartfelt anyway?

Post edited on 7th Nov 2012, 12:58am
>> No. 10832 [Edit]
The site itself is just a place to upload pictures and comment on them. It has tons of crappy artists but some users are professionals, others astound me with their work. Try looking at the popular images page rather than some literal 13 year old Gaia user: http://browse.deviantart.com/?order=11 (warning page has 3D).

Just keep looking around and browsing people's pages until you find an active artist who takes commissions. Mid-level artists such as art school students who focus on anime are good to try, they're often poor so they often take comissions. Theres a lot of crappy artists out there so you have to take the good with the bad, but that doesn't mean you can just completely write it off.
>> No. 10833 [Edit]
And I didn't say quality doesn't matter. It just isn't the most important thing. It's like family puts terrible picture drawn by 5 year old kid on the wall and everyone loves that picture even after years. Or one pays $5 to some street artist who will draw picture of him and his family. It has sentimental value.
>> No. 10834 [Edit]
Thats actually a nice way of putting it, guess you're right.

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