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22550 No. 22550 [Edit]
Does most of your live revolve around Japanese media or do you have a variety of different hobbies and interests?

I've found that I don't have many interests outside of anime, VNs, and games. I only listen to Japanese music, for the most part play Japanese games exclusively, and only draw anime-styled shit outside of studies, etc. I spent several years learning Japanese to get access to more media outside of what has been already translated. I feel like a master weeblord, and not in a good way either. Feels bad when I talk to other people online and I find out that they have other hobbies.

Is it the same for everyone else? How do you get interested in new things?
>> No. 22551 [Edit]
how long did it take you studying moon until you were able to consume japanese media items unassisted by fansubbers.
i've long considered the possibility of leveling up to master weeblord, but never took the plunge, however i have a long list of untranslated manga that i want to read and some anime that i wanted to see…
>> No. 22555 [Edit]
About two years, on and off. I only started to study "seriously" recently. Most of the difficulty comes at the beginning when you're starting to memorize a lot of shit at once (kana, grammar rules, kanji, etc). Once you hit an intermediate level, you begin to understand and gain more confidence. It's just overcoming the initial hurdle which turns off most people.

If you're looking to read manga, you can pretty much start once you've learned the kana and a few hundred kanji. A lot of manga has the readings above each kanji, so you can just look that shit up without too much of a hassle.
However, when you first start out, you have to be prepared to read at the glacial speed of one line per minute before you finally get somewhere.

Learning Japanese is a huge investment of your effort and time, but I think it's worth it if you feel you're missing out on a lot of material that translators haven't gotten to yet.
Feels good when you don't have to rely on other people to translate for you, and you don't have to worry whether a translation is accurate or not. Shit's worth it, man.
>> No. 22566 [Edit]
I'm the same as you, OP, but I took classes for Japanese. While I can't read manga or LN 100%, I can sure read a handful of pages before getting stuck on some bullshit kanji that I haven't studied yet. I'm very confident in saying I can read more kanji than I can write, and I think that's dangerous.
>> No. 22572 [Edit]
>I'm very confident in saying I can read more kanji than I can write, and I think that's dangerous.

It's the same for every person on planet Earth who has studied any foreign language. You are bound to understand more than you are able to say/write.
I'm willing to bet my right hand that even for native Japs it's nothing but natural.

Of course I'm not saying you shouldn't pay more attention to remembering how to write kanji but again, it's only natural so you shouldn't worry about it.
>> No. 22585 [Edit]
I think its dumb to be a 'master weeblord' if that means ignoring everything created in your native language.
>> No. 22586 [Edit]
>How do you get interested in new things?
At this point, I feel like if you don't have at least a little idea of "I should try this some time" then you'll probably never get into it.
Following an impulse is probably your best bet.
>> No. 22592 [Edit]
>if that means ignoring everything created in your native language.
But that's the thing, nothing in my native language really interests me. I've tried to get into regular TV and movies, but it just doesn't hold my attention. I don't know anything about literature either.
I know I'm missing out on a plethora of entertainment/media, and it frustrates me. In this aspect, I wish I could be somewhat normal.
>> No. 22593 [Edit]
Have you tried finding something from a medium that you're not interested in, that has something in common with something you're fond of from a medium you are interested in?

For example, I played Hotline Miami then watched Drive, had a thing for surreal games then watched Videodrome.
>> No. 22646 [Edit]
You're almost certainly missing out on things. I mean, I used to think traditional sitcoms with laugh tracks were stupid. Now I love shows like Seinfeld, Married with Children and Gilligan's Island.
>> No. 22648 [Edit]

You know, when he said 'missing out' I thought we are talking about a couple hundred years of good literature, almost a century of good cinema, art, music etc.

But if it's stuff like Seinfield you're not watching then no, you aren't really missing out.
>> No. 22663 [Edit]
You know, everyone misses out on a ton of things that they would love, and I think the worst possible thing you can do is to force yourself to watch/read things due to a sense of obligation or inflexible self-identity.

That out of the way; OP, I agree with >>22586. If you're willing to find new interests and remain receptive and open-minded, you'll find them in time.
I'd also like to tell you that as someone with very broad and diffuse interests and skillsets,
I envy people with really specific interests and expertise. Weeblord or not, I would be proud to feel that I'm a master anything.
>> No. 22732 [Edit]
Try "Perception" on um. I think TNT.

It can be a bit inaccurate but it's an intelligent and open-minded show and thankfully they are on the second season and not much relationshit bull has been introduced.

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