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File 140174423911.jpg - (96.81KB , 700x535 , 9a71e8e6e2366a0d28e08b7bed6a698a.jpg )
17635 No. 17635 [Edit]
How close do you think is the relation between depression and compulsive internet browsing? Do you think that games and the internet are means of coping with depression and real life problems or do you think they only make things worse?
>> No. 17636 [Edit]
How close do you think is the relation between having something to do and staring at walls?
>> No. 17638 [Edit]
Pardon, but I seem to have missed the point you were trying to make.
>> No. 17639 [Edit]
I suppose in some ways it can help, in others it can make it worse. I wouldn't say it's one or the other. It can help you find things to keep you interested and help entertaining yourself along with vent/share your problems with other people who have the same problems in places like this.

On the other hand as you become more enlightened you start to see how horrible the world is. you can easily start to loose faith in humanity the more you learn. I think it can also set up unrealistic standards and expectations of others. For many having a waifu for instance can grow to become a horribly depressing experience as it dawns on you that you'll always be apart. Not to mention a lot of the fun things to do online can be very fleeting. I could be sitting in a pool of misery and despair, find an awesome video that gets me in a good mood for all of five minutes, then go right back to feeling like shit.
>> No. 17640 [Edit]
He's just saying your depression problems would probably be a lot worse with nothing to keep you busy.
>> No. 17641 [Edit]
But, due to relying on the computer for most forms of venting, you end up becoming dependent on the long run.
>> No. 17642 [Edit]
What's the alternative?
>> No. 17643 [Edit]
I'll make sure to tell you if I ever find out.
>> No. 17653 [Edit]
The main possible alternative is to do the nitty-gritty, unpleasing work in improving one of your skills to a marketable degree, so that you can be employed doing something you can tolerate. It consumes time, you gain a profession (no matter how dubious it may be), and it opens you to connections with like-minded individuals. That is what most "successful" people do, consciously or not, as it makes them more valuable to the world. Live to work, so to say.

However, this fails if you manage to possess a range of skills which are absolutely useless to anyone besides yourself. Consuming and critiquing anime would be one that comes to mind. Or being very good at STGs. Or having a refined sense of "taste." Or arguing about inane things on the Internet. In that case, you may just be better off working to live, or not working at all if that is possible. The way I think about it, it is like being an Aristocrat without the money.
>> No. 17657 [Edit]
The internet is a bad place. I used to think it was the best place. But it's a bad place.
>> No. 17658 [Edit]
I have this hypothesis that many of these so-called mental disorders are simply natural human traits that happen to be incompatible with our technologically-dominant world.

Man's primal instict is to survive. In an age of hunting and gathering, the way to do that is simple: find food and water, and avoid predators and danger. You can see your goals right in front of you, and you understand why you need reach them, so it's easy to move forward.

But in our world now, things aren't as straightforward anymore. To survive, you need money to buy food, and to earn money you need a job, and to earn a job you need skills that you might have to learn at school, which needs more money, and you also need money to pay taxes, and at your job you'll likely be doing something very unrelated to your instict to survive.

And so we get these people who cannot function as "regular" members of the society. As humans, they still have the instinct to survive, but they can't connect that to the things they have to do for it.

It's survival of the fittest, and though it's sad, this means that these people who can't adapt to modern society are the weak who should naturally die off. No one is at fault, they just happened to be born during the wrong stage in humanity's existence.

It's like being a lab animal, starving and just lying still, after unsuccessfully trying to grab the food that's just out of reach past the bars of his cell, while the button to move the food closer is just beside him.
>> No. 17660 [Edit]
Who is to say what is 'fit' and what is not. For instance in the future maybe earth is under attack from aliens and the best fighter spaceship pilots are those with ADHD. Its always good to have variation in a population as it helps guard against environmental changes. The vast majority of those variations will be bad, but if the situation changes some will be good and the genes controlling those variations will spread.
>> No. 17661 [Edit]
I hope something like that happens. It's not people but the environment that dictates what "fit" is. If the environment changes in their favor, they'd become the "fit" ones and others would be "unfit".

In connection with OP, I think it has something to do with instant gratification. A depressed person probably still seeks gratification, but doesn't want to work hard for it, so video games and the internet, which offer instant gratification, are the things that he'd do, among others like eating, drinking, etc. In a way that makes it a coping mechanism. I don't think it really makes it worse, but too much of anything can be bad.
>> No. 17662 [Edit]
Lots of people wish the world could revolve around them someday...

Maybe you can go out fuck a bunch of people and hope you can pass down some useful mutation to your future generations huh
>> No. 17675 [Edit]
And that's why Zombies are so popular.
>> No. 17683 [Edit]
I find zombie games/flicks are still harder to insert than the teenager MMORPG fantasies of late. Major zombie titles like Resident Evil have some good looking hunks or chicks as protagonists with some military/police/intelligence background. Recently re-read World War Z. Besides that one otaku to warrior monk fanwank, the new world wasn't saved and led by angsty 15 year olds or frail social rejects either. And of course Brad Pitt for movie.
>> No. 17684 [Edit]
Well they're popular becuase people want the world to reset and give them a chance to make it on their own without a government or society's rules to hold them back. that and I think people like to have fantasys about murdering tons of people but without actually murdering 'people' like a loophole for psychopaths.

I for one find zombie games/flicks extremely easy to insert into. The reason being that nearly all characters in zombie media are massive fucking retards and continuously do stupid ass fucking things. In a zombie Apocalypse anyone who isn't an complete brain dead idiot can survive easily. Really the only way Zombies can work is for people to be too stupid to pay attention to their surroundings let alone wear anything to protect themselves. It's like they've never seen an attack dog trainer before. If you let a brain dead creature that slowly shuffles along while making growling sounds sneak up on you, you deserve to get eaten alive.
>> No. 17686 [Edit]
I feel that once a Zombie swarm reaches a certain size, you are simply delaying an inevitable demise without the support of heavy technology.

Realistically, a million zombies would reek havoc on a country's ability to efficiently maintain agriculture, and it would lead to large number of refugees who would always be one step ahead of the zombies. If there is a breakdown in offensive control, the zombies could easily consume stragglers and maintain and expand their force. Its not like the zombies will have to stop for a hunting break.

Within a few generations, people in an area would be confined to nomadic groups, being very careful to avoid encirclement by zombies. Either that, or people would hole-up in the ground and just live their lives to their best ability underground while a literal wave of zombies sits on top of the bedrock, trying to dig their way in until the scent dies off (if it does).

In these scenarios, the least useful would be picked off/sacrificed, while those in >>17683 would do well.
>> No. 17687 [Edit]
They rarely do well though. In 9/10 zombie movies everyone dies at the end.
>> No. 17691 [Edit]
That's the sad part to it all. Even if some socially inept neckbeard did manage to survive the zombies out of circumstance, there's still a good chance they would be starved of the basic necessities and ditched by groups that form with nothing to offer them.

It would essentially be going back to the earlier chapters of human history where the weak were abandoned whether that be infants, the elderly or the otherwise sickly/disabled.
>> No. 17699 [Edit]
I don't really see it as sad. I just see it as a kind of hypothetical encouragement to acquire a better skillset. Though that is a tad optimistic in thinking.
>> No. 18282 [Edit]
I think it is directly related. I would even go so far as saying it is the main cause of depression in most cases in which it is present.
>> No. 18283 [Edit]
Confusing cause and effect.

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