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10235 No. 10235 [Edit]
As we all know, the music is one of the best aspects of Touhou. The games wouldn't be the same without their BGMs, and even the characters wouldn't be the same without their themes. And of course, Comiket wouldn't be the same without its outpouring of hundreds of new Touhou-based albums.

So I'm wondering, is there anyone here with musical talent who's taking on Touhou? Or anyone who doesn't have talent but likes to hack at the keyboard anyway, like me? Let's share what we're doing here. I'm working on a few songs on the piano, including Septette for the Dead Queen (have it down, pretty much), Beloved Tomboyish Girl (easy, which is appropriate I guess) and Lunatic Princess (fuck this is going to take a long time to get down.)
>> No. 10236 [Edit]
I play violin and I have a couple of Touhou pieces that I play.

I can play Septette (not the fast part), Mysterious Mountain, Cosmic Mind and etc. I'm working on my technique with a couple of classical pieces and etudes; once I get good enough i'm gonna try my hand at The Ground's Color is Yellow.

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