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File 134589077472.png - (285.82KB , 400x527 , Time-Jimmy-Wales-NoTitle.png )
16482 No. 16482 [Edit]
A television news programs wants to make a special episode reporting on an increasing trend of social shut-ins among young males. They request permission to interview and take some footage of you; in return you get reimbursed with five-thousand dollars.

Would you let them do it and broadcast it to the world?
>> No. 16485 [Edit]
No. What's the point. I'll kill probably myself before the year will be over either way, I bet there are other people who could put that 5k$ to a better use.
>> No. 16491 [Edit]
Fuck no.
>> No. 16494 [Edit]
Yes, because I'd really love to be safe in the knowledge that once I've appeared on TV I'll be portrayed as some sort of circus freak and become even more of a shut-in as people will no doubt recognize me whenever I'm outside.

No fucking thanks.
>> No. 16496 [Edit]

Sure. I can talk about how terrible the job Market is and just use all the buzzwords normals eat up. It's really easy to get them on your side. Even if I fail I have money to blow on figs.
>> No. 16498 [Edit]
No amount of money is worth being made a fool of on TV.
>> No. 16502 [Edit]
If they agree not to show my face and distort my voice, then yes. Otherwise, no.
>> No. 16512 [Edit]
No fucking way
>> No. 16517 [Edit]
I'd do it for free, but I'd want my face to be blurred out. Not because I'm ugly and I fear it'd bring disgrace onto my family or whatever, but because only by being faceless can I be a face for who we are.

>> No. 16533 [Edit]
I'm not a shut in.
>> No. 16571 [Edit]
I'd do it. I don't have much else to live for anyway. YOLO, as the kids say nowadays.


Then why even respond to the thread? Don't post just to say you have nothing relevant to add.
>> No. 16574 [Edit]
Because not everyone on tohno-chan is a shut in.
>> No. 16576 [Edit]
I'm not the other poster but the OP says social shut-in, so I interpret that to just be a social distancing but, whatever.

Five thousand dollars doesn't seem like it would be worth the trouble of having people video me and such for all the see. There would be no benefit other than that, and money really isn't going to buy me much happiness.
>> No. 16680 [Edit]
This. But I could totally go through with it being my IRL name. Hell I could just describe myself as a NEET.
>> No. 16682 [Edit]
No, thank you.

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