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File 135795690217.jpg - (189.05KB , 1280x720 , furu.jpg )
13317 No. 13317 [Edit]
This was one of my favorites from last year (actually autumn 2011 & winter 2012) and I'd kind of forgotten how much I had enjoyed watching it, so seeing the first episode of the new season brought with it a very pleasant déjà vu. The denizens of shojo central who didn't see the first season will likely enjoy catching up if you're so inclined, I promise. The others can just enjoy you eggs.
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>> No. 13326 [Edit]
looks like shit dood That was a prinny reference not some lame text speak
>> No. 13330 [Edit]

It was both plus you misused spoiler tags. So did OP. But yeah, they should really drop the noses, they look terrible.

The first season was okay and even though it didn't conclude jack's shit I don't really plan to follow S2. I've had enough I think.
>> No. 13352 [Edit]
Please do not misuse spoilers
>> No. 13548 [Edit]
How come Chihaya cries so much? It's seriously getting annoying, and Taichi should really stop treating her like a 5 year old.
>> No. 13553 [Edit]
This was among my favorite shows when it aired but the second season is not looking like it'll keep up with the quality of the first.
>> No. 13554 [Edit]
Why are you posting this silly meme outside of /jp/?
>> No. 13555 [Edit]
File 135875270390.jpg - (29.81KB , 444x510 , 1328797973564.jpg )

ask yourself: in response for being banned from which specific image board did Tohno run off and make his own and where did s/he promote said website after evading the ban?
>> No. 13556 [Edit]
I wasn't banned from 4chan (just a dumb rumor made by people who didn't like me), I did however make one post/thread about this site on /jp/, everything after that was done by other people I had nothing to do with or did not direct to do so.
and please take it to /fb/ if you'd like to continue the meta discussion.
>> No. 13563 [Edit]
I want to watch this show further but I'm scared that it'll go deep serious business with Karuta and it won't delve into the romance part that I'm expecting.

Well, I don't mind watching it anyway because of the queen.
>> No. 13570 [Edit]
The queen is a pig though.
>> No. 13756 [Edit]
File 135962815990.png - (1.02MB , 1280x720 , shot-2013-01-30-15h48m51s166.png )
it begins
>> No. 13997 [Edit]
The same thing has happened to me for the last four episodes: The ending theme starts and I think to myself "oh thats the eye catch, so the episode is halfway over"
If any show ever needed an eyecatch, its this one.
>> No. 14013 [Edit]
I still need to finish season 1...
>> No. 14018 [Edit]
Goddamn that last episode was incredibly disappointing. I can't believe Hokuo still won after that.
>> No. 14316 [Edit]
Uh oh, it's the gaijin episode. Time to pause for several minutes every time I hear Engrish.
>> No. 16318 [Edit]
File 137259173498.jpg - (45.53KB , 225x322 , 177309.jpg )
Ah, it's over now.

The pacing is one issue that was a constant problem throughout the whole season. First season introduced all the characters (tons of them, really), the game, went through regional qualifiers, high school team tournament and individual tournament, fall qualifiers for Meijin and Queen games and the games themselves and ended in Spring of 2nd year. S2 managed to cover like half of that without having to worry about introducing all the characters, the backstory behind the love triangle etc. etc.

But I could probably forgive that much, though. Hell, I could even forgive them for fucking with powerlevels way, way too much. But making Arata this overpowered completely kills the point. Shinobu was supposed to be the final boss for a number of reasons. They were building up upon that for like 20-30 eps by now. Beating Shinobu pretty much makes Arata the strongest player out there. Also, I really can't believe how casual they were about revealing Shinobu is stronger than Suou - a completely off hand remark during a pretty important match (unless they revealed that in S1 and I already managed to forget it). At this point it looks like Suou will get blown out by Arata in fall.
So, is there still anything to look forward to? Shinobu was supposed to be the best player and Chihaya outplaying her at some point in the series was supposed to be the Grand Finale. On the other hand there was Mashima - Arata rivalry to look forward to except at this point Mashima taking more than 5 cards from Arata at any point in the series would be twice the asspull compared to him making a comeback from 2-7 in team tournament finals.
Again, I don't feel like there's anything to look forward to anymore. Arata becoming a new Meijin is a given, Mashima won't be ever able to touch him and the same goes for Chihaya most likely. She still has to beat Shinobu but beating the second best player doesn't sound very exciting. Shame, because everything would be perfectly fine if Arata would lose in the finals.

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