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File 137006750038.jpg - (517.41KB , 973x678 , Серия Los disparates - 04 - Простак.jpg )
15033 No. 15033 [Edit]
I sometimes take walks outside at night to think over things, and for the past few weeks I've been running across two people in their early twenties driving around the neighborhood who tend to harass me, taunting and yelling insults at me, pretending they're going to drive their truck into me, and so on. I imagine to at least some people this typifies the worst of normal people, and some of you may have analogous experiences in dealing with people like this.

The reason I mention it is because I started wondering about the type of person that might do that sort of thing, why they might, etc. It's considered fairly normal behavior for people in their late teens and early twenties to act out "rebelliously" and without regard for others, but I began to wonder what normality means exactly if such behavior is considered normal. The best answer I came up with is that "normality," for me at least, is related to an extroverted social world focused upon physical sensations and actions that--perhaps because of my behavior, perhaps because of how I look, perhaps for reasons I can't perceive--I will never belong to.

So what does normality mean to you? What does it mean to you when you say someone is a Ford Driver or normal?
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>> No. 15036 [Edit]
Actually, I just discovered they're ant monsters from deep beneath the Earth, and they're trying to integrate me into their collective through petty harassment. Good guess, though.
>> No. 15038 [Edit]
People who's lifestyles don't interest me. Tend to be more extroverted.

I enjoy talking with (almost) all of you because (almost) all of you interest me and I love to hear about you and your experiences.
>> No. 15068 [Edit]
Generally the sort of people who would bother me in public are typically underclass individuals who either want money from me or get enraged if I seem nervous around them. The funny thing is these are the sort of people who account for the majority of NEETs in the real world. Dumb, extroverted and aggressive, nothing like the typical Tohno poster.
>> No. 15070 [Edit]
Normals are shit. The normals you met are an even worse shit.

They're probably some shits that are going through the whole angsty thing, so they'll try to be dicks to you, OP. I suggest trying to avoid them in the future. They might gain some confidence from being dicks to you and try to harass you even further in the future.

Keep a weapon like a knife or something with you in case they try to physically harass you and try to take your possessions from you.
>> No. 15140 [Edit]
Normality means what everybody else here has said. The extroverted people who live off social and physical contact who mainly populate this world, compared to the fewer people similar to those found on tohno-chan.

Most normals I've had to put up with, both at school and home, have just been repulsive people in most ways.
>> No. 15160 [Edit]
A knife is not the best thing to carry for self defense.

these links explain it better than I can:
>> No. 15161 [Edit]
I'll admit that I was wrong to encourage somebody who may or may not know how to use a knife. I guess that I was expecting OP to just flash it and make them run for their tails, but it doesn't always work like that, especially if OP shows fear in which case they might believe to have the upper hand and try to attack him either way, which could lead to him getting screwed by the law. There is no justice, and it's especially true if you screw up just once.

Get some Iron Knuckles, OP! Work out a little and it'll boost your attack by at least +50 if you use them well enough.

I hardly read those shitty articles, but that blabbering on those pages tell me that I am wrong and I know that I must change and kick my enemies ass with impact damage as cutting damage might sever the tail. I must break the Barroth's head.

I'll rip apart my enemies with my bare hands and use my hands to take and destroy everything they love and know! I rather die than let them win!
>> No. 15164 [Edit]
I always thought it was really fucked up how schools expected you to just take a beating from other kids and punish you if you fight back. Turns out it's not much different outside of school. If someone is trying to mug you you should be able to defend yourself however the fuck you want. The attackers shouldn't have any right to sue you for defending yourself no matter how you do it. If they didn't want to get shot or stabbed they shouldn't attack you in the first place. I swear the more I learn about this country's legal system the more I hate it and want to leave. Sure the attacker might pull a weapon of their own if you pull one first but that should be up to you to decide no one else.
>> No. 15165 [Edit]
File 137075691621.jpg - (539.77KB , 900x544 , Beyond Edgy.jpg )
I didn't mean to come off as anti self-defense or anything. Its just that you have to consider that in most legal systems a knife is lethal force. Brandishing or using a knife is equivalent to doing so with a gun. Other articles on that site give a good job of explaining different types of violence, escalation, disparity of force etc that I don't want to bother explaining.

Self defense is a very complicated issue due to local laws and other factors. A teenager trying to pick a fight is a different situation than a hardened criminal mugging you. Using lethal force is an absolute last resort, only for when your life or that of others around you is in immediate danger. A knife can be used but there are much it is not the best option. Pepper spray or a taser would also be acceptable for situations that don't warrant using a knife or gun.

Make sure to double check any legal advice you hear(including this) on a chan and know whats legal in your area. Take it easy and stay safe.
>> No. 15166 [Edit]
>in most legal systems a knife is lethal force.
most legal systems are bullshit. People should encouraged to defend themselves to cut down on crime, not the other way around.
If criminals knew they could get stabbed or shot should they attack someone they might be less willing to take that risk. But if they know people are too afraid of the law to defend themselves they might take advantage of it. If you were a criminal who would you rather mug someone with a gun/knife or someone defenseless? What kind of shitty legal system asks people to bend over when they're attacked? wouldbe rapist deserve to get shot or stabbed, not a large out of court settlement after suing their victims.
>> No. 15184 [Edit]
>People should encouraged to defend themselves to cut down on crime
The area of self-defense is very murky morally and in terms of regulation. Or are you the type to think it's justified to just blow away some kid who just pushed you with a .44 and call that self-defense? Weapons themselves don't kill people but they sure as hell make it much easier to do so. If everyone walks around with assault rifles and machetes society will be always walking on eggshells even with interactions between people with no criminal record. Can't think of a single person who is perpetually cool and collected. Things that normally wouldn't be fatal would stand a higher chance of being deadly - from arguments over misunderstandings to your typical drunken brawl. Addressing the ROOT causes of crime such as poverty are more effective at reducing it. Note that it's NOT countries where everyone and their dog has a gun with the lowest crime rate. Before you mention the Swiss, guns there are strictly regulated (no walking around with loaded AR shit) and only due to conscription needs. The majority of thoroughly trained militia don't even have ammo at home nor does the gov issue it to store privately anymore.
>> No. 15185 [Edit]
the american south has a more 'honor' based society where juries are more willing to accept 'extenuating circumstances' etc.....
>> No. 15186 [Edit]
some guy did a study on a white guy who sent in a resume and an accompanying letter as to why he was a felon (tl;dr he was insulted/called out in a bar in front of friends/3DPD/etc and killed the dude in a fight) and the companies in the former confederacy were more willing to accept that for an interview/look for other openings for him/etc than the "Yankee" businesss in the north
>> No. 15213 [Edit]
Cultures that condone or even encourage people to react violently with 10x, 100x the force just when their ego is slightly bruised scare me.
>> No. 15214 [Edit]
>are you the type to think it's justified to just blow away some kid who just pushed you with a .44 and call that self-defense?
Yes, Even the law is on the side of shooting someone who points a gun at you. Guns aren't toys, You don't point a gun at someone unless you're willing to get shot at yourself. The kid made his choice when he pulled out the weapon. Police officers will shot someone if it even looks like they're pulling a gun on them, there's no good reason to take that kind of unnecessary risk. Are you the type who would put his life into the hands of some random kid who just pointed a gun at you and may or may not pull the trigger?
>> No. 15215 [Edit]
I think he meant you shooting a kid for pushing you. You using the .44 to do so.

That's how I read it, anyway.
>> No. 15216 [Edit]
There is nothing wrong with 3D killing.
Anyone who disagrees shouldn't be on this website.
>> No. 15217 [Edit]
That's really strange, I can't remember ever being the subject of such harassments in my whole life of walking around at night time.
Where do you live, OP?

To me Ford Drivers are people who blindly follows the popular opinion and doesn't want to listen to opinions that challanges them. Or something like that.
>> No. 15218 [Edit]
>blindly follows the popular opinion and doesn't want to listen to opinions that challanges them.

there is a lot of that on this website
>> No. 15220 [Edit]
>Where do you live, OP?
I live in the US South, but I'm sure this sort of thing happens elsewhere on occasion. People are sometimes cruel to others just to show off for friends which is what I imagine is happening in this case. Fortunately, though, I haven't seen that truck lately since I've been taking my walks in the morning. There are more people outside in the morning (some walking/jogging, some driving), but no one else has ever bothered me.
>> No. 15221 [Edit]
>I live in the US South

nobody cares
go be 3D somewhere else
>> No. 15222 [Edit]
The guy was responding to what someone asked. Clearly someone cares. Don't say no one cares when clearly someone does. The words you're looking for are 'I don't care' and nobody cares that you don't care.
>> No. 15331 [Edit]
I meant an unarmed kid (or just person clearly weaker than you). A stupidly overreactive escalation of force that's quite tempting and convenient to do. Not much strength and training needed to spray someone full of lead.
>> No. 15332 [Edit]
Why would anyone shoot a kid who's unarmed just for pushing you? I don't think anyone here is advocating something like that.
>> No. 15333 [Edit]
You'd be surprised how many people will unreasonably escalate conflicts to dangerous levels just because they have a firearm which in their eyes increases their dick size and badass authority rating. You following the Zimmerman case? He might be one of these people too. People not mature enough or simply fucking nuts can easily get their hands on firearms in places like the states. Haruhi help us all if they can also get a concealed carry permit.
>> No. 15334 [Edit]
>Zimmerman case

That's still going on? I remember all the racists and white supremacists freaking out to defend Zimmerman.
>> No. 15335 [Edit]
Both the police video and DNA evidence show that there wasn't a fierce brawl at all and everything Zimmerman had claimed was bullshit. In other words, cop-wannabe grown man just went looking for a fight against the advice of the dispatcher and shot an unarmed teen while never being in life/death danger.
>> No. 15336 [Edit]
oh no a violent drug dealer got shot, what a loss. I can't wait to hear about this again for months
>> No. 15337 [Edit]
Can I shoot you?
>> No. 15338 [Edit]

I wish
>> No. 15339 [Edit]
>Both the police video and DNA evidence show that there wasn't a fierce brawl at all and everything Zimmerman had claimed was bullshit.

Hold on for a minute there.
If any of that was true, then why don't they show that evidence or otherwise use it in court?
why is the star witness by the prosecution a woman who talked to Martin ~10 mins before he died, and that being the most credible and least embarrassing to watch?

Have you even watched any of the trial? Where are you getting your information about the case?
>> No. 15341 [Edit]
The video of Zimmerman being processed at the police station was on BBC and he had no severe injuries like the ones he claimed. They wouldn't have healed up nearly that fast. Can't find link anymore.

"Zimmerman's claim that Martin had his hands over the neighbourhood watch volunteer's mouth is false since none of Zimmerman's DNA was found on Martin's body, Guy said. The prosecutor also said Zimmerman's claim that he had to fire because Martin was reaching for his firearm is false since none of Martin's DNA was on the gun or holster."

From CBC. DNA evidence was already presented. So far no witnesses have reported the serious headbashing on cement kind of assault Zimmerman was claiming either. He and defence are just pulling things out of their ass and finding a new claim after it gets shot down. Not a good way to establish credibility.
>> No. 15342 [Edit]
Could you go argue about this in the comments section of a CNN article or something? That'd probably be more appropriate
>> No. 15343 [Edit]
What are you even talking about? I heard a hell of a lot more people racing to convict him on grounds of "racial profiling" and "omg persecution!11!!" long before the trial even took place or any evidence on either side was even submitted.

Gotta agree with the other guy though, I'm sick of hearing about that stupid fucking trial. Over 40 people die from homicide in the US every single day, yet the media keeps overdramatizing this one case and running with it. It's nothing new, but that doesn't make it any less annoying.
>> No. 15344 [Edit]
Can you link the video?
There are pictures taken with Zimerman injured.

The evidence you're saying they have has not been shown in court, and I've never heard of such a thing outside of this thread.

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