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File 140150798945.jpg - (293.64KB , 1280x720 , guishen_0010ev_aoi04.jpg )
17591 No. 17591 [Edit]
How well do you guys get along with your family? any complaints or grievances?

Feel free to use this thread to vent any domestic problems you have.
>> No. 17595 [Edit]
Well, I suspect my brother is a psychopath. He treats my mom like shit, in ways you wouldn't believe. He physically and verbally abuses her on a regular basis. The physical altercation aspect much less so than the verbal one; it's not to the point where he's bruising her or anything, just doing things like holding her against her will, slapping her and forcibly making her shut her mouth so that she cannot speak when she annoys him. He frequently tells her she's useless, fat as fuck, whatever names he can think of. Constantly questioning her prowess or lack there of in all aspects of her life. When he wants something from her, he hounds her till he gets it and shows no gratitude for anything.
I used to beat the fucking shit out of him when he did these things, but I no longer interfere with their fights because of that last sentence. She always gives into his terrorist demands no matter how irrational they are and no matter how badly he treats her because she's a failure of a parent. For example, just last week, she gave him $150 for Haruhi knows what even though she is currently already $500 in debt or more. Because of her constant enabling and making absolutely no effort to change his behavior or seek help for his very blatant psychological disorders, I have decided to step out because she obviously does not want any help or is maybe even oblivious to just how fucked up her son is.

As for my own relationship with her, it's always fairly horrible. I rarely speak to her because we have zero in common. All she does is watch reality TV programs and sit on social media websites. She still sometimes tries to talk to me about these things and my responses are always very callous. I used to feign interest to humor her but she one day told me that she saw through my horrible facade and I have not attempted this since. I do not know why she continues to speak to me, maybe she pities me.
I have begged her to help me help myself and provide very logical arguments such as "I have zero income and cannot afford to buy myself healthy foods, and on top of that I would not know how to prepare it, either" and "I cannot afford nor drive myself to and from a psychiatrist, a gym, a dermatologist, etcetera. You are my mother, I desperately need your assistance if I ever hope of getting anywhere in life."
It took literally breaking down into tears and begging to finally get her to schedule me an appointment to a psychiatrist. The results were lackluster; all the rumors I had heard about them proved to be correct and I left with nothing but a simple depression diagnosis despite my issues very obviously going well and above that. She laughed in my face when I broke the news to her, exclaiming "I told you so" and has refused to let me visit any similar self help establishments since.
I view this house as a prison.
>> No. 17599 [Edit]
Had you never thought about calling the police or some other agency when your brother abused your mother?
>> No. 17602 [Edit]
She gets child support and extra disability money due to her custody of him. If she were to lose either or both of those things, we'd probably have to move to welfare housing. It'd be solving one problem and causing dozens more financial ones in the process.
>> No. 17604 [Edit]
so the support money she gets is more than he takes?
>> No. 17605 [Edit]
>> No. 17612 [Edit]
I have a huge amount of people that I share blood with, some more than others, but there are only two that I consider family. Those two are my Uncle and my Mother and are the only people I have any ounce of trust or faith in.

My mother only cares about herself and although she tries to hide it a bit, her own wants and desires take priority over most anything, which is why she's the way she is instead of having a career or something (she'd make a great lawyer, she knows how to use logical fallacies well, is really great at tripping people over their own words, and great at turning arguments in her favor) . My uncle is an idiot that tries to act like a nice guy, but fails miserably at it because he is paranoid and somewhat socially retarded but probably doesn't notice it. This makes him think that everybody has a grudge against him or something when it's likely a simple mistake or something he did accidentally wrong without noticing (which does end up with him making enemies/people not like him).

I don't care about anybody else and don't want anything to do with anybody else. These people are the only ones I know for a fact that I can depend on if I need it and the only two that I can say that I care about. I'd die for them if I had to, regardless of them having huge faults that can make them very unpleasant at times.
>> No. 17617 [Edit]
For the most part we get along in my immediate family even though inside I harbor a lot of resentment for my parents' decisions with me as a young child they always meant the best for me.

They're pretty dumb though. About a month ago I decided that as opposed to having my light on and door open all the time I'd keep it closed and my lights off. Our house is fairly small and has a pretty open floorplan.

Now they think I'm really depressed. I've heard them mention it as well as try and talk to me about it. They seem stumped about it. I don't know if they're really dumb or if I'm just really good at hiding how sad I've been most of my life. Nothing has changed, I still rarely see them only difference is now I just shut myself off a bit more.

My little brother adores me for some reason despite realizing how big a failure I am. We mostly get along but occasionally argue.
>> No. 18274 [Edit]
They're just like everybody else: Too busy trying to do what's normal/proper and not really bothering much about any special feelings I have. Granted, I don't think people like me have a right to burden others with their problems either.
>> No. 18277 [Edit]
I havent seen anyone in my family since christmas. sometimes they text me but I ignore it.
>> No. 18289 [Edit]
Lucky you, if my country had autism bux or if I knew how to get a simple job, I'd be living alone far away from my family.

Maybe I should start playing the lottery? Imagine hitting it grand and now having to worry about money never again.
>> No. 18290 [Edit]
I've been trying to get on autism bux for the last 4 years, it's not as easy as some make it out to seem.
>> No. 18305 [Edit]
Same here. I've given up on it. Around my part of the US, the name really says it all. They generally only give it to you if you actually have autism (or can manage to fake a diagnosis of it). Even with school and psychiatric records dating back to early childhood, things like anxiety (of any kind) just won't cut it.
>> No. 18318 [Edit]
go for it dude, use that as your motivation. getting a job isn't necessarily hard. look at some of the mouthbreathing normals who manage it...

btw I played the lottery a while back when everyone was going nuts over a big jackpot and I won $150. I'm quitting while I'm ahead.
>> No. 18325 [Edit]
To be honest, that kind of makes sense. The public sentiment and that of indebted governments isn't for easy welfare right now. There are BBC (state TV) shows essentially covering cases of UK people on benefits who are doing better than those on minimum wage and otherwise being irresponsible/lazy. Add to that beggars who also make more than minimum wage. Also remember a Bloomberg article estimating SSI fraud in the hundreds of millions in the US.
>> No. 18460 [Edit]
I don't get along with them very well. We look like a nice wholesome family on the outside, but in the house, it's just stone cold functionality. People living together.

My dad is an arrogant hypocrite, a clean-freak, and expects us to read his mind. My mom is a self-righteous workaholic. My sister is thoroughly embarrassed to have me as a brother and I can't even say hello to her without her looking at me like I'm an alien. My brother is barely passing school and is hopelessly addicted to video games, and when he's not playing them, he's watching people play them on Youtube.

And me? I'm the worst of all. I just don't give a shit anymore. I don't even try to talk to them. When my mom calls (it's only ever my mom) I act short and curt with her, acting like I'm busy when I'm really just doing nothing, as usual.

We used to go out and do things. Not anymore, it's too much of a hassle. We can all just play with our laptops and games and gadgets. When they're not pacified by that, they bicker. Christ, the bickering.

No, we're not on good terms
>> No. 18461 [Edit]
I actually get along very well with my family and they've basically carried me through life. My parents pay for fucking everything I've ever done and my big brother has always looked out for me... Which is basically the reason why I'm pathetically dependent on their help and fear doing anything on my own. But I'd rather blame myself for that. Incidentally it's because my relationship with my parents is so good that it upsets me greatly reading people coming from terrible households with asshole parents. The thought that someone is doomed to a horrible life just because his parents were assholes or worse just sickens me.

>I used to beat the fucking shit out of him when he did these things
Reading that sentence was a relief.

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