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File 132165323861.jpg - (1.23MB , 1920x1320 , c_assets.jpg )
7985 No. 7985 [Edit]
Does anyone on /so/ have any experience in the buying and selling of stocks or foreign currency via the Internet? It sounds tempting to me, like it would be something a hikki/NEET could do to make some money while avoiding the 3DPD world. I can manage to do any math or programming involved for the purposes of number crunching if that's necessary, but at the same time it sounds like a risky endeavor. Also, there appears to be a lot of tl;dr info out there, so I just want to know if it's worth my time to suffer through reading all this crap and keeping up with business trends.
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>> No. 7986 [Edit]
I think at some point, many if not most of us hear about this and think about giving it a go.

Yeah, there's a ton of stuff written about it out there, and if you're seriously planning to blow the money, read up on everything you can find. I'm not really well versed on either of them, though day trading seems like it has a better reputation for payout. My only advice is don't do this if you've got to scrape together the money just to try. If you've got a few grand (5+) that you could spend without ending up on the street, sure go for it.

Really, this is just advanced gambling. Especially to the uninitiated at the lower pricepoints. Good luck if you do go through with it though OP.
>> No. 7987 [Edit]
I have no experience trading on the foreign exchange or any other market. But I do know, from my shallow understanding of economics and my possibly flawed common sense, that currency trading is a zero-sum game and only the players with the advantage will win at it in the long term. There are firms full of experts in trading, who trade all day and have all kinds of computers and software and shit, and they will certainly make the consistent gains on the market above individual amateur players trading from home. So I don't really think it's a great idea and I personally would never try it, but again, I'm no expert.
>> No. 7988 [Edit]
I've considered it, but then I realized it was just capitalist inefficiencies and needed to be eradicated to make way for the communist utopia.
>> No. 7989 [Edit]
It's basically gambling on rich peoples' ability to gamble.
>> No. 7990 [Edit]
File 132167214118.jpg - (68.36KB , 298x430 , kaiji.jpg )
Give it a go OP. Who knows, maybe you'll be the real life version of Kaiji and make a name for your self through gambling, I mean day trading.
>> No. 7991 [Edit]
  The thing with fiduciary money is...

Post edited on 18th Nov 2011, 9:58pm
>> No. 7992 [Edit]
What makes you think socialism would be any better than what we have now?

As for OP, stocks can be pretty risky, but Im sure there are other things you can do for money without leaving the home, you said you where good at math/programing, could you become an online tutor? Are there any arts and crafts you could sell?
>> No. 7993 [Edit]
I've tried it, but the interface of trading programs are clunky and not intuitive at all, it was really annoying. I only made a few dozen dollars in a 6 month period. Not worth the effort.
>> No. 7994 [Edit]
I don't...that was sarcasm, right?

Pretty much.
>> No. 7995 [Edit]
I'm not sure if I could explain things well enough to be a tutor; that, and dealing with people is frustrating, online or not. I don't know if I could produce any crafts, either.

I'm currently living at home (as I'm sure many here are), so I don't have too much in the way of expenditures. I make a little money now doing a bit of web coding for a couple guys I met through a prof when I was still going to community college, but it's not a lot. I feel like I'm being taken advantage of for my naivete and not getting paid like a "real programmer" would, but I continue to tell myself it'll be something I can put on a resume and that I'm already this deep in, so I may as well work towards a polished, finished project. It's just so tedious and I've long since stopped feeling this particular coding is "fun" in the least.

I was just thinking it might be nice to have some additional income to start saving should I manage to get back into uni. Maybe I'll just suck it up and try to find some menial graveyard shift job, but stocks sounded like something else I could put some money into for a while.
>> No. 7996 [Edit]
>I continue to tell myself it'll be something I can put on a resume
I've done lots of even free stuff for others under this delusion... It simply doesn't work: no good comes out of it.

You may keep on doing commissions like this just to survive, to get some personal experience or for the sake of uninterestedly helping someone; but what you really need for building and re-inforcing a resume, is getting proofs of your work being increasidly paid for over time. It doesn't even have to do with the quality of what you do: I've seen wonderful works being given away for alms and plain trash being sold at TEN$ OF THOU$AND$; the value of someone's work, it's just how much others -and who- are ready to accept more zeros on the ticket put on it (it's a mean and stupid world, out there)...

That said, I'm still just like you: unable to demand for what I do even the minimal standard market wages; unwilling to let myself abuse others, and fully getting into the sordid game of the laboral world.

Post edited on 19th Nov 2011, 1:08am
>> No. 7997 [Edit]
Take this as the best advice you'll receive if you think of getting into stock trading: learn world politics in and out and pay attention to the political and business news each and every day. If you blindly trade based on assumption, you're going to screw yourself. The political landscape of the world more or less defines how well markets trade overall.

In other words, it's real risky and a lot of work. Probably not really worth the effort.
>> No. 8012 [Edit]
File 132178960934.jpg - (1.70MB , 1903x4386 , fxlose.jpg )
I don't know much about stocks but don't go into forex. Something like 90-95% of people who get into forex are unsuccessful. You need ALOT of money and you have to do tiny trades if you want to play it more safe, but most people don't as they are too greedy.

I'll just leave it at this. If you do still want to learn about forex, this is the best english site out there for it:
>> No. 8720 [Edit]
How about those "Openbook" type forex things. Has anyone used them?

The idea is that the trades made by the other people are all published online in real time and you can copy their decisions so you don't have to know anything yourself. Just find someone with a good trade history with lots of profit and just copy them.

Anyone ever done that?
>> No. 8725 [Edit]
>I've done lots of even free stuff for others under this delusion... It simply doesn't work: no good comes out of it.

Yeah it does, lots of good things. It gives you opportunities to network; most people are hired because somebody knows them, not through a job ad. And some companies are more concerned with your actual skills instead of a degree. Plus its always better to put something on your resume instead of nothing, and risk getting asked "theres a gap here, what were you doing from 2008-2011?" at a job interview.
>> No. 9876 [Edit]
>and risk getting asked "theres a gap here, what were you doing from 2008-2011?" at a job interview.

For me its more like "theres a gap here, what were you doing from 2001-2012?"

How the FUCK do I explain that gap? I don't think I can. I can't fake having had another job, because it will be so obvious that I have zero experience. Every year that goes past it gets more embarassing that I've never had a job.

I look back at my diary, where I was worrying about having a gap of 2 years, lol. 2 years is nothing compared to now.

I think about self employment as a way around this problem, but then the question arises, why didn't I do self employment 8 years ago? If I didn't do it then, I'd proabably be even less capable of it now.

I just don't know what I'm going to do. I think I'm just sitting here waiting for a miracle or something. Been waiting 11 years for this miracle. When will it arrive? Do I have a sense of entitlement? What have I ever done to even deserve a miracle?
>> No. 9877 [Edit]
That just what I do, can't do anything at all so I just sit here waiting for a miracle to happen. Like some family member randomly putting me into a very easy job that I don't have to do much in with reasonable hours for some extra money on the side so I don't have to leech from my parents so much. Because there is no way I'm getting a job without that happening. I made it to an interview once (yeah I was surprised they even read the first half of my application without throwing it away instantly!) for a job at some average store for stocking shelves and stuff like that But I failed right on the spot.
>> No. 9879 [Edit]
Well, at least you've even had a job interview, which means you must have even had the courage to apply for a job.

I've never even applied for a job in my life and now I'm 29. When I was younger, I was so totally convinced that if I applied for a job, they would give it to me, so I'd have to be careful of which job I applied for incase I got the job and ended up being stuck in that job for the rest of my life.

But now I'm older of course, my main concern is the "gap" and that my chances of getting the job now are minimal. Why would they want to employ me, when they can have some 20yr old with a keen young brain, fresh out of education and full of zest for life?
>> No. 9893 [Edit]
I was asked that and just told them I was self employed, simple as that.
>> No. 9903 [Edit]
I have an interview in a few days. I have a gap of 6 years. I don't know if I can lie well enough to claim self-employment. If I had the skills to self-employ, I wouldn't be applying to a grocery store.

Also, what do I say when they ask me to tell them about myself? There is absolutely nothing interesting about me. And then they ask what your hobbies are. Last time, I told the dude that I just "hang out with friends." I don't have any friends. Then I decided to say I watch movies. I almost never watch movies. He asked what my favorites were. I don't have any favorites. I decided the safest course would be to name the first well-regarded comedy that came to my head, so I answered "Clerks." Probably not a good choice to share for a work interview. I really don't know what to say to this question; I don't think that "well, I just talk to people on the internet. Sometimes I ponder suicide," would be a satisfactory answer.
>> No. 9911 [Edit]
I seriously didn't have anything to say to the interviewer at all. My answer to everything was just a quiet "I don't know." I was out within minutes. Never going to apply for anywhere ever again. I can't even get through basic interview shit. I'm beyond stupid and inexperienced with everything.
>> No. 9912 [Edit]
I have no idea what I would say at an interview. I'm basically a blank slate of a person
>> No. 9913 [Edit]
>I don't think that "well, I just talk to people on the internet. Sometimes I ponder suicide," would be a satisfactory answer.
Maybe it's a stupid idea... but, if you REALLY want some of those jobs, you could try to play that role on your side, as asking for help/sympathy/compassion; you could honestly tell them that you're a NEET who needs a way out, so to please give you a chance to work; that you may not have a degree, but that you are more than willing to work hard and learn the right way to do it: that you NEED it, in order to move on and fix your life:...

I don't know if it'd work but, given the apathetic answers and obvious petty lies you're giving instead, it may worth the shot as a desperate measure.

Post edited on 30th Apr 2012, 6:20pm
>> No. 9921 [Edit]
I think the sympathy card would be a really hard one to pull off, not only for how incredibly awkward and embarrassing it would be telling such a story, but I doubt many employers want a suicidal depressive amongst their workforce.
>> No. 9925 [Edit]

You'll just make yourself look crazy and disgusting to them. They don't care about your problems.
>> No. 9926 [Edit]
It all shows through even when I was attempting to be normal. It was extremely uncomfortable and almost like the guy doing the interview could see into my head. The way he looked and spoke to me, I just couldn't take it. It was like my mind was screaming "I gotta get out of here". I just overall give off a crazy and disgusting vibe to most people. Well that is what I am so I don't doubt it one bit.
>> No. 10005 [Edit]
They said they would call back on Friday if they were interested.
They didn't call back.

I can't even compete for minimum wage jobs. Good lord.
>> No. 10015 [Edit]
>>10005 continued
I think I'm just going to give up. Any position that doesn't directly have customer interaction seems to require experience or skills. And of course nobody would hire me for a position that deals with customers, I would drive away business.
>> No. 10034 [Edit]
Try to play to your strengths. I don't try to compete with all those social butterfly types and then beat myself up when I fail. I aim for the more technical, antisocial type work. Like tech support, or repairing computers. Beat them at their own game.
>> No. 10035 [Edit]
>Try to play to your strengths

. . .
>> No. 10041 [Edit]
I'm just wondering, where are all the places to look for minimum wage jobs?

All: go to the website
Commercial jobs: walk in and ask for an application
Non-commercial jobs: ????

I can't seem to find the classifieds section in the newspaper very often. The last time I found it, there was only about 8 entries and only one of them was for people with no experience and that entry was a scam.

Surely there's an off-line method of getting non-commercial jobs? I mean, a lot of people who are looking for this type of jobs aren't going to have Internet connections.
>> No. 10043 [Edit]
I have no clue really, I usually just got the numbers of all places in my areas and called to see if they were hiring. I really give up because in the rare case of anyone hiring for something that doesn't require any real experience. I get rejected almost instantly. I'm sure there has to be some magical place that you can look offline for small jobs besides the newspaper but as far as I can tell its out of my reach wherever it is since even family members don't know of anywhere else to look offline.
>> No. 10046 [Edit]
As in capitalize on your capabilities in the given situation, I figure.
>> No. 10053 [Edit]
Mah nigga! Everyone has strengths. Surely you are relatively better then everyone at doing something. Unless you're in the advanced stages of multiple sclerosis or something. And if so, why are you applying for a job anyway

Everyone exaggerates shit on their resume. For example:

I waste my life on the computer -> Tech literate
I masturbate all day long -> Strong, healthy young male
I tried programming a geocities website when I was twelve -> Entry-level experience in programming
I watch a lot of anime -> Sympethetic to working in multicultural environment
I literally do nothing but stare at all wall all day -> Good at staying alert while performing repetitive tasks

>> No. 10067 [Edit]
I seriously put participating in online chan raids /i/ style as "experience with colloborating with individuals from european and east asian cultures via online methods for a collective goal" or "political purpose" or some bullshit like that
>> No. 10068 [Edit]
I really don't give a shit for those sorts of answers and straight-out say "I download anime and video games off the internet" and "I talk to random people I know off the web, some of which are in other countries". People are surprised at that but don't really care. Hell, I've said "I know hackerS" etc atc and people aren't miffed at times.
>> No. 10069 [Edit]
>participating in online chan raids /i/ style

Why would anyone over the age of 14 do this
>> No. 10070 [Edit]
remember the wikileaks war? copying information is important and spreading the info around and 'making a stand'. At least spreading that encrypted file around and translating the wikifiles was justification enough.
>> No. 10071 [Edit]
don't really see what "chan raids" have to do with that
>> No. 10072 [Edit]
are you saying that in earnest?
>> No. 10073 [Edit]
the major people involved in that were channers. Given sites being shut down by right-wing skiddies and whatnot, that does count IMO

>> No. 10074 [Edit]
are you referring to things like ddosing the public FBI site or whatever, because things like that are dumb as shit

Post edited on 9th May 2012, 10:57pm
>> No. 10080 [Edit]
I put "research skills" on my resume, but most of my research skills have been developed by looking for the source of a single doujin page or the artist of an unattributed image I found on an imageboard. These are also skills you can use in the professional world.
>> No. 10089 [Edit]
I had an interview today and it went really well. I don't think the interviewers realized that I'm a crazy recluse. Feels fantastic. Is this what normals feel like all the time?
>> No. 10091 [Edit]
What job was the interview for?
>> No. 10094 [Edit]
Software developer.
>> No. 10098 [Edit]
it's a simple and dumb thing, but it's better than nothing~

also, that included things like uploading mirrors of wikileaks and downloading that encrypted file so people could get to it
>> No. 10099 [Edit]
>it's better than nothing

not really, since its not like the fbi even needs a public site. all you are doing is making work for some guy who is like 50 levels away from the people you actually want to affect. its like protesting the government by throwing trash into your street
>> No. 10257 [Edit]
what about hitting VISA, Mastercar and Paypal? Arguably that unfroze the wikileaks fund which was frozen
>> No. 10258 [Edit]
Major credit card people aren't going to bend to the will of some l337 hack3r kids running some ddos scripts, there was probably other reasons. This is kind of going off topic though, so I'm done discussing it. Feel free to take credit for the arab spring too
>> No. 10263 [Edit]
Okay, thank you
>> No. 10459 [Edit]
I thought temp agencies were for unskilled labor. Looking at their sites, they all say experience is needed. ;_;

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