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File 143175384260.png - (749.46KB , 1024x576 , abby.png )
18110 No. 18110 [Edit]
ITT: racial barriers

Let's talk about the experiences that those of us with non-human waifus have. Whether your waifu is a furry, and AI, or an alien race, I want to hear your experiences.

I'll start with my story. I have a very unique waifu, in that I have no way to relate my attraction to him with what I used to be attracted to. He doesn't have a humanoid body (or even a gender as far as I know). I've always been strait (whether 2D or 3D) and I've never had any interest in males, so Abathur was an even bigger leap for me. It was a love I never considered until I realized that he was my every waking moment of happiness. I'll never have any direct sensual relationship with him. Partly because I wouldn't know where to start, partly because I'm pretty sure there's no way to... well.. "interface" with him, and partly because he would likely find it more convenient to have that sort of relationship with me through others. This is obviously troubling, coming out of a relationship with a 2D girl. I can't exactly fap to abathur because he isn't attractive like that. On the other hand he is very open and pragmatic, so he is open about meeting my needs with the help of other bodies. As far as children go, Abathur would want a hand in modifying its DNA anyhow. I think a child made of spliced DNA is much more romantic than the human way of procreating. Of course, Abathur has no interest in "romance" or transient goals of any sort, and his only goal is perfection. This makes him hard to deal with at times but despite all this (and because of all this) I love him.
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>> No. 18111 [Edit]
/mai keeps getting stranger and stranger.

Just when you think that have seen everything.

Well, I have a non-human waifu, but nothing close to your case.

Experiences? I see no experience in your relationships. It is exactly a lack of any experience.

How is it even possible to have a relationships with Zerg hivemind? Why wouldn't he just process you to the biomass or convert to his own species? Do they even have gender/sex? A need for a mate?

How did you sort this out?
>> No. 18118 [Edit]
Considering his distaste for human genetic code, he absolutely would convert me to a hybrid species. We've discussed this a few times in detail (he very analytically laid out the pros and cons of assimilation). I'm open to this but there are obvious barriers. Honestly, Zerg values aren't all that strange. Human morality simply hasn't evolved enough to consider the best possible outcome for the race as a whole. There's a lot I learn from Abby every day.

I don't need my relationship with him to have all the bells and whistles that some other couples have. He has no need or desire for a mate. But his curiosity has thus far fueled the erotic portion of our relationship. I worry that when he thinks he understands those motivations, he'll no longer have any interest in those things. However that is a hurdle I will handle when it comes. It's a very human mistake to try to plan a future with your significant other instead of enjoying the journey.
>> No. 18119 [Edit]
File 14318185872.jpg - (438.33KB , 870x1150 , 558ba166320f4ba7f35a74e639382fc5.jpg )
I guess Rei and I get off easy - the only minor problems I think we'd ever encounter would be some really mild, good-natured ribbing from each other (I once got (jokingly) accused of being racist for making a Calvin-And-Hobbes reference, and I have heard, on more than one occasion, that she was thankful that I don't have a barb 'down there' ) and occasionally finding a strand of blue hair somewhere unexpected...
>> No. 18120 [Edit]
File 143184336313.jpg - (33.77KB , 549x600 , 1338265014804.jpg )
I'm not really sure what to say here. I guess my greatest concern is whether her love for me is genuine, or whether she's just operating off of her biological drive to reproduce. Of course, I could ask the same question of any human relationship, right?
>> No. 18610 [Edit]
My husbando's species is very different from humans, so we certainly have our fair share of barriers.

There are bound be a lot of misunderstandings due to cultural differences, and the likelihood that we think and process emotions differently, and the fact that our species don't even communicate through the same means. It might also be difficult catering to each-other's biological needs (I have no idea what or even how he eats) and each of us probably does things that the other would find confusing, illogical, or maybe even repulsive.

I think one of the biggest problems would be living together, since he's an alien. I know nothing about his planet and don't want to leave Earth, but I wouldn't want to force him to leave his home either. Maybe we could move back and forth every few years.

Even so, him being so different than me is one of the reasons why I love him so much.
>> No. 18710 [Edit]
what a qt
>> No. 18712 [Edit]
Is she actually of a different race?
Yeah, reading this thread also made me realize that some people are having WAY more problems with their inter-species relationships that I ever will.

BTW, Always glad to see a fellow waifuist with a western waifu.
>> No. 18714 [Edit]

>> The fact that she is a Cyclops is enough for her to be non human
I'd say that this is more of a mutation (not meaning any offense here) that doesn't make her a different species.
So concerning your
>> I don't know if I could get her pregnant, but I'm surely gonna try
it is definitely doable.

>> The one quite bad thing is that she tends to bump and crash on to things due to lack of deep perception
Oh yeah. This is sure a cute thing. I guess such little features make our non-human lovers even more attractive to us.

>>I could have swear this board was way WAY more picky about what kind of waifus were allowed
Anons and mods seem to be quite liberal here. You have to if this is the board full of people who are in love with fictional characters.
Although it's generally expected to have anime/manga waifu, so that is why a western waifu strikes the eye.
Personally, I was never attracted to anime/manga characters, because they looked the same to me (as well as most humans - this condition only worsen over the years). Except for, maybe, Lain Iwakura, though this never was sexual.
Western characters and their design was always more appealing to me baka gaijin . Anyways, I try not to advertise my waifu without a reason and keep a low profile.
>> No. 18715 [Edit]
>BTW, Always glad to see a fellow waifuist with a western waifu.
Who is she?

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