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File 143658339360.jpg - (18.37KB , 390x275 , Cornelis_Cornelisz__van_Haarlem_01.jpg )
18507 No. 18507 [Edit]
Hey everyone, I thought it would be fun to collaboratively write an FAQ about waifusim with thoughts on what defines a "waifuist" / having a waifu in a sincere way.

Contributions appreciated; you can do it anonymously but please don't spam. Backups are saved.

>> No. 18511 [Edit]
This seems like a terrible idea.
>> No. 18512 [Edit]
I don't think this would be a good idea waifuism means different things to different people. You wouldn't be able to get anyone to agree on anything, and even if you did write something down it would be very wishy-washy. I remember in the past a similar wiki was made here on /mai/ but I can't seem to find it.
>> No. 18514 [Edit]
I've participated in larger discussions about waifuism, and actively do on another board. Every place, no matter if it was more "casual" or more "extreme" in terms of waifuism ends pretty much in agreeing to disagree.

There are a few base ideas everybody agrees with, and that's about it. Also the discussion can turn into fighting pretty fast.

Post edited on 11th Jul 2015, 8:22am
>> No. 18531 [Edit]
You really have to avoid making rules that are too constrictive. The whole waiting period thing, having to contribute to the community (which is nice, but not a rule), and having to own some physical merchandise of your waifu seem arbitrary. You need to take into account that everybody is different. Love, respect, and commitment are the only true rules here.
>> No. 18556 [Edit]
Somethings too, like owning physical media, also is unfair as one may be having money issues.
>> No. 18567 [Edit]
Or if you live with somebody who would confront you about a picture/daki.
>> No. 18568 [Edit]
Or, in my case, tack on the fact that very little physical media of her even exist at all.

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