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File 133405989166.jpg - (470.32KB , 620x785 , 77d7f506d11b468addfa9416c1140916.jpg )
9317 No. 9317 [Edit]
Am I the only one who's sick/tired of adaptations of ongoing manga/novels?

I completely stopped watching those. The only shows I'm watching nowadays are adapatations of yonkoma, adapatations of completely episodic series, adapatations of finished series and original anime. The way Japan handles the adaptations was always an issue (for pretty much everybody I guess) but I did my best to ignore it and I just watched stuff as it aried, hoping for sequels later on. Recently, however, I just stopped paying attention to them altogether. I'm at a point where I won't watch an adaptation of something that looks good even if I won't have any means to get to know the story otherwise (adaptations of novels/manga nobody scanlates).
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>> No. 9318 [Edit]
As someone that barely ever reads any manga, no, you are not alone by a long shot.
I hate how the story are always left half finished, often times just as things are getting interesting.
seems like sequels that finish the story, for stuff that was started long ago rarely happens.
It's just so frustrating and annoying.
It would really be nice to know how it freaking ends, they should at least make up a ending if they don't plan on ever making a second season.
Instead we're forced to spend years slowly following the endless flow of manga chapters.
Maybe I'm not that interested in reading the manga/novels?

Sometimes the first season doesn't do well at first, so the anime producers drop it, even though it might develop fans latter who want to see how it ends, like airgear for example.

There's tons of anime that ends as soon as it really starts. like Aoi Hana for one, an anime which like many other is just a glorified advertisement for the manga.

Then there's manga that might gets canceled after a anime has been based on it's first few volumes, what happens then?

It's not like there aren't finished manga they can base stuff off of.
They just like to go with whatever is popular...
>> No. 9319 [Edit]

>like many other is just a glorified advertisement for the manga.

I was just about to write that. It looks like a lot of series are just advertisments for manga, even though producing anime is not exactly cheap (although then again it's not as expensive as some people believe). Makes me wonder how plausible this theory is.

I mean even this season you've got an anime that I fail to acknowledge as anything but another advert - Zetman. Zetman has began serialization over a decade ago, it's currently at 17th (I think) volume and not too long ago it's author (Katsura Masakazu) said that he's not even half done with the series. And they are producing 12 epsiodes worth of anime. Go figure.

The other problem are bullshit endings. Even if the series does well enough sales-wise further adaptation of manga is made plain impossible by the staff desperately trying to add some ending. Hayate might be the only anime out there that outright states 'the second half of S1 never happened' and S2 just picks up halfway through the first season. Aside from that there are some rare remakes (Negima, To-Love-Ru) but again, these are quite rare. A series has to be pretty popular to get that kind of treatment.

All of this makes me wonder - how the hell did Level E even happen? A 3 volume long manga drawn some 15 years ago. Not a particularly popular one at that. And suddenly it gets an adaptation.

Not that I'm complaining, it should happen more often. It's just that if you look at the big picutre it makes no sense.
>> No. 9320 [Edit]
File 133406678498.jpg - (109.40KB , 392x480 , 1225418279375.jpg )

Outlaw star has a similar story to Level E.
4 volume manga adapted into 24 eps.

Otherwise, it seems every year or so we get another Chrome Shelled Regios or Legend of the Legendary Heroes, where the anime ends right before the story *really* picks up (or so many people who read the source claim) with absolutely no hope of a second season, EVEN WHEN THE ANIME SELLS WELL.

Otherwise, there generally isn't much significance of the series being "on going" or not. Nearly all adaptations suffer from the same problems, and being familiar with the source material usually just makes the adaptation that much worse. There are a few exceptions, but after an entire fucking decade, new adaptations filled with the same problems down to the letter is simply sad.
>> No. 9321 [Edit]

>Outlaw star has a similar story to Level E.
>4 volume manga adapted into 24 eps.

It's completely different, though. Outlaw Star is a manga that ran between '96 and '99 and got adapted in '98. Level E ran between '95 and '97 and got adapted in 2011. See the difference? On top of that I'm pretty sure the manga wasn't rereleased or anything (at least I haven't heard anything about it and I follow manga releases). Is there any logic behind the adaptation? It's so outlandish I don't even know what to think of it.

>There are a few exceptions, but after an entire fucking decade, new adaptations filled with the same problems down to the letter is simply sad.

To be honest that was always the case. It differed a wee bit back in the day (mostly because there were no 12/13-24/26 weeks-on-air deals back then I guess) but in the end it was more or less the same - manga was adapted too early and it either got a bullshit ending or there wasn't much of an ending at all and it never got a sequel.

So yeah, you can make that three decades if you want (probably even more but I can't speak of pre 80s stuff).
>> No. 9322 [Edit]
The second season of Hayate sucked though...
(most people I know agree, many of which have dropped it.)and the second season being more faithful to the manga thus made me think that it might have been for the best for the anime creators to take the original work as just something of a reference guide, and do their own thing with it., use their own creativity to make something a little different, rather than making just a straight up port of the original work.
>> No. 9323 [Edit]

I agree, too, but that's kinda unrelated.

What people don't realize is that majority of eps 27 onwards were still based on manga material. It's just that the plot is fucking horrid in Hayate while the 'filler' charapters are great. Just like Gintama if you think about - the story arcs always suck in Gintama (ironincally the training arc after Dragon Palace arc might be the best Gintama ep yet).

But yeah, that's a mayyer for a different thread if anything.
>> No. 9326 [Edit]
My favourite anime have all pretty much been anime originals and I've always been unenthusiastic about adaptations of any kind (that doesn't stop me from watching a few every season though). I'd rather see original works so the staff isn't limited to the constraints that mangaka are subjected to. If need be, they can deviate entirely from the source material for all I care. Most adaptations are never as good as the original works, anyways.
>> No. 9329 [Edit]
I don't think it's the idea of anime creators taking their own spin on adaptations is completely unrelated.
I think if something is of ongoing, they should be allowed to have some freedom to add their own ending or other material that would go towards the the series's own ending, rather than having a ending pulled out of nowhere that doesn't blend well on the events that lead up to it.
>> No. 9343 [Edit]

>I don't think it's the idea of anime creators taking their own spin on adaptations is completely unrelated.

What I meant it the quality of Hayate S2 has nothing to do with it.

On top of that again, everybody I talk to seems to think that the entire second half of S1 was a complete fanwank but a good chunk is still based on manga.

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