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File 133779552278.jpg - (62.63KB , 640x426 , 20.jpg )
10418 No. 10418 [Edit]
Is there anything that just really annoys you or pisses you off, /so/? What are your pet peeves?
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>> No. 10421 [Edit]
File 133779618453.jpg - (538.23KB , 1680x960 , 1266880479098.jpg )
I really hate hot weather, especially when coupled with high humidity.

I also get pissed off at my own self very easily. I truly hate myself.

Though I think it would be people I hate the most. Nothing annoys me more than people. Even if the person has nothing obviously annoying about themselves, I can't help but despise them, even if I have to invent a reason.
>> No. 10422 [Edit]
I really hate hot weather too. I don't get why everyone fantasizes about beach houses, a dreary shack out in the woods seems like it'd be much nicer... I don't like being ignored, but at the same time it drives me nuts when people won't leave me alone. When I'm around others, I hate them. When I'm alone, I hate myself.
>> No. 10423 [Edit]
Cats in sinks are my pet peeve.
>> No. 10424 [Edit]
Agreed. Think they're so Haruhidamn special, blocking a water source.
>> No. 10425 [Edit]
I hate loud noises, I can't stand being around other people because of this.
>> No. 10428 [Edit]
I hate hot humid weather too, like it is here but the sun never comes out either and it rains every other day. Really bringing my mood down.

So things that piss me off. When people look at me directly in the face for too long, that drives me insane like I start to feel trapped by their vision. When people are really obnoxious to me and then get mad when I get mad at them. People in deep denial, this is perhaps the biggest issue I have with my family. They dance around what they don't like about me constantly. Like for example asking for my opinion on something that reveals anything they don't like about me even though they know how I am but expect me to play along with their game of pretend so they can make me more like the way they want me to be. Then when I state my opinion on it they just keep dancing around the answer they don't want to hear and then when it just can't be fucking avoided anymore they just go into their signature "no he's not like that he's just kidding." denial. Do they realize how much that hurts? I don't care if you hate me, just at least see me for what I am.
>> No. 10433 [Edit]
Noisy people, loud people, touchy-feely people, people who stink, people who snoop on my life, self-conceited people, people who are too submissive, too sociable, etc
People in general are pet peeve

Also, overly hot weather, constant background noise like cars and kids crying and shit like that.

On the internet, guro, rape and abuse images, specially of characters I'm fond of, can ruin my entire week.
>> No. 10434 [Edit]
>> No. 10451 [Edit]
Kitties in the sink.

My sister dropped a cat off on me and he will not drink out of a bowel. I have to turn the kitchen facet on for him every time he is thirsty.

I don't like this cat. He is fat and annoying as hell. I want her to take the thing back. I am not a cat day care center.

I still love cats. My cat is awesome.
>> No. 10452 [Edit]
File 133792133197.jpg - (30.63KB , 500x313 , 1.jpg )
>I don't like this cat. He is fat and annoying as hell.
>> No. 10453 [Edit]
File 133792241185.jpg - (12.19KB , 320x240 , garfield.jpg )
>> No. 10454 [Edit]

I'm not even all that uptight, I just hate them.
>> No. 10456 [Edit]
How there is some guy my mother lets come over in the morning to afternoon so often because he's an idiot that doesn't even have a computer at his own place and he's a teacher. I hate having this guy around, I just want to be left alone.
>> No. 10457 [Edit]
She's probably fucking him aswell.

When outside in the real word, biggest peeves are general lack of manners/disregard for rules. For example when going out getting some exercise on my bike and some absolute faggot decides to not give way and nearly run me over.
>> No. 10461 [Edit]
Haha I was just coming in this thread to post about how I hate people who love following the rules. I almost kicked some old guy down the stairs last time I left my house because he was whining at me for standing on the wrong side of the escalator. Nothing enrages me more than people being sticklers for stupid little rules.

Oh, and also the phrases 'man up' or 'grow up'. The catch-phrases of the ignorant, obnoxious normals who can't handle anyone being different in any way.
>> No. 10463 [Edit]
I hate all of that too, but you know when they bitch and moan about something it's ok because they're "man;y" enough to be respected for being a whiny little bitch about something right? So many things these days make me bad and another one of the top things for me is double standards along with another one of my next which is stereotypes. I hate that shit, people like to assume everything about me just from the most basic things like the way I look and speak along with their preformed expectations of me based on who I'm related to or whatever. It's like living life with a mask forced over my face.
>> No. 10464 [Edit]
I didn't even know there was a right side to stand on an escalator. So long as you're not trying to go up the down escalator or vice-versa, I can't imagine how or why anyone would care which side you stand on.
>> No. 10465 [Edit]
Yep, when we mention something is wrong or immoral we hear "stop whining", while a normal can say those things and be considered to be 'fighting for what's right'.

And yeah, the mask thing is part of the reason I barely leave my house; I can't stand people assuming things about me.
>> No. 10467 [Edit]
Well, good job we don't know each other. I am that stickler for little rules. Not moving out the way for people on bikes on paths, children on wrong side of the path, etc. Little things disrupting the flow of my already shitty life.
>> No. 10521 [Edit]
It's considerate to stand to the side so that people climbing can get past. Which side specifically depends on the country.
>> No. 10522 [Edit]
Ah. Interesting how little details like this can make one feel (and be, I suppose) culturally short-sighted. Although now that I think about it, it's been years since I've been somewhere with an escalator, but as it were the only people that did any "climbing" in my part of the world were obnoxious teens, and it was pretty obvious that everyone else considered it rude.
>> No. 10523 [Edit]

I find that rather irksome myself.
>> No. 10524 [Edit]
I don't really care about rule breakers, but the thing that bothers me the most is the inability to do things properly. I do not care what it is, if it is going to be done, then it should be done properly.
>> No. 10542 [Edit]
Internet psychoanalysts. The way they attempt to analyze other posters through their posting style alone is pathetic. They try to use their 'knowledge' (they never say where this comes from, and if you ask them they'll always dodge the question) to pick holes in other posters in an attempt to increase their own feeling of unjustified self-worth. They try so very hard to sound distant and analytic. It's absolutely repulsive.
>> No. 10546 [Edit]
You sound like you have a lot of frustration. How was your relationship with your father, as a child?
>> No. 10548 [Edit]
I was just about to do that.

Anyway, you're supposed to ask about his relationship with his mother and if his father touched him when he was young.

What did you think when your father penetrated you?
>> No. 10555 [Edit]
Rape/abuse/ryona doujins or pics.
Saying they are a pet peeve is a understatement, since this shit makes me physically ill and my blood boil.
>> No. 10864 [Edit]
The fact that I'm not the only living organism inhabiting my room. Fuck insects and fuck summer.
>> No. 10870 [Edit]
I hate how you have to go along to get along in society.
>> No. 10916 [Edit]
Everything, if i'm not sad i'm angry.
>> No. 10918 [Edit]
Router/modem/ISP problems. Getting paint on myself at work. A certain eco-terrorist group.
>> No. 10920 [Edit]

Inconsistency. Inconsistency in animation, inconsistency in writing, inconsistency in behaviour.. is just fucking drives me batshit.
>> No. 10942 [Edit]
When someone is really wrong or stupid, yet they're so sure that they're right, to the point where they're arrogant and in your face about it. It makes me want to explode.
>> No. 10945 [Edit]

This. And surprises. Both positive and negative. If someone told me they are going to pull out all my teeth without anesthesia in a week and say they changed their mind when the time comes I'd be moderately pissed. No matter if the suprise is good or not I hate changes in plans. I have to mentally prepare myself for all events. Even if I managed to avoid something bad I feel annoyed because I was prepared for it and it didn't happen.
>> No. 10946 [Edit]
My own laziness. Hate it when I wake up at 1:00 in the afternoon and can't help but feel guilt over wasting a whole morning when I could of done something remotely productive.
>> No. 10961 [Edit]
I absolutely hate it when people confidently express their shitty cliché opinions.
>> No. 10978 [Edit]
My difficulty in controlling my sleep pattern.

People being ugly to each other for no good reason.
>> No. 10980 [Edit]
Bad jokes delivered as loudly and obnoxiously as possible (and in every possible situation) that leave you embarrassed and ashamed for the guy. In my case that guy is the man dating my mother.
>> No. 11017 [Edit]
I hate tech journalism. Those magazines and websites tend to be barely-disguised advertisements. Sometimes even scientific journals do something similar, as the scientists need to overstate the importance of their research, in order to get more funding.
As with many posters above, hot weather, loud people, clichés, general stupidity, etc.
>> No. 11022 [Edit]
>I hate tech journalism.

Oh this stuff is the worst. When I was studying in university my teachers always said don't get into technology reporting, you do nothing but take handouts and lie.
>> No. 11038 [Edit]
People riding their Haruhidamn bikes on the sidewalk. Just one more reason to stay indoors at all times.
>> No. 11040 [Edit]
I hate when an obscure program doesn't work for me. Trying to look up how to fix it is hell, you either get nothing relevant, a thread where some guy asks for help with said problem but nobody has responded (oh, and it's 5+ years old!), or a thread where some guy posts a link to a program that will automatically fix it... but the link is dead.
>> No. 11041 [Edit]
File 13417316825.jpg - (230.58KB , 891x700 , 6829584.jpg )
That and having an obscure problem with something averagely well known or worse. For years I couldn't play RPGMaker games because the screen would flicker like crazy, and nowhere on the internet could I find how to fix it. Eventually I found the fix myself, which (in case anybody with the same problem gets here via a search engine) was to close Speedfan, or Rainmeter.
>> No. 11095 [Edit]
You don't know how dangerous it is to ride on the road. Cars sideswipe you extremely often and the slightest nudge will send you flying for metres. I know how careless some other people tend to drive, and I'm not taking my chances with them.
>> No. 11102 [Edit]
>You don't know how dangerous it is to ride on the road.

Excuse me? Don't tell me what I don't know. I ride my bike all the time; I'm well aware of the risk involved. The law is the law, though, and unlike most laws, it's there for a damn good reason.
>> No. 11113 [Edit]
So why are you complaining about being shoved off the footpath onto the nature strip for a few metres when that guy would be risking his life if he rode on the road
>> No. 11127 [Edit]
>shoved off the footpath onto the nature strip

>> No. 11128 [Edit]

Never mind, I looked it up. Are you Australian, by chance?

Anyway, I'll just say that having to dodge asshole bicyclists on the sidewalk (and my experience has been that the majority of them ride at full speed like they own the place, and don't care whom they knock over in the process) when, by law, they should riding on the road, at least amounts to a pet peeve, which is the topic of this thread. Whether or not this situation is "safer" for either party is probably a discussion for elsewhere.
>> No. 11307 [Edit]
-Pixiv artists who use work that isn't theirs as their background/avatars. I will think something looks really cool and look through a bunch of pages of their work and can't find it, wasting my time

-people in the comment sections of hentai material that ask why its censored

-people in the comment sections of videos of game mods who ask how they can get it to work with the xbox/ps3

-people in the comment sections of anything
>> No. 11308 [Edit]
Youtube commentators are the worst.
>> No. 11309 [Edit]
There is nothing worse. It's just a gathering of all kinds of stupid from all over the internet there.

A massive pet peeve of mine is when you get into a argument with someone close and all they can do is bring up completely irrelevant arguments about how much of a loser I am at life like it all of a sudden makes whatever point they were trying to get across right. And then they store that in the backs of their minds use it against you to piss you off even more and to get you to do something. Just happened a while ago with a family member. I have to really keep my head down and pretend I'm so stupid I can't state my opinion on anything on top of actually being near retarded. I can still think and make some logical argument but every time I do it only gets me into trouble and reminds my family of why they want me gone so much. Well for my own safety it's what I gotta do.
>> No. 11312 [Edit]
That reminds me of my dad. I just don't talk anymore. If I impose him in anyway he usually does what you just listed.
>> No. 11313 [Edit]
Thats because for normal people arguments aren't debates governed by logic, but an excuse to shout at people.
>> No. 11315 [Edit]
Everyone who has talked to me today had smelly breath and I hate them for it. But the worst thing is that O'm no better because I probably have smelly breath too, but theres no way for me to tell.
>> No. 11318 [Edit]
Lick your wrist with as far back of your tongue as you can and let it dry then smell it. Or put a spoon in the back of your mouth and do the same thing.
>> No. 11349 [Edit]
I'm always worried about this.
For some reason a lot of phlegm gathers in the back of my throat and gargling water/mouthwash doesn't seem to help at all. I drink a lot of water, too.
I remember the last time I went out I was so paranoid that I brushed my teeth almost every hour.
I swear I brush so much that I'll probably end up wearing away all my enamel in a few more years.

But in general, I can't stand when minor problems go wrong. If for some reason my computer freezes and I have to restart, my keyboard drops inputs, or I can't access a webpage, etc, it really bothers me. I guess it just has something to do with interrupting the flow of things. I'm not a complete idiot when it comes to computers, so if I have to deal with something that menial it's pretty annoying.
>> No. 11360 [Edit]
Humans in general, but too bad i am dependent on them.

It sucks
>> No. 11365 [Edit]
Yeah that's what they always boil down to. The shouting wars have went down quite a bit since I got out of high school though, they don't happen at all anymore on a large scale. Probably because there is less to be mad about. And what made it worse is that when my mother gets mad, she also loses every brain cell in her head. She starts not yelling normally at me but just simply acting like she just lost her mind completely and being as destructive and abusive as possible. She starts going wild and breaking shit as she tried and beat me like she was trying to fight like a cat or something complete with biting and all (dead serious, I still think about it now and cringe at how insane she got). I just let her since if I did beat the psychotic animal my mother transformed into when she was angry to a pulp I would be straight off to jail but there were times that I did need to hold her down like a wild animal till she calmed down. I understand she was mad she gave birth to such a fuck up but just what the fuck. Is this what most normals are actually like when extremely angry? Just asking since I don't see to many angry parents in public. I swear it was like trying to control a zombie or something without killing it.
>> No. 11369 [Edit]
That kind of behaviour is definitely not normal. People have the right to overreact at times but biting you is not okay. I don't know what you did(?) that provoked her to act like this, but you shouldn't have to tolerate it. Sure, fights and such happen in every single house (even though you're likely to never see one because they all shield these events from any outsiders), but there needs to be some self control.
It's good that you can remain calm and thing logically when someone is doing such things, baybe you should find a way to establish some respect towards yourself. Even if you're not capable of contributing or helping around much it doesn't mean you're not human.
There were a couple of times when I had to step in a fight my parents were having (in contrast to closing myself in my room like I usually do), step in and set the rules myself.
You might end up sounding harsh, but clear communication is needed for a group of people to function.
>> No. 11370 [Edit]
This is an admittedly minor thing. But when people use or say words such as "frigging", or other similarly de-clawed swear words.

If you're going to curse, then fucking curse. Using these other terms just makes you sound silly or childish, as though you were a ten year old kid who wants to say a bad word but can't quite bring himself to actually say it.
>> No. 11382 [Edit]
File 134509562862.jpg - (391.68KB , 544x1144 , maiden.jpg )
I hate it when girls get their cloths ripped up, especially if it was something pretty.

further more, Much of the time it's being done by some disgusting excuses of a man. Men really seem to love destroying everything pretty and nice, and actually taking pride in it! becuase you know, a big strong man abusing a innocent defenseless little girl is really something to be proud of right?
seems like the vast majority of fan art if you look up something like 'princess' on any large image host for example, is pretty girls being horribly abused, tortured and raped.
Not to sound like a feminist, but Haruhi damn does it makes me hate men.

Post edited on 18th Aug 2012, 12:45pm
>> No. 11398 [Edit]
Tattoos, especially on women. And piercings anywhere except the earlobes.
>> No. 11400 [Edit]
Me to, I think it's disgusting, yet if/when I go out, almost every women has tats and piercings, often times numerous ones, and they always wear revealing cloths to show them off.
I can't understand how anyone would find them appealing.
>> No. 11401 [Edit]
I feel the same way.
>> No. 11403 [Edit]
It's this kind of thing that makes me hate people
>> No. 11407 [Edit]
You know what annoys me? People annoy me. When I started this semester in college/uni I knew that if I didn't make a few friends I would get a shitty mark because I wouldn't be able to cross-reference assignments and shit. So I think, okay, I'll try to go for the dorky looking people because theres no reason for me to try and talk to social butterflies who outleague me in social skills by miles.

This was a big mistake. They keep Haruhi damn fidgeting all the time during lectures and its distracting. During one tutorial one guy kept farting all the fucking time and he slouched to try and hide it. Also somehow I was introduced to this guy who constantly had this expression on his face as if he had run into a brick wall.

So these past three weeks have been a regular reminder of why people are shit. I'm not going to hang around these people anymore, sorry for having ever doubted you tohno-chan.
>> No. 11410 [Edit]
Yes, people are shit.
>> No. 11422 [Edit]
[Only registered and activated users can see links. (click here to register)]
>> No. 11423 [Edit]
Oh man, I hate this too. It's not like making a throwaway account and getting the links/pictures is complicated or anything, but it's just so annoying.
>> No. 11425 [Edit]
yeah same. it's an annoying and pointless waste of time.
the real kicker is when you make the throwaway account and the link points to a dead file.
>> No. 11426 [Edit]
File 134543338562.jpg - (116.83KB , 944x494 , bullshit.jpg )
I just downloaded a movie and this came as a .txt with it. The links go to some survey website which you have to do to get the fucking file with the password. Bullshit.
>> No. 11427 [Edit]
I hate it when that happens ;_;

And then you fill out the surveys (with hopefully bogus info?) and you still don't get the password. Truly, being a pirate is suffering ;_;
>> No. 11428 [Edit]
I always just delete those things and try a different download.
Same for the ones that try to make you install a specific player to view the video.
>> No. 11435 [Edit]
I hate that too, so stupid. What's the point of doing that? I almost never download movies so I don't get it often at least. Usually you get less bullshit when your downloading only music most of the time like me given you know what your doing when downloading from file sharing networks by finding out the link source to get a password if you need it. I search for things from filestram and filestube. But that's a last option for me now that I have Soulseek. And I was surprised to find that on Soulseek there is a lot more than just music being shared. Saw movies on there. But downloading can be pretty slow.
>> No. 11438 [Edit]
The thing is the survey sites don't even seem legit. First I was directed to some adzone.com, which redirected me to something like djdrummer.promotions.com. Yeah good job scammers, I totally didn't notice that. And then you have to input your real phone number, and the small print on the bottom of the page is like £3 charged every week until blah blah blah. Fuck that.
>> No. 11465 [Edit]
I doubt I will find any sympathy here but my main pet peeve is fansubs or scanlations of material that is available legally in English. and piracy in general. some people were even talking about using 3D printers to copy figures, how pathetic.
>> No. 11469 [Edit]
What if the English version was dickraped due to 4kids or some other shitty company?
>> No. 11471 [Edit]
Oh, that reminds me I really hate when some manga is licensed and you can't find any scanlations because of this. Phoenix's case is most annoying of all. Strangely enough it seems like such problems affect manga only, no problem with anime or VNs.
>> No. 12341 [Edit]
I can't sleep. Well I can, but I can only get ~6 hours and I feel horrible all day. My family won't stop shouting and banging and it wakes me up. If I tell them to shut up then they tell me to just deal with it.

How do you guys deal with it and get all those hours of sleep?

(I put this here because I didn't think it deserved its own thread and couldn't find anywhere else relevant.)
>> No. 12342 [Edit]
If it's the other people being noisy waking you up all the time, I don't know if there's a simple solution that isn't self-destructive. You could try to sound proof your room, but that would probably be expensive.
>> No. 12343 [Edit]
I used to have that issue too. Earplugs does wonders.
>> No. 12347 [Edit]
I've read before that you can get an ear infection or something from the fluid buildup, or something. I don't know if you're supposed to have something in your ears for that long.
>> No. 12348 [Edit]
You will be fine.

I leave mine in all night about every night. No problems. I even reuse them. I shower before bed and clean out my ears as part of that so maybe that is why I never had any problems.

Look for the brand called Hearos. They are the softest yet most noise dampening ones I have found.
>> No. 12351 [Edit]
I've had ear infections before so I don't trust putting anything in my ears, so I just use a loud fan to block out the noise.
>> No. 12352 [Edit]
I'll go take a look for them. Thanks dude.

My PC usually does the job but lately my parents have been big on 'saving electric' so they want me to turn off things I'm not using while sleeping, thus waking me up after a few hours of sleep.
>> No. 12353 [Edit]
I use a fan when I sleep too, for some reason I can't sleep with the sounds of my own house throughout the night. They are really invasive to me when I sleep, fan just helps me feel more isolated. I can also hear my audio hallucinations clearer and more randomly when I'm about to fall asleep. If I'm feeling slightly disconnected from everything at the time I try to sleep the combination of both audio hallucinations and being feeling like I'm floating in warm darkness is comforting. I usually hear quiet music (it can range from these strange drum rhythms that are tribal like to glitchy ambient stuff.) and various people talking (can never make out what they are saying though). But sadly most of the time I have sleeping problems, especially when there is a lot stressing me out on my mind and I don't fall asleep at all. Night is usually spent tossing and turning trying to find some sort of comfort as every position I feel comfort in ends up somehow making my arm hurt with this painful tingling sensation after a little while but besides those positions I can't find any comfort and I don't get much sleep.
>> No. 12472 [Edit]
People not acknowledging others' existence when it comes to the road or sidewalk. Mostly sidewalks though. They walk erratically, stop for unknown reasons, talk with others and block the way-- as if they own the block. It makes me want to just shove them into the street and hope they get run over.
>> No. 12474 [Edit]
Those people are the worst. It's usually retards that believe that their lives are so important that everything and everybody else aren't worth the thought or anything. Fucking garbage. I hate normals!
>> No. 12475 [Edit]
I hate it when people on public transport put their bag on the seat next to them so nobody can sit there. I find it surprising that people would be so blatantly inconsiderate in public.
>> No. 12476 [Edit]
That's especially funny when all seats are taken. Howewer, I've found that grunting at the general direction of a passenger doing that basically always gets you the seat.
>> No. 12479 [Edit]
File 135193481055.jpg - (121.21KB , 597x800 , d668438634e567f98eb184f29c60756ef837e524.jpg )
When I used to ride the bus, I did that purposely so that I could avoid sitting next to someone. I much rather stand than sit next to some stranger and have done so in the past.

It's your fault for not getting on the bus earlier! I shouldn't have to sit next to you just because there are no seats available. Stand forever!
>> No. 12480 [Edit]
I hope you step on a lego
>> No. 12481 [Edit]
File 135194369350.jpg - (358.15KB , 700x650 , 9b3fe49183324e1f9433b6a547d39013.jpg )
That's too mean!
>> No. 12482 [Edit]
I absolutely hate it when people want to use my phone or my computer, especially without my permission. I have my entire life (or lack of) in these and they have no right to see or be near it.
On top of that, they get offended when I grab my own damn phone out of their hands. I don't remember trying to browse through their cute loli folders.
>> No. 12483 [Edit]
That's the worst. I can't stand people who can't respect other people's privacy.

Privacy is a very serious thing and I try to make sure that what I consider private stays private.
>> No. 12485 [Edit]
They have this crazy contraption for keeping others away from your cell phone, it's called a "pocket," or something along those lines.
>> No. 12486 [Edit]
I don't have much on my phone besides a bunch of pictures no one would care about. The only person that uses my pc besides me is my mother occasionally and she doesn't even know how to work her way around it. I don't know what to expect if anyone saw pictures in my computer or my internet history. I think at most they would just tell me I'm weird and go away. You can't tell that much about me from everything in it anyways, you would need to access my mind to do that. Just imagine if there comes a time when people can actually look through your mind like they would a hardrive or something. Then I would be fucked.
>> No. 12488 [Edit]
Most of the time I'm in my house you see and it can't be helped.
>> No. 12489 [Edit]

It always pissed me off. Actually, it kept ticking me off every single time I saw it and lately I've been asking them 'excuse me, did you buy two tickets?'. To make them a little angrier I don't even sit down after they free the seat.
>> No. 12497 [Edit]
Fuckin A. Make sure you try to fine them next time as well.
>> No. 12498 [Edit]
I'm surprised you guys would actually want to sit next to someone.
>> No. 13767 [Edit]
Coughing sound. I hate loud noises and especially dirty noises of humans, but if some sounds commonly considered as "disgusting", like puking, can make me either laugh or involuntarily want to join (at worst), coughing makes me want to kill immediately.
Guess the reason is that I was raised by my grandmother who does this a lot, and I never was very patient and tolerant.

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