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File 136512327781.jpg - (43.24KB , 612x706 , artists cant draw proper violining.jpg )
13860 No. 13860 [Edit]
You can be the most repulsive, unintelligent and socially/emotionally stunted person that has ever existed, but you will find happiness for yourself and respect from others if you are proficient in at least 1 skill. Why do you think last names in the past used to be a person's occupation?

I'm currently learning how to play violin. I'm at the point where I have an intuitive grasp of my instrument, but I still need to dump many hours into my instrument before I can publicize my performance.

I'd also love to learn how to make costumes and how to draw cartoons, but it is very easy to get overwhelmed with learning such highly skilled pursuits.

Do you have a skill in mind that calls to you? Something that you would love to see yourself doing? How is the learning process treating you? Is your internet usage getting in the way from practicing?

Post edited on 4th Apr 2013, 5:59pm
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>> No. 13862 [Edit]
This is why I love playing music. I have no life really at all, but as long as I have my piano I don't care. I don't even play for anyone else - just for myself.
>> No. 13865 [Edit]
File 136513317737.jpg - (30.61KB , 618x441 , begotten.jpg )
Unfortunate for me, it's an activity that seems to require a group of like-minded individuals (friends?) to make anything of value.
>> No. 13867 [Edit]
File 136513758556.jpg - (185.22KB , 800x600 , 47.jpg )
Piano. I'd love to write and play the saddest and sweetest songs on it. I bought a Korg MicroKey a couple years ago and mess around with it from time to time; but the perspective of yet another failure or mediocre outcome prevents me from attempting on it seriously. I don't want another passion broken down by my bad mixture of ambition and incompetence.
>> No. 13868 [Edit]
I'm only good at playing video games. I don't know and I don't think that I'm good at anything.

The only instrument I have is a practice electric guitar, but I don't know anything about it and don't know how to do anything with it. I've been told that the strings need to be tightened or fixed or something, but I'm not sure what's wrong with it.

The things that I want aren't real and impossible for me to ever hope for or to attain.
>> No. 13869 [Edit]
I don't have the will to learn something of value that isn't fun in and of itself to learn, though I would love to be able to play the piano.

The closest thing to a skill I have is being above average at every video game I play.
>> No. 13872 [Edit]
>You can be the most repulsive, unintelligent and socially/emotionally stunted person that has ever existed, but you will find happiness for yourself and respect from others if you are proficient in at least 1 skill.
Good luck meeting your own standards.
>> No. 13873 [Edit]
>Do you have a skill in mind that calls to you?

Interior design, I shit you not. Hey, it seems funny to me too.
I know absolutely nothing about it and I wouldn't have any idea where to start even I'd like to pursue that in some way (I don't) but sometimes when I see an absolutely abysmal decor I think 'I could fix this' to myself. Empty ones really fuel my imagination, too.
>> No. 13876 [Edit]
I want to be a blacksmith.
>> No. 13877 [Edit]

Everyone starts off incompetent. Those who started off at a young age were literally oblivious to their incompetence so they didn't care.

Those of us who are older must be able to tolerate frustration and apparent lack of progress.
>> No. 13879 [Edit]
last names have other origins too, like what village you came from ('Oakley'), your race (i.e. 'Brown' or 'Blackman') & if you were a slave (peoples whose last name is 'Freeman')
>> No. 13880 [Edit]
That's true.

I was merely pointing out how ones profession or skill set can define them.
>> No. 13881 [Edit]
I'm very incapable of the act of getting a job since I can't even get past an interview. but my skills are just destroying things. I'm pretty sure I can make a wood and paper destruction service for people who just want to get rid of it during warmer months. It's mostly what I look forward to almost every weekend night in my backyard. Reducing piles upon piles of shit to a tiny pile of ashes dumped into the garden. It relieves stress and is very enjoyable to me knowing it's gone forever. It's like every night I'm out there the amount of things I permanently made disappear grows and grows. Everyone is already very approving of it and just hands me stuff to destroy in the area. I'm helping people while enjoying it. It's like a job I'm devoted to but I never get paid money.
>> No. 13882 [Edit]

I know you probably heard someone tell you this before; but have you ever considered pursuing a career in some form of demolitions?


I doubt this will change your life and you most likely thought of this before.
>> No. 13884 [Edit]
Something related to language. I love learning about and discussing languages. From the script to the grammar, it's all so interesting to me.

I'm currently learning Mandarin Chinese. I've pretty much learned Esperanto, so now it's only a matter of picking up unknown words as I come across them; I'm only passively studying it. I thought about learning either Afrikaans or Frisian as well since they are so similar to English, but both are on the obscure side (Frisian especially), so I'm not sure how smart it would be to devote so much time and effort to the language only to find out I can't do anything with it.

The only thing getting in the way of me practicing is my lazy self. I use Anki every day and write vocab words twice, but I do little in the way of writing or reading, let alone listening (my listening comprehension skills are dismal).
>> No. 13885 [Edit]
File 136519541050.png - (5.15KB , 600x400 , E.png )
Holy shit, I think you might be my doppelgänger.
>> No. 13886 [Edit]
Ha, estas alia Esperantisto ĉi tie. Mi estas tre feliĉa lerni, ke mi ne estas sola! Ĉu vi ankaŭ lernas la ĉinan lingvon, amiko?
>> No. 13892 [Edit]
File 136522186195.jpg - (312.21KB , 512x800 , RiverCrab MudGrassHorse.jpg )

(气死我了! I've become so rusty at using sogou pinyin)
~ 郁闷啊 ;_;
>> No. 13900 [Edit]
File 13652630364.jpg - (206.97KB , 849x1201 , sample-493a78e27c0059bf8d4853fe8f567a24.jpg )

其實,我是菜鳥嘛,但是將會有一天我學會普通話呀。現在經常使用 Pleco 和有道詞典。
>> No. 13901 [Edit]
File 13652721582.png - (85.31KB , 350x350 , hello_asuna_san_by_resurie.png )
Harmonize me.

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