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File 133444923941.jpg - (260.93KB , 1280x960 , turtlebro.jpg )
14402 No. 14402 [Edit]
I found this little red-eared slider in my cousin's back yard today. Gold dollar and 100 yen for size comparison.

What should I do now? Red eared sliders are good pet turtles, but they are far from being hearty enough for this environment. He looks as if he is a hatchling. I remember trying to do this with a snapper in biology class but he died (for a backasswards lesson on darwinism).

I don't want to let him go wild. Little bro would be bird food right quick. I'm thinking of contacting my old science teacher, since I can give him for educational purposes, and he's got a few other sliders.
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>> No. 14403 [Edit]
eat it
>> No. 14405 [Edit]
File 133445116867.jpg - (9.25KB , 488x274 , Tonchan.jpg )
I honestly have no idea: there's no need to be cruel with Ton-chan...
Better google a lot to find how is it better, either to keep it as a pet, or to release it at a good place.
>> No. 14410 [Edit]
This amazes me.

There are little ass turtles like that. And then you have the big, lumbering Galapagos motherfuckers. And every size in between. Nature really is pretty damn amazing.
>> No. 14414 [Edit]
I don't know anything about turtles so I don't know how much of a maintenance he'd be but I'd consider keeping it if you want a pet. Though pets can cost a fair amount in food and upkeep they make up for it in being a good companion, although a turtle seems less companion-ey than something like a dog or cat would.

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