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File 135417865066.jpg - (26.55KB , 225x350 , 69939l.jpg )
1399 No. 1399 [Edit]
Why is the manga fanbase filled to the brink with females who like homoerotic stories?

Nothing wrong with it, just really odd to me. I've been scrounging around mal looking for good manga, and atleast every other thing I click on is some really gay shoujo manga with guys who look like this.

You just don't have that kind of prevalence with anime or visual novels.
>> No. 1494 [Edit]

As >>1493 said /y/ is for men since it's full of bara.
>> No. 1502 [Edit]
Maybe they moved to /hm/ because I go there frequently and it's mostly requests for certain tv series or fetishes. You might see some bara mixed in here and there but I'm seeing mostly bishonens
>> No. 1505 [Edit]
I don't tihnk its pretend. Its more like, they don't draw attention to their gender, so the assumption is that they are male. The ones that are whores about it in that 'gurl gamer' sort of way are the ones who ruin it for everyone else.
>> No. 1515 [Edit]
But thinking more about ops question I guess there are more shonen ai mangas than there are vns or animes. in fact I don't think I've ever seen a shonen ai anime that I liked. I can only name a few from memory and they were all pretty terrible. Manga in general is easier to make then animes and easier to translate then vns. I've had a hard time getting vns to work on my computer to begin with and the few I've played were BxG games like katawa shoujo and monmusu quest. I believe the only yaoi vn I've ever played was a death note doujin game called D.Nd poisoned. I remember it was really good. Actually the fact that it was a doujin may have made it better. Maybe I'm just too picky about these sort of things but all the original shonen ai titles feel too fake and girly for my taste. I'm having a hard time writing this without going into a tangent about my thoughts about yaoi, shonen ai and my own preferences. /y/ only talks about hentai and I need fujoshi friends...
>> No. 1516 [Edit]

Shounen ai shounen ai, how does it work exactly? Like half a decade ago someone explain to me that shoujo ai = cute girls who like cute girls and yuri = explicit sutff. Then I proceeded to use those terms on /u/ and /u/ told me to 'fuck off with my shoujo ai bullshit'. Apparently shoujo ai is a term that's only ever used in English and in rare cases where it's used in Japanese it refers to, well, pedo stories (still yuri ones I guess). Wonder if shounen ai is like that, too.
>> No. 1517 [Edit]

>shoujo ai = cute girls who like cute girls

No, shoujo ai stay is used for yuri/girls love undertones.

Same for shounen ai.

>yuri = explicit sutff

This is wrong too.
>> No. 1518 [Edit]

Actually I'm now fairly confident that this is not how it works in Japan. Shoujo ai is a non-existent term over there, it's something that was pretty much created (or maybe simply completely misunderstood) by western fanbases. When it IS used however it always refers to manga where at least one of the girls (as in one of the girls who engages in lesbian relationships of course) is, well, a loli. Literally. Not sure if there's any upper age limit here.

I could easily imagine the same goes for shounen ai but yeah, I have nothing to back that claim, it's more of a guess.
>> No. 1520 [Edit]

I wasn't talking about Japan.

I know that shoujo ai and shounen ai does not exist in Japan.
>> No. 1521 [Edit]
Shonen ai most definitely exists. Walk into any kinokuniya or book off manga section and weep at the plethora of boys making out.
>> No. 1522 [Edit]

I understand.
>> No. 1523 [Edit]
yeah but I think he meant the usage of the word "shonen ai" in japan but then I don't know what else they'd call it.

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