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File 133215322729.jpg - (164.43KB , 425x282 , chickensoup.jpg )
13970 No. 13970 [Edit]
This thread is about what it says on the packet.

For example I just made some chicken soup pasta. You just boil some pasta, then drain it, use some of the leftover water to mix with condensed canned chicken soup and boil that, then add the pasta. You can add some other things to it too, like canned tuna or chopped carrots, peas corn etc. Then finish it off with some pepper and some salt maybe, and you've got a nice warm winter meal.

Also a tip for cooking pasta: you don't have to boil it for 11 minutres straight like it says on the packet. You can turn off the fire in the middle for several minutes then crank it up again for the last few. Saves you a little pot monitoring.
>> No. 13977 [Edit]
My favorite thing to eat for breakfast is oats and peanut butter. I get plain rolled oats and just make them like normal, but then add a spoonful of peanut butter while the oats are still hot and mix it together. Both can be had for cheap, it takes like two minutes to make, and is pretty good for you provided you get peanut butter without hydrogenated oil (that shit is terrible for you).
>> No. 13986 [Edit]
Good idea. Peanut butter is absolutely crammed with energy, its good if you're like me and struggle to get enough food. Peanut butter with ice cream also tastes great.
>> No. 25483 [Edit]
Step 1: buy a box of mac and cheese, a bag of frozen mixed veggies, and some beef hotdogs
Step 2: cook the mac and cheese according to the directions on the box
Step 3: cut up two to four hotdogs in the boiling mac and cheese
Step 4: add the frozen veggies to the mix
Step 5: when you're done adding the cheese and everything, stir in some pepper and serve

Frozen veggies and hotdogs can also be added to scrambled eggs. Just stir fry the veggies first, then add the cut up hotdogs, then the eggs to the mix last so everythig cooks evenly.
>> No. 25484 [Edit]
I don't really have easy recipes as such, but I think supplementing a diet of mainly carbohydrates with eggs is a good idea. You can cook an omelette in the microwave if you're lazy. This is a good way to consume eggs if you don't like them in ramen.
When I feel like cooking properly I make a curry. That's not fast or particularly cheap though. If you make one, go to the extra effort of making your own garam masala. It will turn out much tastier than if you use the stuff from a bag. Also buy cumin and coriander as seeds rather than powder, they last longer that way and you can crush them as needed.
>> No. 25486 [Edit]
Eggs really are the quickest, easiest, healthy thing you can make. And like you said, you can add them to ramen or even rice.
>> No. 25501 [Edit]
In limited amounts I've found these to be tasty:

Large oven baked potates which you dip in ketchup or the like. Butter and soya are enjoyable.

Rice with tuna salad in the middle. But be careful not to eat too much rice or your shit will get hard.

Rye bread with oil and salt on a pan. I'm not a great cook.
>> No. 25502 [Edit]
I like the raw egg with rice and soy sauce thing. It's only really good when the soy sauce is salty though.
>> No. 25504 [Edit]
Make pasta roni and add random things like chicken and veggies to make it healthier. It's easy and delicious.
>> No. 25505 [Edit]
Get oatmeal, two bananas, milk and chocolate milk powder. Slice the bananas and put everything on a bowl. It's very tasty, it fills you up for hours, is cheap and healthy.
>> No. 25640 [Edit]
Indeed, eggs are one thing I make pretty often.
>> No. 25651 [Edit]
Spaghetti carbonara:
Roast or fry (whatever it's called) some bacon but don't make it crispy. Prepare an egg mixture consisting of two or three eggs with pepper. Boil some spaghetti and when it's done, pour out the water and immediately apply the egg mixture and stir: the heat will remove anything bad from it. Put in the bacon, add salt and pepper and some more pepper and voila! one of the most tasty dishes.

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