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File 13373388623.jpg - (336.43KB , 800x863 , miku.jpg )
9194 No. 9194 [Edit]
Not last night, but the night before last I had a dream about Miku

I don't remember all the details, but... I was living in a kind of big house with a room mate (not someone I actually know, it was someone invented for the dream) and because it was so big we had a android maid styled after Miku Hatsune

in the dream, she broke down and we had to have her repaired and she was recovering on a bed downstairs and I fell in love with her... or rather, I felt as though I had been in love with her for a long time and was finally ready to admit it... and she told me her "real name" and we talked for a while, then she started going upstairs and I stopped her on the stairs and I said "I don't think of you as a android, I think of you as a person" as my friend walked in

so my friend had her memory wiped "for my own good" and we started over... we sent her off to a shop for that or something and when she came back we had guests over and she introduced herself to everyone saying "Hi, my name is Miku!" and I was crying, then when she got to me she said "You can call me [name]" (I forget what her name was, but it was the "real name" she told me earlier) and she took my hand and I was really happy then I woke up

I've never had a waifu or put much effort into finding one, but this dream just felt so very real and it's all very confusing to me.

Should I just say it's a dream and dreams mean nothing and move on? I'm not sure.
>> No. 9195 [Edit]
Seems it was very nice dream. But dreams are just dreams. You can make your own speculations about them. I think you should know best what that dream means.

For example I had dream about my old childhood 'friends' while ago. Even tho I had fun in dream, still I don't like them or want to be in any contact with them.
>> No. 9196 [Edit]
>Should I just say it's a dream and dreams mean nothing and move on?
NO. It was VERY significant; it was the closest you'll ever get to your actual waifu: the one that you and only you interpreted that way and fell in love with...

It was also a beautiful dream. So cherish it with your life.
>> No. 9197 [Edit]
But she's not his waifu.

I'd want to remember the dream since it was so realistic, but it's up to you to decide how to approach your dreams, OP. If you've never felt anything for Miku before I wouldn't think that'd all change with a dream.
>> No. 9198 [Edit]
well last night I had a dream that I was supposed to fulfill a prophecy to cleanse the land of darkness by performing a ritual at a shaman's house with a purified demon that looked like a baby elephant, so

It's not that I don't feel anything for Miku, it's that I don't think I legitimately have the capacity for a waifu

I'm not even sure how such things happen.
>> No. 9199 [Edit]
do as you will, then. let our poor land fall into darkness.
>> No. 9200 [Edit]
Eh, if you think your feelings for Miku are really true, just jump into it.
There's no such thing as not having the capacity to have a waifu or needing to know how it happens. I'm not even quite sure I know how my relationship came to be.
>> No. 9201 [Edit]
It strikes me as a beautiful dream (maybe this is kind of weird, but I found it moving), and if it spurred you into posting a thread about it I'd say it's significant to some degree.
However, you said that it was a "maid styled after Miku", so does that mean it wasn't necessarily Miku herself?
>> No. 9202 [Edit]
>I don't think I legitimately have the capacity for a waifu.
How does that work?
>> No. 9206 [Edit]
I'm not entirely sure, because dreams do weird things.

She still introduced herself as Miku to everyone but me, but told me to call her by a special name that I don't remember.

I'm not sure I have the capacity for romantic feelings at all. Especially for somebody that I cannot touch and hold.

There is some value to lucid dreaming, but... I'm afraid to do that because so far in my life every time I've accidentally become lucid in a dream it has turned into a nightmare and I was afraid I'd die and never wake up.
>> No. 9215 [Edit]

This might sound as pseudo-psychological bullshit and it is, but I'm afraid that you might be afraid of being forgotten by the one you love, as it manifests in the dream.

But that's just my personal interpretation and opinion.
>> No. 9216 [Edit]
I am not in a relationship with anyone nor do I feel any strong love-like bond with anybody so I don't think that's quite right.
>> No. 9217 [Edit]

>I am not in a relationship with anyone nor do I feel any strong love-like bond with anybody

And what happened in the dream is the exact reason why you are not in a relationship and also not interested. It might be because the idea of loving someone who does not exist in this universe horrifies you, because they don't even know you exist, as if you are already forgotten and abandoned before you got to know her.

In short, it might be that you don't feel anything anymore because you hate the idea of loving someone who does not know that you exist.
>> No. 9218 [Edit]
So are you saying my dream was trying to tell me to get over my fear and allow Miku into my heart?
>> No. 9219 [Edit]


That is, if you really have that fear, because I'm pretty much making a simplistic guess.
>> No. 9220 [Edit]
First: Do you accept Miku in your heart?

If yes, then enjoy the ride that is called love, don't worry at the beggining no one has the capacity, it's something you gradually get from learning from your mistakes.
Everything will be alright, I'm sure that those difficulties are a lot smaller as you might see them now. Don't worry I also was afraid of that issue at the beggining.
If Miku doesn't convince you then, Is there someone out there that does?
>> No. 9221 [Edit]
This isn't something that'll happen fast, or even at all. I'm in a rough spot in my life and could use some comfort, but that doesn't mean I'm in love.

I'll keep an open mind.
>> No. 9222 [Edit]
I can understand that.
Well, keep living your life and you'll find out if you will begin to develop those feelings for her or not.
Anyways cheers on your doings.

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