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18287 No. 18287 [Edit]
I have been diagnosed paranoid schizoid personality yesterday.

Now I'm supposed to take some Risperdal or something like that, .5 mg every night. But reading on the internet about its effects, I decided I wont.
I mean I'm not even crazy. I don't hear voices or hurt myself/others, or scream, or weird shit. I just like to spend time alone in my computer because talking to people is both tiring (because I have to act and think about what I say and try not to look desperate for friends/stupid/pathetic) and boring. I'd rather spend 3 hours playing a videogame or studying japanese than "hanging out".

And they decided I was schizo because of various tests with the multiple options Usually, Sometimes, Never, etc, and because I was rude to the shrink. But I'm rude to the shrink because that's my defense mode, I just don't like people trying to "get to my problem". Also I have low self esteem, I always hate when people pity me, that's why I try and talk little to nothing to my mom and I don't like talking about "problems"with her just because I don't want to see that pity look in her eyes, that knowledge that I am the black sheep, the useless, the lazy fuck that spends all his days in the computer.
And now being labeled as schizo doesn't help. Now I'm the crazy one in the family, sweet, more pity for me.

So now I just wont take the pills and go to therapy, and try the new shrink with kindness and shit, also I'll study some shizo and paranoid traits from the internet so I can act completely different in front of him and luckily he'll change my label to "normal" or maybe just "depressed" or "anti social". Anything is better than schizoid.

have you been diagnosed with something like this, but feel is wrong? I know, I know, "crazy people never think they're crazy", but man I just get anxious when people are around, nothing more.
And sorry for my engrish.
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>> No. 18291 [Edit]
I was diagnosed with that too OP. I don't take the meds either. There's nothing wrong with being an introvert, don't let people bullshit you into thinking you have have to be extroverted to be normal.
>> No. 18293 [Edit]
From online tests we took years ago (and which I wouldn't consider much less creditable that any other psychological test; they're all full if shit), all Tohno-chan was schizoid and we were fairly different people in many respects. So, whether you decide to take magic bullets or not, don't let that diagnose change your opinion about yourself.
>> No. 18294 [Edit]
Schizoid isn't too crazy, maybe you're confusing it with the similar-sounding schizophrenia?

Anyway, I don't think worrying about your diagnosis or label is useful, unless you're going for the autismbux and looking for something specific. Your family members who might know of your diagnosis won't know what the psychobabble means anyway and assume it's all bullshit or crazy or whatever. Talking to the shrink about it might help, since they're there to help you, after all - supposedly, at least.

Getting pitied and shat on by family sucks, but it can't be helped if you're NEETing it up and/or ill, mentally or otherwise. Ignoring it tends to work best to minimize it.
>> No. 18295 [Edit]
>Schizoid isn't too crazy, maybe you're confusing it with the similar-sounding schizophrenia?
This. Being called a "schizo" generally refers to schizophrenia, and it coincides with the psychosis-related shit you mentioned not having (screaming, hearing voices, etc). However, Risperdal, if that is indeed the medicine you were given, is no doubt typically used for schizophrenia.

Schizoid, though, is something entirely different than paranoid-schizophrenia- the schizoid 'personality disorder' is simply characterized by being solitary and having a lack of interest in social relationships of all kinds. As >>18293 pointed out, virtually everyone here has it, and/or some form of social anxiety. I would just be polite and tell them about the social anxiety. If you try to act like a complete normalfag they'll probably be quite suspect, especially if "schizophrenia" is on the system already.
>> No. 18297 [Edit]
Wow you got schizoid because of a multiple choice test? That therapist is shit, diagnosing someone with a personality disorder by making them take a survey is pretty ineffective, your disorders will probably often change based on how you see subjectively see yourself, how you interpret the questions, and the mood you happen to be in. Being rude? yeah fuck therapists, I think any normal person would be rude at some prestigous twat trying to analyze your personal life and mental state. A lot of people going for psychology degrees like to think they know everyone better than other people and know what's best, these people are douches, probably because they we're raised by similar people. I remember this popular psychological test online everyone got ranks in almost everything cuz everyone well is crazy in their own way (normality determined by freaking ford drivers), but almost everyone I sent it to got schizoid cuz it's one of the more bullshit explanations for a disorder that's assume to exist, it actually a pretty mild disorder compared to most others, but the name's got a nice misleading ring to it. Doesn't seem as bad as paranoid and anti-social disorders. 90% of this kind of psychology is complete assumption though, it is far far far from science, I think the half life for psychological theories averages like 10 years, we don't know shit about our brain. Don't take the drugs unless you agree with the therapist completely, pretend you take them so no one makes you and say they aren't working and give you the side-effects of w/e it is.

sorry obligatory, cuz awesome song
>> No. 18300 [Edit]
Don't take it OP. I took risperdal, it was hell. don't take antipsycotics at all. and NEVER ever take seroquel (quetiapine)
>> No. 18301 [Edit]
What happened? Just curious.
>> No. 18316 [Edit]
I used to be on 100mg quetiapine and all it did was make me sleep better. Were you on a really high dosage or something?
>> No. 18319 [Edit]
All psychologists and psychiatrists are shit if you think tests like that are bad. It's hardly surprising that they rely on them, it's not like they can give an brain scan that determines what your problem is.
I remember having to do a major depression test that gave a score which determined if you received government funded appointments. Tests and quizzes are serious business for psychologists and most other social scientists, because they're all they have to work with.
>> No. 18447 [Edit]
OP here

Mom now says she will lock me in a mental institution if I don't take the pills. Does anyone knows if she can do that? I'm 23, and I don't hurt myself or others, so I can't see it happening, but I'm scared shitless nevertheless.
I talked with my dad (he goes around the country making pools, they're divorced and hate eachother since like 20 years ago) and he says I can go work with him, but I'm afraid he'll come here too late and my mom will have me locked down.

Why is this shit so hard? Is being introvert and shy a fucking excuse for choking me on drugs?

Just wanted to rant to someone a little.
>> No. 18448 [Edit]
just pretend to take then and flush then down the drain latter.
>> No. 18449 [Edit]
That's an option, but I still need to wait until my dad comes, and then what just disappear with him?
I guess I'll lie to her tomorrow that I will stay here at home and take the pills.. I'll say something like "ok mom, ok, I'll take the pills, but for how long? And as soon I feel weird I'll drop them, ok? blahblah blah" some sort of concession so she'll believe me..

But as soon I go with my dad all hell will break loose, with mom calling the cops and the judges on me.

We'll see.
Hope you all are doing better.
>> No. 18450 [Edit]
Since you're 23 it will be very difficult to sign you into an institution without your consent, some combination of cops, court, and actual doctors will be needed to make that happen unless you sign yourself in. Your mom can try, but the only way I can see it happening is if she somehow manages to convince cops and doctors that you are a danger to herself or yourself.

It sounds bad, OP. But you can take solace in the fact that you aren't the only madman in your family, as it seems your mother also might have some severe brain problems. Laying low and pretending to play along with the drugs until your dad takes you somewhere less hostile and going from there seems like the best option for now. Good luck.

Post edited on 14th Aug 2014, 9:40pm
>> No. 18451 [Edit]
Oh, and by "institution", I mean a long-term stay, like your mother seems to be implying. At least in the US, a brief 3-day stint in lock-up is possible without your consent in an emergency case, but you'll be free to walk out afterwards and anything longer than that is going to require your consent or some severe shit.
>> No. 18457 [Edit]
File 140812796719.png - (38.64KB , 798x699 , 1406815842952.png )
Hold on a minute, I haven't been officially diagnosed with schizoid personality but I think I might have it (yeah yeah, wikipedia self-diagnosis and all...)

But why the fuck would you need medications for this shit? How the fuck are drugs going to fix not wanting to be around other people? More importantly why would you need to fix this? As long as you don't have social anxiety (which is far worse and more crippling a disorder) it shouldn't even matter.
>> No. 18462 [Edit]
I don't know, the therapist said my mom I NEEDED the treatment, and even though I tried to show her some facts (aka a quick google search to show it's an awful drug) she kept repeating "That's your sickness, you deny everything and think you're right! He's a doctor, he knows what's best, etc etc etc!"

Now I'm with my dad. Just spent the entire day working with him building a pool, and we sleep in a pension. It's kinda tough because I left my computer in my mom's, and even if I were to get it dad moves around every week all around the country, so I won't have it until I settle down somewhere.


I'm at a cyber right now, in case you were wondering. Of course you weren't.

Post edited on 16th Aug 2014, 4:26pm
>> No. 18479 [Edit]

Sounds like it would work out if you kept going with it, got a place of your own and shoehorned your way into a decent job, as opposed to McD's or a backbreaker. The kind of thing I would like to have, a simple (not necessarily easy) job to just get myself on my feet, pay for the things my parents didn't provide and that I can buy, and just get on with what's left of my prospects in life.
Like other people have said I wouldn't worry at all about any diagnosis, especially from a therapist as opposed to a real Psychiatrist. Even then, I have little faith in the medical institution through my experiences and research.

>> No. 18482 [Edit]
That test was fun.
Do you have the link by any chance?
>> No. 18483 [Edit]

>> No. 18507 [Edit]
I went to my doctor about stress, nothing more and she gave me 60mg of fluoxetine immediately
>> No. 18514 [Edit]
Sue her for being shit
>> No. 20201 [Edit]
Don't take it. Don't ever take anything that they want to give you. It would be horribly irrational and not careful at all.

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