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File 135198760524.png - (76.75KB , 292x247 , 23DQM.png )
18197 No. 18197 [Edit]
Do you run your own website or blog?
care to share?
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>> No. 18198 [Edit]

I don't have the will, desire, or motivation to have any of that.
>> No. 18199 [Edit]
my website is vip-quality.org a place to hang out and do whatever
>> No. 18201 [Edit]
I have a site, but I mostly use it for messing around with PHP, SQL, and stuff like that. I can't link to it without feeling like I'm spamming or something, though.
>> No. 18202 [Edit]
I wonder what Tohno's answer will be.

I have a tumblr but it's very bad.
>> No. 18203 [Edit]
File 135199384131.jpg - (32.19KB , 542x106 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
I wrote a few blog entries using MAL's blog feature a while ago, but that is nothing noteworthy. Though one of my entries actually got two comments which really suprised me. The comments weren't really the type of comments I hoped for, but I guess I can't expect anything else from MAL.

I don't think I would be able to write a real blog. To begin with there isn't a lot of stuff that I could write about.
>> No. 18204 [Edit]
> I have a tumblr but it's very bad

A bit redundant, don't you think?
>> No. 18205 [Edit]
I was messing around with PHP and I came up with this: http://www.theglobaldaily.net/
its for generating fake news articles
>> No. 18206 [Edit]

worst site ever ran on the world wide web

it used to have things like art, music, code, and other junk i've made but i have no motivation for any of it now, so it's basically empty
>> No. 18207 [Edit]
Where did frideynight.com go?
>> No. 18209 [Edit]
I have a tumblr that I use solely for video game/anime pictures, but seeing that 90% of the people who like my stuff are typical dyed hair hipster people who use their own picture for avatars made me not wanna do it anymore. Now I just use it to follow blogs that post anime gifs
>> No. 18211 [Edit]
Yeah I have a blog, but I don't really care to share because its not a wise idea to link real life to tohno-chan, no matter how tenuous the connection.

I also intend to soon make a wikispaces page to record my research related stuff, for my science degree.
>> No. 18212 [Edit]
I have a last.fm profile if that counts

I don't have anything interesting to say so I never made a blog or whatever
>> No. 18215 [Edit]
yayah, I got me dis shit right hizzal:

what up ho
>> No. 18220 [Edit]
Maybe I should try starting one? I don't think I'm interested in getting people to read what I wrote but I sort of do have a lot of stuff that I should write down, if only for my peace of mind. I'd be sort of like a diary, except I'm too lazy to actually get up from my bed, find a pen and some kind of notebook adn actually write something. Then again any document (.doc, .txt and whatnot) would work just as well, no need to put it online.

... But yeah, I don't have one.
>> No. 18222 [Edit]
Here is my blog
>> No. 18224 [Edit]
Very clever.
>> No. 18231 [Edit]
I find that a blog helps to give you a perspective in life. Like writing things down helps you to view it more objectively and you can figure out things you otherwise wouldn't have. It also makes an important record of the past.
>> No. 18235 [Edit]
I started at Blogger with http://www.burotaku.com/ , with the intent to make some coin while blogging about shit with my friends. Sadly, I was late in the "make blog for money" boom in 4chan a few years back, and I think that is why I'm nowhere near as followed as I think I should be. I mean... I make original content and I try to make the site as clean and legit as possible. It doesn't work. What I'm noticing is that people have much more success at Wordpress. The sad part is, as I'm looking throughout Wordpress, it seems I have to pay somewhere near $60 just to customize my site. I have to pay money to choose what type of text and color I want? Is this real life? Nonetheless, I'm going to try Wordpress out and if it doesn't provide results (I kind of just want people to read and comment, at the very least.. there's a crappy feeling involved when nothing happens), I guess I'll just rough it out in Blogger.
>> No. 18236 [Edit]
Would've been funnier if you linked to /so/.
>> No. 18239 [Edit]
>it seems I have to pay somewhere near $60 just to customize my site. I have to pay money to choose what type of text and color I want? Is this real life?

im pretty sure that isnt real life. I only know basic HTML and I was able to make a wordpress website for the company I work for
>> No. 18240 [Edit]
I thought wordpress was free?
>> No. 18242 [Edit]
File 135209972366.png - (242.27KB , 1757x658 , wordpress.png )

See image. Maybe I'm doing something wrong.


It is, if you want the most basic of basics. I at least want to make my blog look pretty and different from the rest...
>> No. 18243 [Edit]
File 135210095654.jpg - (425.06KB , 1224x671 , themes.jpg )
I've got a blog of my own on word press and was able to customize it to my liking just fine for no charge.
Although I should add that I host the word press software on a paid server.
>> No. 18251 [Edit]

I don't really understand. Can you explain what you mean?
>> No. 18252 [Edit]
if you pay for your own web hosting you can download the files needed to run a wordpress site and upload them to your own site.
>> No. 18253 [Edit]
You don't need to pay for web hosting tho. I'm typing this message in front of the same computer running vip-quality.org
>> No. 18255 [Edit]
That explains the downtime.

I have a website that I don't really do anything with. And a tumblog, but haha tumblogs.
>> No. 18256 [Edit]
I used to have a website with a wiki and other things pertaining to 'otaku culture'. I deleted most of it because there are many websites like it now that do it much better than I did and I felt it was a burden to update it regularly.

More importantly though having a public website meant that people relied on the information I provided and that too was a burden because I had to check everything. It was also time-consuming in that I was never satisfied with the design and the platform and changed everything every month or so. But my main complaint is that having a website that is associated with your online nickname is a little like having a tripcode; people that you have never met can know more about you than you are comfortable with. It's also binding in the sense that you have to present a coherent identity: I know I was much more cautious with what I said when I knew that people already had a certain 'image' of me. That was probably my fault, after all there are many people with tripcodes even here who don't seem to have this problem.

All in all it was just a lot of work for no real benefits. I find anonymity liberating.
>> No. 18257 [Edit]

you could try tumblr. i know a lot of people like to say 'haha tumblr you faggot' for some silly reason, but it's not that bad really because you can completely customize the html/css/etc so it doesn't at all resemble a 'regular' tumblr and allows for way more customization and control. there is a reason its used by so many artists and such
>> No. 18258 [Edit]
>for some silly reason

It's not a silly reason, it's the community. You say so yourself, 'regular' tumblrs. I doubt the platform itself is what many people have a beef with. If you really like it you could try getting your own domain name (it's quite cheap honestly, around ~$10/yr depending on the TLD, some are much more expensive). That way you can enjoy the customizabilition and simplicity without the stigma attached to Tumblr.
>> No. 18261 [Edit]
> tumblr
>> No. 18266 [Edit]

i mean regular as in like the way it looks. the community anywhere is going to have retards. twitter is full of them, shitbookis full fo them. but you are right a custom domain and some html is all you need - all they do then is host the content for free.
>> No. 18270 [Edit]

>twitter is full of them, shitbookis full fo them

Yes, precisely, which is why we are appalled, just as we would be if someone posted a link to his twitter. But we seem to agree.
>> No. 18307 [Edit]
but you shouldnt be appalled at that. its dumb and immature. youre just projecting and making baseless assumptions about other people to make yourself feel better.
>> No. 18311 [Edit]

It's not entirely baseless, the very fact that you are willing to hang out anywhere near those people speaks for itself as far as I'm concerned.
>> No. 18319 [Edit]
I think your life will be full of contradictions if you generalize like that. Ever learn something 'bad' about somebody you respect? like maybe one of your favorite artists has a tumblr?
>> No. 18321 [Edit]
Just stop it.
>> No. 18439 [Edit]
I want to make a website that is like a database for waifus. I was going to try and do this with Wordpress. Unless you can talk me out of it I will probably do it over the holidays.

A page for each waifu with picture and vital statistics, maybe embed relevant youtube videos
Users are able to rate each waifu (in different categories? like Visual Cuteness, Mannerisms?)
Users can post comments and have discussions on each waifu (anonymous posting is allowed)
Weekly rankings of the most popular waifus
A generator where you enter your name and are assignd a waifu
>> No. 18440 [Edit]
I apologize for being harsh, however tt sounds very useless. The most I can see coming out of it is making each character a target for some faggots to talk shit about each character there.

I'm probably just being negative, though.
>> No. 18444 [Edit]
Ranking a waifu? Voting on who is best?

I hate the idea.

>A page for each waifu with picture and vital statistics, maybe embed relevant youtube videos

This sounds okay, but /mai/ kind of covers this.
>> No. 18445 [Edit]

That's an amazingly bad idea.

I was thinking about creating some sort of online calendar with dates of birth of anime/manga/VN/LN/2D period characters but I'm too lazy to do it and then keep updating it. Could be useful.
>> No. 18446 [Edit]
There was already something like this but I idn't wish to link it because you can't put a rank on love: http://ani-match.com/
>> No. 18447 [Edit]
You might have intentions, but nothing will good will ever come out of this. Dozens of people will go in to shittalk the characters, retarded discussions of "my waifu is better than yours, she is a slut" will be common place, and rating waifus is just plain retarded.

p.s: if you put my waifu on any kind of ranking i'll cut you

Post edited on 14th Nov 2012, 4:02am
>> No. 18454 [Edit]

I don't see anything good coming out of this.
>> No. 18455 [Edit]
We already had a waifu wiki project, people here hated it.
>> No. 18457 [Edit]
>for haruhis sake, youre talking about cartoon characters

you must be new here
>> No. 18459 [Edit]
Very few people here have cartoon characters for waifus. in the site history we've only had two. (really 3 but two were the same character, and I guess more if you count the deleted ones.)
>> No. 18460 [Edit]
You're taking the bait
>> No. 18461 [Edit]
This sounds really stupid. I think you don't really know what it means to have a waifu. Well, there is no real definition or anything, but...
>A generator where you enter your name and are assignd a waifu
No. Just no.
>> No. 18463 [Edit]
Please leave.
>> No. 18464 [Edit]

If you do this, I will drain all the blood from your body.
>> No. 18465 [Edit]
Please, please kill yourself!
>> No. 18467 [Edit]
cartoons are made in the united states, anime is made in japan but that's not the only distinction.
Each has it's own very different ways of doing things and completely different demographic and everything about how each are made is different. I think it's a significant difference.

Post edited on 14th Nov 2012, 4:30pm
>> No. 18469 [Edit]
I bet if there was a japanese site like that you guys wouldnt have a problem with it
>> No. 18471 [Edit]
people probably still would, but we wouldn't be able to read it or even know about so it's irrelevant
>> No. 18472 [Edit]
Just like how people think Japanese image boards are all nice and polite and shit without any trolls, until they get translated.
>> No. 18474 [Edit]
Most people wouldn't even know of that site, let alone read it, so it matters nothing
>> No. 18489 [Edit]
I have a crappy little nothing chan called negimachan.com that gets almost no traffic.

Really not the best advert for it.
>> No. 18511 [Edit]
I wish I knew basic website design and networking.
>> No. 18563 [Edit]
i can host a sit e for you
>> No. 18638 [Edit]
made a new site today


a work in progress
>> No. 18643 [Edit]

That's generous, but to be honest I don't know anything about that area. I think it's sad I spend most of my time on the internet and I don't even know how it works. I should take a class or something, that's how most people learn this shit right?
>> No. 18644 [Edit]
I was self-taught. Classes are wastes of time, wastes of money, and wastes of effort.

First, learn HTML. Then, learn CSS. All you need is Notepad and a web browser. Google "HTML guide" and get tons of results. If you like that and you got the basics, but you want to do more, learn Python or Perl. You don't need to know about ``code" to have things like blogs or imageboards! Plenty of web applications are freely available.

Once you understand what exactly a webpage is, I'd recommend grabbing Ubuntu or Debian or something, installing that as a secondary operating system, and looking for a guide online that'll teach you how to run a webserver. It sounds scary, but it's not very hard at all -- although you may have to spend a good chunk of time tinkering.

Really, all you have to do is wonder how something works, google it, wonder again, google again, so on and forever, and you'll know everything there is to know!
>> No. 18645 [Edit]
I learned some basic HTML from my time on myspace and css from some gay anime community that allowed it for their profiles. most of the time I just google how to do whatever in css or html.
>> No. 18668 [Edit]

Well, now I know what I'm doing for thanksgiving break. Thanks guys! One of my dreams was to make a site that beats Danny Choo's website in terms of popularity-- perhaps I can open up that goal again.
>> No. 18677 [Edit]
the coding wouldnt be the hard part, the difficulty would be creating enough compelling original content and competing in an already flooded market.
>> No. 18678 [Edit]
yeah, it seems easy at first, but then you learn that traffic only likes to go where traffic already is.
>> No. 18683 [Edit]
I hope you make it. That would be great.

I'd like to see an otaku site that isn't for the kind of people who can afford six macs and a high-rise apartment in Soto Kanda.
>> No. 18705 [Edit]
File 135362246845.gif - (137.58KB , 743x633 , 30520384.gif )
It's back! And as useless as ever: http://www.cerealexperiments.com/

As others have said...just learn a bit of HTML and then CSS. For simple webpages, that's all you really need. Of course, if you felt like creating anything more detailed or interactive, PHP/Perl/Python or similar languages can be really useful, and are not too hard to understand. MySQL can also be handy to know.
>> No. 18775 [Edit]
i made a blog


now i'm writing anentry on love
http://www.4x13.net/blog/index.pl/philosophy/pre-love.html?preview=abc and theere a few already there (im supeer durnjk right now lol! )
>> No. 18880 [Edit]
I set up a web server on a shitty computer I never turn on yesterday out of boredom. Not much of a purpose to it other than hosting some files and messing around and hopefully learning something. It's also often offline since the computer it runs on is very loud, even from inside my closet. Maybe I'll try making it into something nicer and worth linking here if I manage to get my hands on a couple of Raspberry Pis or something.
>> No. 18881 [Edit]
http://world2ch.org/ is my site. It's not really about anything, but it's kind of an information hub about imageboards and textboards.
>> No. 18882 [Edit]
What a very shitty site with very shitty users. I'm ashamed that some of them actually come here.

I much, much rather post on /vip/ or the current /lounge/ than your site.
>> No. 18907 [Edit]

Rubbish! world2ch is the best. Slightly more amusing than SAoVQ, leaps better than DQN, and /lounge/ doesn't even count.
>> No. 18911 [Edit]
SAoVQ and DQN are both equally shitty places with shitty users. I say this having spent more than adequate time in both sites.

Also, it doesn't matter what you say because you're wrong, that site is terrible and the people there suck. Nothing you say can change this fact.
>> No. 18937 [Edit]
>> No. 18939 [Edit]
Motherfucker, my opinion is fact!
>> No. 18940 [Edit]
Have you been on those sites for 4 or more years? If not, your opinion's worth nothing.
>> No. 22151 [Edit]
What? There's a wiki for Otaku culture? That sounds cool! Could you pretty please link me to it?
>> No. 22157 [Edit]
There's one that relates to a certain subset of otaku culture called Tanasinn that's kinda interesting. If you get bored one day, write some articles for it.

>> No. 22162 [Edit]
>enabling poseurs since 2007
>> No. 22215 [Edit]
not yet, but I'm planning to run a blog where I publish stuff that I translate
>> No. 26003 [Edit]
I want to make a site with random short flash animations made by me or others. Kind of or pown.it.

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