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File 144248412441.jpg - (46.98KB , 400x300 , minagi 131.jpg )
18912 No. 18912 [Edit]
A few years back danbooru decided to change my waifu's name from Tohno to toono, along with every other character named Tohno. I spoke very brefly with a mod on the site and they refused to change it. Their reasoning being they couldn't care less what the offical English translation of the name was, they wanted to go off of new general romanization standards.
Not long after gelbooru changed their tags too. there I tried changing the tags myself on each image manually but they just changed them right back. In more recent days even Mal decided to change the name too. Personally I find this all very insulting, and I find it frustrating as there's nothing I can really do about it. I've put in to edit the name on mal multiple times but it would seem my attempts have fallen on deaf ears.

If you found yourself in the same sort of situation with the internet changing a major aspect of your waifu/husbando, how do you think you'd respond to it? how would it make you feel? would you just accept it or try to find a way to fight for them?
>> No. 18913 [Edit]
Wouldn't it be Touno? Are they going to start spelling it Toukyou as well? I did wonder why some character names had changed to some retarded shit.

I suppose it would depend on the change was. I can't really imagine the name change since the spelling of my beloved's name isn't questionable. It would just depend on what has more basis in fact. I did get annoyed when official colours of my beloved changed but it's not really comparable and it's not as popular as the original amongst fans.
>> No. 18914 [Edit]
Her surname is 遠野 (とおの rather than とうの) so technically Toono is correct. It does seem rather pedantic, though.

Don't worry about it. It's not as though her name has actually changed, and even if it did she'd still be the same person. A rose by any other name, etc.
>> No. 18916 [Edit]
I think a way to help yourself from feeling that an aspect of her has changed would be to realize that her name is 遠野 美凪 and Minagi Tohno is a translated/romanized version of her name. Maybe. Something like that would bother me too I'm sure.
>> No. 18917 [Edit]
>technically Toono is correct
My mistake. You are right, it is pedantic. Really the only time a switch between Japanese and localised names should matter to those sort of sites is when the name is completely changed, not just spelling.

>>18915 is right though. It should be Tohno if only because Toono looks stupid.
>> No. 18918 [Edit]
>technically Toono is correct
My mistake. You are right, it is pedantic. Really the only time a switch between Japanese and localised names should matter to those sort of sites is when the name is completely changed, not just spelling.

>>18915 is right though. It should be Tohno if only because Toono looks stupid.
>> No. 18919 [Edit]
Also I think Tohno is more commonly used than toono. Why change spelling after being spelt one way for so long?
>> No. 18920 [Edit]
I can kind of understand where you are coming from. Ahri, a Korean word, is pronounced Ari as a Japanese would say it, yet her English name is translated as Ahri. There is that small breathing sound with the ah sound, which is inaccurate.

I tried to think of her and call her Ari as her name should be pronounced but honestly, I run into my own mental block. To me, it doesn't matter if her name is mistranslated. Her name is Ahri. So I stopped trying to think of her as any other name than who she is.
>> No. 18921 [Edit]
So do Koreans pronounce it Ari or Ahri?
>> No. 18922 [Edit]
As for names in particular, my waifu has a western name, with a kanji spelling instead of katakana. In addition; romanization, which is alright, but doesn't sound like her english name.
I suppose I'd be mad if image sites started to use the romanization exclusively as that's the least accurate, but I use it as a search term anyway when I do a regular check for new images.

I can imagine such things become real problems for asians trying to become citizens of countries with less than compatible naming conventions.

I don't really consider my waifu to be particularly subject to reform given that her source material is from long, long ago and it doesn't have a considerable commercial following to justify a sequel or spin-off as the industry is doing these days(Thank god).
I suppose I'm more annoyed when people post low quality images of her or speaking of her in a disrespectful manner.
>> No. 18923 [Edit]
Because nihon shiki is fucking mental and we need to teach the japs how to properly write their language with our alphabet.
>> No. 18927 [Edit]
>> 18921

It is pronounced as Ari in Korean as well. The Ah sound doesn't exist in Korean / Japanese. I figured the majority of users would better understand the Japanese phonology as this is primarily an anime culture-oriented board.
>> No. 18929 [Edit]
That is odd, but seeing that she has a Korean name (or at least reference) Ari is fine. How long have you been with Ari for? Original origin is really all that matters. You can change the name in the lolclient if you use a custom skin i think.
>> No. 18930 [Edit]

I don't really mind. I am ethnically Korean, but I don't identify myself as such. I don't feel the need to associate her with a Korean identity, even if she may be based upon their folklore, as not only Japan, but China has the myths regarding the Nine-tailed foxes as well.

I prefer the name Ahri for her, or sometimes Aeri or Airi. Her name shouldn't sound rigid; I associate her with the wind. Carefree and unbound, even by hard syllables.

Yeah I sometimes change the lolcilent to Korean just to hear her Korean VA sometimes, but I don't see her in game as actually her.

The in-game Ahri is more of a representation of her. I have a tulpa of her. That's the real Ahri to me.
>> No. 18932 [Edit]
Oh I see. I can't cope with playing LoL too much, the negativity really gets to me these days. I had thicker skin when I was a teenager/child though that was because I had more to fall back on.

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