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File 135786656297.png - (1.17MB , 852x480 , baby blue.png )
13272 No. 13272 [Edit]
Did anyone else here ever see Baby Blue?
Its a short anime (about 15 min total) I saw in a collection of anime shorts and its on of the few things I find myself going back to watch again. I don't know exactly why, but it seems to have made it's mark on my brain flesh. Just for example, this screen cap depicts the scene where the MC's girlfriend is about to throw explosives under his train. He isn't driving, he is can't dodge it, its totally out of his control and you can see the look of horror on his face in the reflection, but its not exaggerated or cartoonish, it seems somewhat realistic, just a look of disbelief, probably somwwhat how I might look in a similar situation and thats I guess part of why it struck me as being particularly well done.

Anyone else have any favorite anime short films?
>> No. 14003 [Edit]
I'll give an honorable mention to Pale Cocoon.

Also, what the hell were you on when you wrote that thing in the spoilertext? Gave me a laugh anyway. By the way it's Genius Party that featured it. Another good collection of semi shorts is Aoi Bungaku.
>> No. 14010 [Edit]
Its an advanced anti-spoilers technique of my own development

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