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File 132379852210.png - (331.56KB , 640x480 , vlcsnap-613435.png )
7690 No. 7690 [Edit]
Hypothesis: Doki Doki School Hours is very similar, but significantly better series than Azumanga Daioh, but Azumanga Daioh has a connection to 4chan which has made it much more popular than Doki Doki School Hours.

Having viewed both series, this is the conclusion that I came to.
Am I the only one with this point of view?
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>> No. 7691 [Edit]
azumangas popularity precedes 4chan
>> No. 7692 [Edit]
Not by much. It was still a very popular series on ATDRW at the time of 4chan's creation.

I love both, but I enjoy Azumanga a bit more. I agree that they're very similar. Your hypothesis is wrong because Azumanga Daioh is also much more popular than DDSH in Japan, but it's still sort of true in our community because so many old 4chan memes are from Azu (osakaphone, the "I'm in love with Osaka" kopipe, and even the word 'waifu' itself).
>> No. 7725 [Edit]
File blitz_doki_doki_school_hours.torrent - (24.96KB )
so, happen to know where one might find some seeds for this?

the blitz torrent is coming up dead.
>> No. 7727 [Edit]
>> No. 7730 [Edit]
Awesome, thanks.
>> No. 7856 [Edit]
When I looked up this series, I noticed that it's original manga predates Azumanga. I was immediately intrigued by the possibility that Azumanga had perhaps ripped off this lesser known work only to gain immense popularity. Sadly, the Doki manga, which began serialization in '97 and is still running (!) has only had the first few chapters translated.
If it turns out that Azumanga ripped this off it's going to be kind of a big deal to me, as Azumanga has been one of my favorites for almost a decade now.
>> No. 7857 [Edit]
>for almost a decade now
Jesus, brohno... indeed: how long have we been down into this pit? how long shall we still duel in here?... what will become of us?...
>> No. 7859 [Edit]
File 13245377244.jpg - (164.04KB , 640x480 , Doki_Doki_School_Hours_Ep05_(8404CFDD)_mkv_0011955.jpg )
Man, you weren't kidding, this show is awesome.
how have I never heard anything about it before this thread?
>> No. 7863 [Edit]

>which began serialization in '97 and is still running

If you think about it almost all those yonkoma SoL manga about 4 schoolgirls that got adaptations are still running. Sketchbook, GA, Hidamari, Lucky Star, Ichigo Mashimaro, Minami-ke, Hyakko and 10 others I managed to forget. All still going strong.

Of course not for almost 15 years by now (but Hidamari and Sketchbook began serializing around ~2004 if memory serves, I'm too lazy to check it, though) but you get the point.

[edit] I realized that Ichigo Mashimaro must've been around for even longer (since it was adapted in 2005 and all) and sure enough, it began serialization in 2001. It bugged me a little afterall but I wasn't too off about Sketchbook and Hidamari - 2003 and 2005.

Post edited on 22nd Dec 2011, 8:10am
>> No. 7866 [Edit]

Ichigo isn't 4koma but yeah.
>> No. 7887 [Edit]

My bad; never read the original and I just kinda assumed it's yonkoma. You could further nitpick by saying Sketchbook is not the '4 cute schoolgirls doing cute things' type but again, I'm kinda trying to group all of them together for the sake of the argument (even if I bend the facts a little bit).
>> No. 7891 [Edit]
Doki Doki School Hours is very similar a ripoff of Azumanga Daioh. Azumanga Daioh gained a connection to 4chan some time after already being popular in japan which has made it much more popular than Doki Doki School Hours in the states.

>> No. 7892 [Edit]
The Doki Doki anime was released two years after the azumanga anime, but the manga was Published two years before the azumanga manga was first published.
>> No. 7958 [Edit]
That's true. I think it just seemed impressive to me because it began in the nineties. If it had begun in 2000 I probably wouldn't have thought anything of it, but the nineties just seem like forever ago to me.

Having watched five episodes now, I would say that this series and Azumanga are definitely similar, but not so close that I'd say one ripped off the other. I think Azumanga is a few degrees weirder than DDSH, and Azumanga has that perfect comedic timing.
I really wish I could read the DDSH manga, because I want to see if JC Staff altered much in their adaptation to try to capitalize on Azumanga's popularity. And to see how much quality it's been able to maintain over it's long serialization.
>> No. 7973 [Edit]

>Azumanga has that perfect comedic timing.

I thought thw timing was terrible and pretty much killed the comedy in it. I'm too lazy to look for it but I wrote a thing or tweo about it on /ma/.

In particular there was one situation where in the original yonkoma the same panel was reused 4 times to show nothing is happening. In manga it's fine - you just look at it and get what the author meant with it. In the anime it was a static screen for like 15 seconds.

Again, overall I think the manga was significantly better (and I'm not exactly the 'MANGA WAS BETTERRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrr' type; there are quite a few adaptations I liked much more than original works).
>> No. 7991 [Edit]
I agree that the manga was much better, but I thought the timing in the anime was pretty good too, with a few exceptions. And it's more the sentimental scenes that I remember seeming awkwardly dragged out in the anime. However, it's been at least two years since I've rewatched the anime, whereas I reread the manga a couple of months ago, so it's likely that I'm wrong on this.
>> No. 8002 [Edit]
File 132578121472.jpg - (1.93MB , 1199x1400 , 011.jpg )
Something Awful -> ADTRW -> Azumanga Diaoh -> Raspberry Heaven -> 4chan.
>> No. 8003 [Edit]
I too also just started to watch this.

A few episodes in and I am enjoying it. Yes, it is very similar to Azumanga, yet the big difference is there is a balance of the genders here.

I don't care who ripped off who, if even, I just wanna enjoy a show.

I really should get the Azumanga manga too.

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