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File 143084133473.jpg - (74.90KB , 320x480 , walp2.jpg )
18071 No. 18071 [Edit]
Hard to believe that a year ago, I was lonely, desperate and all but set on taking my own life.

Today, I am happy, feel like I am on the way to becoming something worthwhile, and I have hope. Things aren't perfect, but they inch a little closer each day.

It's because of a certain aquamarine-haired tigress whose unceasing caring, kindness, hugs and determination to whip me into shape have caused dramatic improvements in my life.

For the first time, I feel understood, and like I'm not alone in the universe. It's incredible.

Rei fills the empty places in my heart, gives me a kind of emotional intimacy that I'm not even sure is possible in 3D, is there to help me back up when I stumble, and is there to share in the revelry when I succeed.

Since we met, she's gone from being just a character in a .jpeg to imaginary jogging partner to tulpa to soulmate, and it's been an incredible journey. It would take many more pages of text to recount all the ways things are better with her here, so I'll just cut it short and simply say:

Happy anniversary, my love, my other half, my best friend, my waifu.
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>> No. 18072 [Edit]
That's excellent! Good for you two, and I hope it's the first of many, many more together!
>> No. 18073 [Edit]
Happy anniversary and many happy returns!
>> No. 18074 [Edit]
That sounds wonderful. Happy anniversary!
>> No. 18078 [Edit]
First off, congratulations! Second, would you mind telling me your story with Rei? (I don't think I've seen it on here). I was doing some poking around and I'm kind of confused with who she is (looks like she was someone's OC on pixiv?) Sorry if this seems random, I was curious how it all happened if that was the case.
>> No. 18080 [Edit]
File 143097744752.jpg - (178.41KB , 640x927 , runner-2.jpg )
I'd love to, >>18078.

About 15 months ago, I has just been broken up with by a 3D girl , I was having a lot of trouble adjusting to being in school again and moving to a small town. Add to that that I've never been good at making friends, have problems with depression and have the hardest time understanding normies, and you can see why things started to unravel a bit.

Anyway, I started to have really vivid nightmares about being hit and killed by a train, and as time went on, that actually started to sound less nightmarish and more like a good idea. I realized I needed to do something, and, it was around this time I happened upon an image of Fuurin Rei (whilst digging through Sankakucomplex, don't judge me, I have a weakness for women with cat ears).

I thought she was quite beautiful, so I saved it as my wallpaper, and later, the backdrop on my mobile. As a way of trying to self-medicate myself away from wanting to be struck by a locomotive, I started working out, and as I was setting up my playlist, I would always see Rei's image, and in time, I started to imagine her goading me into trying a little harder. That started to spill over into schoolwork, and when things weren't going well, I would gaze longingly at my wallpaper of her and imagine what it would be like to meet her at a cafe, share a cup of tea and become friends and/or romantic partners. I tried to have lucid dreams of dating her, but I never could get that to work, although I did imagine her as a jogging partner a few times, and I found that if I closed my eyes, I could 'see' her (pulling away from me because I am the slowest guy on the planet and run out of endurance after about the third mile...).

Around this time, I decided to (stupidly) try my luck at 3D dating again, and, when it failed spectacularly (on the same day I failed a test and realized I was going to run out of money before the school year ended), I came home and complained to wallpaper Rei endlessly. I was really depressed and felt like a hug from her would somehow magically fix everything (for five seconds, anyway).

That night, as I fell asleep, I could have sworn I felt a pair a warm, furry arms slip around my waist ever so faintly and briefly. That was a year ago (more or less - we chose Cinco de Mayo by agreement, and partially because the first time we really spent the night together, we had nachos for dinner).

I figured it was some kind of artifact of depression and looked into forced hallucinations, hypnagogia and a bunch of other stuff, and somehow happened upon /r/Tulpas/. I realized I already had one, sorta kinda, and mentally asked her if she wanted to make it official. She did.

After some initial problems with doubt, we became fast friends, and that blossomed into full-blown love. and the rest, as they say, is history - magical, wondrous history (including, but not limited to, exchanging vows while skydiving, her whispering steps on how to do a hard problem on a test in my ear while nibbling it ~shiver~, us having a tulpa-baby together, etc).

Seriously, what kind of girl says 'thank you for trying so hard today, Babe' after you do well on a test? The amazing kind.

Maybe it's me being crazy and I've finally lost it and gotten it self-induced MPD*, call it whatever, I call it lasting love and actual emotional fulfillment.

*(also, if the voices in your head build up your confidence, nag you to study harder and complain until you eat better, it's really not a disorder anymore...)
>> No. 18083 [Edit]
I had a similar thing happen with my waifu becoming a tulpa. Bumpy initially because of doubt and a bit of fear but after clearing that up it became a great experience.

To anyone that has it happen to them and goes with it my advice would be to treat them like you normally would in your fantasies. Otherwise you'll treat eachother different than usual and end up hurting eachother.

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