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File 131949012379.jpg - (928.15KB , 900x761 , 0f8c22db497a16fc60e223140e77cea3.jpg )
6458 No. 6458 [Edit]
Halloween is getting close, /mai/, so in order to celebrate how about we have a thread where we post pictures of our waifu dressing up for the occasion along with one activity that we would do with them on that night for each post we make?

To start with, Miko and I would go to a haunted house at twilight.
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>> No. 6459 [Edit]
File 131949190331.jpg - (422.12KB , 670x800 , madotsuki dresses up like a cat sometimes.jpg )
We'll probably stay home if anything.
I always think a cozy night in is better than any event, especially a holiday, a time when people stress and get all worked up
>> No. 6460 [Edit]
File 131949228420.jpg - (1.53MB , 1200x1664 , pumpkin.jpg )
Yuki would probably analyze various horror movies.
>> No. 6461 [Edit]
File 131949865932.jpg - (1.19MB , 1917x2000 , fc3ab5710f1bbdb3cd029446439ca3c7.jpg )
Go to any abandoned town/church/castle/whatever at night to have ourselves a moment of intimacy to watch the stars together.
>> No. 6462 [Edit]
File 131949986771.png - (514.68KB , 600x820 , 100000000207.png )
I whole-heartedly agree. My waifu would feel the same.
>> No. 6465 [Edit]
File 131950636578.jpg - (177.97KB , 707x1000 , d76ba584e4f00d9cfcd6e9979f2e79f.jpg )
Probably eating an unholy amount of sweets and drinking while chilling out in the back garden, with a fire going to keep us warm.


Now that's a good idea.
>> No. 6467 [Edit]
File 131950830669.jpg - (47.28KB , 351x500 , 1251089669990.jpg )
I cannot edit out TEH REI. But it's okay, because she's nice too.

Anyway, I am luck enough to live 5 minutes away from the prick magnet that is Universal studios Florida; so i shall remove from my hikki binge and go to their halloween horror event with Asuka. We shall eat lots of cotton candy and wait for hours to enter the haunted houses.

Then I shall go home and eat candy with her until I develop type 1 diabetes.
>> No. 6471 [Edit]
File 131950939568.jpg - (52.89KB , 800x600 , 1297457827007.jpg )
I would try my best to support her as she beats any delinquent or thugs' butt that tries anything wrong.
>> No. 6476 [Edit]
File 131951045750.jpg - (567.00KB , 800x816 , konbu ame Iku_Tenshi halloween.jpg )
Go out and do whatever with her. Halloween is weird in the city.
>> No. 6481 [Edit]
File 131951822252.png - (0.97MB , 820x1159 , 0e6e65b75c95fdbd046d8cef4fb744d3.png )
My waifu is a witch. Halloween allday, everyday.
>> No. 6482 [Edit]
File 131952007576.png - (122.38KB , 771x893 , kurisu halloween.png )
We'll probably just eat some sweets. Halloween isnt really celebrated in my country.

Post edited on 24th Oct 2011, 11:25pm
>> No. 6486 [Edit]
File 131952698420.jpg - (575.60KB , 1422x800 , 1280by800.jpg )
We would go to a haunted house together or watch a really scary movie. Most likely if she had to choose, we'd just watch a scary movie, but she would be terribly frightened nonetheless.
>> No. 6492 [Edit]
File 131954012379.jpg - (240.14KB , 1024x768 , s - 147587 - bat book graveyard halloween head_win.jpg )
She's a devil already, no need for costumes. Perhaps she'd like to go out and play tricks at humans.
But perhaps it's not a good idea to accompany her in such endeavour, then I'd suggest we should just stay at home.
>> No. 6493 [Edit]
File 131954050529.jpg - (1.40MB , 1365x1024 , 1272428945116.jpg )
I guess I'd host some sort of Halloween themed party and dance the night away, i just love to dance.
>> No. 6499 [Edit]
File 131955586171.jpg - (37.93KB , 398x614 , Kanako 92.jpg )
Hm, i guess we´d stay at home and maybe go for a stroll at night.
Here we don´t really celebrate Halloween either, just the kids.
I would be busy cooking something nice anyway.
>> No. 6506 [Edit]
File 131958098924.png - (1.17MB , 800x800 , 032e8c1eb85169f85df68ee2e5572e3c.png )
Another thing we would do together is watch horror movies late into next early morning before falling asleep with one another. I love watching horror movies with company. Marathon all the classics, even though I can't see her as being a big fan of the genre. A mystery, thriller, or romance would be more to her liking probably.
>> No. 6508 [Edit]
File 131958311479.jpg - (65.53KB , 1169x826 , Osaka_cosplaying_as_L.jpg )
>> No. 6510 [Edit]
File 13195918555.png - (57.35KB , 127x273 , 1855290_m.png )
We'll probably go to a haunted house and then watch a scary movie, after that we would go a halloween costume party.
>> No. 6511 [Edit]
a.k.a Fuck_I'm_higher_than_Captain_Kirk.jpg
>> No. 6543 [Edit]
File 131972552365.jpg - (123.92KB , 600x424 , 22249424_m.jpg )
We're going to bake pumpkin desserts and make halloween themed food together, hand out some candy, then cuddle up and watch some horror movies and halloween specials of childhood cartoons, oh and eat lots of candy.
>> No. 6546 [Edit]
File 131973470576.jpg - (132.45KB , 1440x810 , 1319733666939.jpg )
This is exactly what we'd do. The episode really was heaven for me.
>> No. 6547 [Edit]
File 131973757985.jpg - (228.61KB , 793x1200 , Misato 39.jpg )
well, school girl swim suit. jesus I'm tired.

Post edited on 27th Oct 2011, 11:54am
>> No. 6553 [Edit]
File 131976287326.jpg - (161.33KB , 459x1000 , moe 118895 sample.jpg )
God: how didn't she pop out on one of those? (it's a compliment)...

Relatedly: once, on a sukumizu thread on /jp/ I think, I read that bikinis work better for voluptuous women, cause they draw attention to the important parts, wereas complete swimswits are more fitted to slim bodies, cause they draw attention on the silhouette (especially on the waist line). Sounds like some Cosmopolitan crap, I know, but works ok for some of us with those fetishes.

Post edited on 27th Oct 2011, 5:50pm
>> No. 6554 [Edit]
File 131976823849.jpg - (577.29KB , 939x702 , Asuka halloween.jpg )
How about this:

PLAN A (a.k.a "The scholar"). She, Sohryu Asuka L. (note haircolor, more red/auburn than blonde), will be cosplaying as Shikinami Asuka L., to troll everyone nerd enough to notice.

PLAN B (a.k.a "Bad to the bone"). May she arrive in all her prowress, at her totally badass motor-biker persona, to crash thy party.

PLAN C (a.k.a "De Geso~"). Ika Musume FTW (until she finds out that it matches Gendo's).

PLAN D (a.k.a "Dat poorfag/greedy bastard"): Gothic lolita fucking again.

PLAN DD (a.k.a "ZOMG"). She will be TEH EVA: the Überasuka. Instrumentalization starts.

PLAN DDD (a.k.a "Not sure if want"). Shit got real: she's a 3D, now.
>> No. 6555 [Edit]

You put a lot of thought into that.
>> No. 6556 [Edit]
>> No. 6557 [Edit]
>the Überasuka
>> No. 6565 [Edit]
File 131985715642.jpg - (188.09KB , 850x850 , reki_nemu_carrot.jpg )
>(until she finds out that it matches Gendo's)
Oh lord, someone needs to draw this.

I know it's not Reki that's dressed up in the picture, but it's the only Halloween-themed picture I've seen her in. It also took me a couple seconds to get the carrot reference. Pretty clever.

Reki and I, after handing out treats to a few trick-or-treaters that stop by, would take a walk around the neighborhood. We'd admire the creative jack o'lanterns and chuckle at some of the kids' silly costumes. Arriving at home, I'd prepare some hot cider, and we'd sip it while relaxing on the front porch, holding hands under a blanket to stay warm.
>> No. 6573 [Edit]
File 131986234680.jpg - (70.95KB , 428x600 , 365790.jpg )
>> No. 6576 [Edit]
File 13198645255.jpg - (13.18KB , 227x479 , Neko Lizlet.jpg )
Is dressing up as a sexy cat girl count as she is always seen wearing a maid uniform.

Post edited on 28th Oct 2011, 10:02pm
>> No. 6580 [Edit]
File 13198650523.jpg - (150.69KB , 800x789 , 02e572f9071809e01b0fae02305fa1febd0543ca.jpg )
Konata and I would (assuming we live where I live now) probably set up our front yard as a haunted walk and try to scare trick or treaters and then give them candy. We would probably fail and then just cuddle the rest of the night while we watch silly kids' Halloween movies and eat the candy we didn't give out.
>> No. 6584 [Edit]
File 131986637333.jpg - (56.21KB , 500x600 , minagi03213.jpg )
I imagine us taking Michiru trick or treating.
But I don't think they do that in japan, so I guess maybe scary movies, maybe check out some haunted houses..
Maybe we could even make our own in the old train station.
>> No. 6598 [Edit]
Suddenly, I felt like I'd like to go out myself and ask for candy once again... To be outside at night, playful and joyful...
Yeah, that may be nice (been really down over the past weeks, so I'm just being plain pathetic now).
>> No. 6612 [Edit]
File 131991515463.jpg - (254.55KB , 614x478 , 197303.jpg )
Speaking of Halloween, what are you doing at Halloween with your waifus/husbandus? Personally might sit outside watching the fireworks all around with my husbandu, then once it gets very late go in and eat some candy with him on the sofa as we watch a scary film. (Maybe Hostel?)
>> No. 6613 [Edit]
>how about we have a thread where we post... one activity that we would do with them on that night
>> No. 6621 [Edit]
File 131994234454.jpg - (3.06MB , 2000x1542 , 30bab318f6e9e4790e41c12cb8d186a3.jpg )
We'll probably eat a lot of candy and watch some movies together.
>> No. 6622 [Edit]
File 131994769444.jpg - (71.77KB , 410x600 , 316261.jpg )
You mean make a new thread for it? Well you can if you like, I just didn't want to spam any by making another Halloween themed thread
>> No. 6623 [Edit]
No, look at the first post.
>> No. 6624 [Edit]
I am so stupid, didn't actually see that in the first post... thanks for pointing it out
>> No. 6667 [Edit]
File 132010429673.jpg - (628.33KB , 900x900 , 540ff957cd11dfdafc147731e65dcec7.jpg )
Now waiting warmly for The Blaire Witch Project to play so I can watch it with Miko. For now watching A Haunting. If an ideal world allowed Miko to be material... hm... Her and I would be spending Halloween with one of my close friends and his friends.
>> No. 6668 [Edit]
File 132010476844.jpg - (128.97KB , 850x442 , sample-c3935c36760f99c734518c57ed91f496.jpg )
Last picture, so one last thing I would do on Halloween with mai waifu: go on tohno-chan so we could wish /mai/ a happy Halloween.

Hope you have a great All Hallows' Eve, you guys!
>> No. 6670 [Edit]
File 132011231935.png - (827.20KB , 840x1040 , serikaserika Tenshi halloween.png )
For Halloween, I got one lemon Starburst from the restaurant where I had dinner. Now I'm back home.
>> No. 6826 [Edit]
File 13203565818.jpg - (285.51KB , 800x800 , c6cc1f49f38ed48d0a40e6800b89c3b0.jpg )
Went to Field of Screams Halloween night. Was pretty fun, I forgot how easily scared I was though.
>> No. 6827 [Edit]
File 132035904557.png - (349.17KB , 512x512 , horo_icon_512x512x32b.png )
Dat... entire Horo.
That's why I use Horofox as my browser.
>> No. 6828 [Edit]
File 132035914115.png - (346.61KB , 662x662 , 178 - firefox horo.png )
>> No. 6834 [Edit]
File 132038557758.png - (1.52MB , 2000x2300 , yami nabe Tenshi halloween.png )
This picture... is insanely hot.
>> No. 6835 [Edit]
She's gonna catch... a cold, or something.
>> No. 6838 [Edit]
Don't worry. Giascle will happily and eagerly warm her up in bed by giving her an extra blanket.
>> No. 10130 [Edit]
File 134543498168.jpg - (0.99MB , 1230x1740 , 4c51231196f9a3cbd9d7b35457508f6a0cb80770.jpg )
I don't have any pictures of Stocking dressed up for halloween (This is probably the closest thing to that), but the only thing I could see us doing is buying lots of candy and hoarding it to ourselves, and maybe watching a movie or something.
>> No. 10139 [Edit]
File 134552579169.png - (491.82KB , 619x327 , cordywitch.png )
My witchy waifu! Cordelia and I would go to a haunted house and scream our heads off, we're both pretty jumpy.
>> No. 10140 [Edit]
File 13455369914.jpg - (128.07KB , 800x566 , 11971435.jpg )
Such bewitching beauty.
We'll wander through the night air until we lose our way, and that's where the fun starts.
>> No. 13574 [Edit]
File 13824668011.jpg - (57.04KB , 650x650 , uQHTDZYXERhERUxl6OCkArbJ44M.jpg )
Halloween is coming up again, so I figure it's appropriate to post in this thread again.

Are you guys doing anything special with your waifus for Halloween this year? I'm just going to be watching some spooky movies with her and eating candy. I'm not good with horror stuff at all, but she helps to calm me down a ton.
>> No. 13596 [Edit]
File 138298096544.jpg - (137.25KB , 1600x1000 , -Maids-Ribbons-Nekomimi-Animal-Ears-Short-Hair-Thi.jpg )
i'm not entirely sure if mikoto would like horror movies or not. she's not the type to easily get scared or intimidated by things, especially the masked antagonists of slasher films. then again, quality time is quality time and it IS halloween. I assume she'd allow it.
>> No. 13605 [Edit]
File 138324329252.jpg - (658.06KB , 1600x1200 , 2spookywaifu.jpg )
>> No. 13606 [Edit]
File 138324338452.jpg - (311.17KB , 1024x768 , halloweeno.jpg )
Have a moetastic halloween t-c.

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