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No. 8963 [Edit]
  Even if we could get our waifu in AI form, like uploaded in an android... would it be worth it?
>> No. 8964 [Edit]
Even if we could and make it do whatever we want, still wouldn't satisfy me because it's artificial. I just wouldn't be able to get over that.
>> No. 8965 [Edit]
and I don't care how artificial or fake it is, better than nothing.

Post edited on 18th Feb 2012, 11:32pm
>> No. 8970 [Edit]
Would it be worth it? Absolutely, for both scientific and personal reasons. However, I would probably have the same problem as >>8964. Maybe if we could get the Vocaloids as super intelligent and musically gifted androids.
>> No. 8976 [Edit]
The possibility of having AIs/androids that complex alone makes it worth.
>> No. 8983 [Edit]

Pretty much this.

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