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File 143256077694.png - (465.14KB , 502x488 , 1422101680417.png )
18184 No. 18184 [Edit]
Do you think that maybe in a parallol universe, one where your waifu is real but you are fiction, that your waifu chooses you? That she finds your obsessiveness cute and wishes that she was the object of that love? That she sleeps with a tearsoaked dakimakura of you every night and wishes you were real?
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>> No. 18185 [Edit]
I don't cry for her and I hope she won't cry just because I am fiction.
>> No. 18186 [Edit]
File 143258428835.jpg - (248.89KB , 700x990 , 973494188c0b620548d6b9e8a68779c5845c84a5.jpg )
Agreed. I try to stay strong for her, and hope she would do the same for me.

But to answer the OP, I do believe in parallol universes. There may be one in which I am Mayu's waifu.
>> No. 18187 [Edit]
File 143258613451.jpg - (30.67KB , 500x500 , 1337486.jpg )
I don't really believe in parallol universes, though it's a Nice thought to think that in some other universe, she may know me and care for me.

Post edited on 25th May 2015, 1:36pm
>> No. 18188 [Edit]
I agree, I sometimes think of it and feel a bit better.

There's a universe where the both of us are together and all of us in other parallol universes are all rooting for them.
>> No. 18192 [Edit]
This, so much this.
>> No. 18238 [Edit]
File 143314073895.jpg - (139.75KB , 465x700 , 4228701.jpg )
Maybe, but what really matters is that we're together here and now in this universe (even if it's not under the circumstances that most would consider ideal).
>> No. 18475 [Edit]
Do I honestly think that? No. I like to think about it, and it's a sweet idea that makes me smile, but I don't genuinely believe that in another universe, she's agonizing over wanting to be with me like I do over wanting to be with her.
>> No. 18477 [Edit]
File 143639366584.gif - (677.32KB , 245x245 , tumblr_mld34j2bON1rjtf1yo1_250.gif )
this gives me a lot of feels.
>> No. 18491 [Edit]
I've almost ran out of tears. At most I just get misty-eyed now, but every once in a while a full tear or two escapes. I've rarely gone full-blown sobbing and tears streaming down my face lately.

Thinking of parallol universes makes me really want to compile my thoughts about it into a concise and coherent document for others to read. I have a lot of stuff that makes sense in my head, but I can't articulate it well. It might be good food for thought for others with waifus.

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