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File 133376582787.jpg - (127.87KB , 1440x810 , 1333736240708.jpg )
9253 No. 9253 [Edit]
Is anyone watching this?

It looks okay, but it's hard to tell where it's going to go from the first episode alone. Some type of miracle happened and they all flew up into the sky at the end.
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>> No. 9258 [Edit]
File 133377467989.gif - (1.54MB , 390x219 , saten eating an ice pop.gif )
Needs less silly drama.
>> No. 9262 [Edit]
Agreed. The designs are nice I suppose, but I can't say the same about character interaction in the first episode. I hope it gets better.
>> No. 9265 [Edit]
Decent first ep but I expected seiyuu girls doing seiyuu things rather than miracle stones doing miralce things.

Reminds me of Iroha in many ways - nice, detailed backgrounds (even though they're 90% CG but so was Iroha and it still looked beatiful), healthy mix of cute girls and drama. I'm okay with that, I can get my diabetes inducing cuteness elsewhere.

Fun fact: loli Rin and loli Yuka looked better than they do now. I'm a fan of hime cut (well okay, it's not a hime cut but it's close) but Yuka looks too grown up now, she lost her loli charm in transition. Short her would fit her personality better.
And wavy hair should be long.

But man, hearing Sawashiro Miyuki only makes me wish they gave her a leading role instead of amking her voice a background character. Each time I hear her her voice sounds a little... um, more abrasive? There's this harsh, rough quality to it now, something that wasn't as noticeable a couple years ago. Reminds me of Omigawa Chiaki a little (of course it's not even close to being as high).


Christ, watching people bite ice cream makes me writhe in pain. My teeth would kill me should I ever try anything as reckless.

>Needs less silly drama.

I imagine it's pretty close to what happens between IRL teenage girls. Of course any second now Tohno's realism sensor will go off and he'll shoot me down saying that if he wanted realism he'd go stalk some real middle schoolers* but again, you get tons of infantile 4 girls doing cute things shows, why not add some drama and angst to just one of them (on regular basis, not just the 'obligatory last episode drama').

For the time being I'm fine with it. I doubt they'll turn the drama up over time, too.
Then again, I can't really say I don't understand why some people dislike it. You can't please everyone I guess.

*Just kidding Tohno, don't get mad at me.
>> No. 9270 [Edit]
I don't mind the drama. It's obviously one of those ``4 cute girls overcome some difficulties over summer vacation but all make up'' shows, but that's good. As long as they're cute (and Saki and Rinko already gave me a heart attack).
>> No. 9272 [Edit]
File 133382227755.jpg - (387.34KB , 329x5000 , 1333820373414.jpg )
>> No. 9278 [Edit]

Decent summary of the first ep.
>> No. 9288 [Edit]
Honestly can't say I found the characters that interesting...
Kind of had a hard time paying attention, the whole ep was really nothing but them two fighting.

Oh, Thanks for the spoiler op.
But even knowing it was coming didn't make it any less WTF when it happened.
>> No. 9295 [Edit]
I probably won't be watching this show, though I didn't plan to. I like the blonde girl and redhead a bit though... High school slice-of-life shows are played out and nothing in the first episode really gave this show enough of a kick to make it interesting. The drama seemed forced. And it feels like the only reason that they're idols of all things is because that's a trendy thing to make young girls in anime. It wasn't terrible like Medaka Box was, but it was very dull.
>> No. 9352 [Edit]
File 133429021844.jpg - (301.46KB , 1280x720 , cute.jpg )
Yuri service - the episode

I'm liking this show.
>> No. 9353 [Edit]
They seem like they'd be rough and angry while getting it on.
>> No. 9354 [Edit]
That was pretty much the case for most of the episode.
>> No. 9356 [Edit]
They're fucking pot heads, I just know it.
>> No. 9367 [Edit]
File 133436369773.jpg - (83.00KB , 1280x720 , [rori] Natsuiro Kiseki - 02 [721DBE9E]_mkv_snapsho.jpg )
Suddenly, I like this show.
>> No. 9368 [Edit]
File 133436473310.jpg - (80.73KB , 1280x720 , [rori] Natsuiro Kiseki - 02 [721DBE9E]_mkv_snapsho.jpg )
>> No. 9369 [Edit]
I hope there's more yuri service. That was great.
>> No. 9371 [Edit]
File 133439514724.gif - (269.02KB , 500x281 , chest-rub.gif )
They would have the best angry lezbo sex ever!
>> No. 9374 [Edit]

Remember when I told you the CG was decent enough last ep? Ugh. What an eyesore. Never judge a series by it's first ep I guess. Those production values.

Seriously Sunrise, you can do better than that.
>> No. 9376 [Edit]
I was expecting more out of this anime, especially when they pretty much used all SPHERE personals. What I got was, digimon like art direction and some CD advertisement.
>> No. 9445 [Edit]
episode 3 seemed so... pointless.
They could have just ignored the problem, and chances are it would have gotten sorted out on it's own, which is sort of did actually...

why was it even a concern? Who the hell would believe anyone that said that? is there any reason why people in this town would believe it? is there a lot of paranormal magic shit going on this show isn't telling us about? besides, like they very briefly pointed out, it's a little kid. kids make up stupid shit all the time, i once new a kid that swore up and down that he was a alien, and his spaceship was buried under the school's field. point is, don't let that shit bother you, just humor the little kid don't make a big fucking deal about it, even if it is true.

another thing... this is just nitpicking but why were 3 of the 4 girls wearing skirts, if they were actually 'planing' on flying up into the sky this time around? with the intent of people watching them from the ground...
for that matter, how do they expect for no one else to see them, where they're flying above town, in summer (you know, where people are out of their homes) in broad daylight?
Seems like they didn't think it through very well...

>> No. 9450 [Edit]
Well, they need something that can be developed into a dramatic situation. About the skirt, they aren't that bright I assume from what they have done so far and I think it's purely design choice, don't read to deep in this anime.
>> No. 9452 [Edit]
After episode 3 I don't think I can finish this show. Nothing makes sense. The character designs are good, but the rest of the animation blows (half assed).

You'd think 3 episodes in on a 12 episode series would explain more, but all they did was get stuck again and try flying but it didn't work.
>> No. 9453 [Edit]
They're obviously building for up the explanation of the rock to be near the end of the series alongside them becoming idols or something.

I don't really mind. I picked this up based on the preview art's character designs (as I usually do), and so far it's exceeded my expectations. The yuri service has been especially delicious.
>> No. 9454 [Edit]

I bet they wish to become idods, but the rock wont grat it becuase they already wished for something like it when they were kids (no wishing for stuff twice), so they end up becoming idols with their own power.
So heart warming~

>> No. 9482 [Edit]
I had such high hopes for this series so it's kind of sad it turned out to be such a disappointment. Green Saten's sluthood ended up being the final straw.
>> No. 9483 [Edit]
I didn't really find this series amazing or anything and pretty much only watched it for some yuri moments, however I'm also being put off for the same reason as yours.
>> No. 9488 [Edit]

When you think about it like that one has to wonder why the writers continue to pull off stuff like that. Everybody hates it and it can even damage the sales of the series. What's the point?

Since it's Japan we're talking about it can also damage seiyuu's image and even before this Tomatsu Haruka was disliked by some (for samey reason in all honesty - Kannagi would be an example).
>> No. 9496 [Edit]
I'm finding this rather funny to be honest.
When these girls are doing nothing but fighting and bickering, you guys defend it as them being realistic teenage girls.
But when a girl has a crush on a cute boy, everyone calls her a slut, and now hates the show.
I'm not gonna defend the content, but for those of you that played the realism card before, do you really think a realistic female character isn't going to be interested in boys?
>> No. 9498 [Edit]

I guess it was mostly me who was defending it earlier and I can't say I mind. If anything I hope they won't shift focus to it - as long as it's a background thingy it's okay with me.
>> No. 9500 [Edit]
Yeah no I didn't get the impression there was a legion of crusaders defending the various directions of this show. I mean, the show was mediocre at best since the start, showing no prospect of improvement.
>> No. 9501 [Edit]
I agree, the only decent thing about this show was the few short bits of what could be interpreted as yuri fanservice. The word realism shouldn't even be used in the same thread as a show with a big magic wish granting rock.

Post edited on 24th Apr 2012, 5:13pm
>> No. 9518 [Edit]
File 133556501035.jpg - (106.72KB , 1280x720 , [rori] Natsuiro Kiseki - 04 [D0402D5E]_mkv_snapsho.jpg )
Seems kind of messed up to fuck around in someone else's body, especially when involving romantic relationships.
But I guess this isn't the first(or last) time they'll screw with each other.

Post edited on 27th Apr 2012, 8:22pm
>> No. 9590 [Edit]
File 133626607515.png - (1.66MB , 1315x738 , tripping balls.png )
They're on drugs,
I keep telling people...
they're alllll on drugs.
>> No. 9599 [Edit]
Shit. I should've known better after last two eps but I didn't take my goggles off before watching ep 5 and they exploded.

Rinko, forever a scone.
>> No. 9785 [Edit]
File 133803698498.jpg - (155.54KB , 1280x720 , QUALITY.jpg )
Holy fucking shit. I'll bet you a fucking dollar you won't be able to take a signle screencap without some QUALITY at any point in this ep. I've seen my share of QUALITY in my life but even Gintama recap fillers weren't this bad. I recall only like 3 series which could actually compete with this. We're talking QUALITY VAN levels of bad here.

Fucking Sunrise. Did hiring sphere really consume the whole fucking budget?

Also fucking Yuka. Why can't Yuka die in a fire so that Natsumi, Saki and Rin could 'console' each other.
>> No. 9830 [Edit]

That looks awful.

I was about to ask if it's worth continuing with this show (I dropped after Episode 3), but it doesn't seem like it.
>> No. 9831 [Edit]
File 133849874087.jpg - (519.35KB , 1280x720 , Tree.jpg )
At least the trees and other foliage have maintained a consistent level of quality. Except they were on a boat for most of the episode, and there are no trees in the ocean...
>> No. 9832 [Edit]

You got that right, though it's all CGI so it's probably recycled stuff over and over.

Just comparing the quality from the character designs and over all QUALITY in >>9253 to >>9785 is laughable.
>> No. 9838 [Edit]
Yuka is my favourite character, she's too cute. Please don't insult her.

I sent some pictures of their faces from that episode to someone I know who doesn't watch anime and he said "They just look like normal anime faces to me." How silly.
>> No. 9854 [Edit]

>Yuka is my favourite character, she's too cute. Please don't insult her.

No matter how you look at it pretty much everything that goes wrong in the girls' lives (sans Saki moving) can be directly retraced to Yuka. Fucking around in somebody's is not cool. Also, straight character in my subtext anime.
>> No. 9908 [Edit]
I kind of liked Saki's fashion sense, but then it started getting more and more slutty. Eventually getting to the point where she was just walking around town butt naked for a whole ep, wtf?!
>> No. 9909 [Edit]
>she was just walking around town butt naked for a whole ep


Each week I'm reminded why I dropped this show.
>> No. 9913 [Edit]
File 133939721541.jpg - (74.05KB , 1281x719 , nude.jpg )
She really was, not kidding. (ep9)
she was just invisible was all
>> No. 10105 [Edit]
To bad endless 8 couldn't have been more like that.
>> No. 10112 [Edit]
File 134095028091.gif - (910.96KB , 480x270 , 00.gif )
Well...finished this up just now. Not really a good show in the end. At least we had Green Saten.

Post edited on 28th Jun 2012, 11:11pm

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